Cherish Love, not resentment

June 1, 2021 | 20 comments


If you’re tempted to carry around a resentment, cherish the power and presence of Love instead. It will have a much better effect on you!

As a child of God, you were created to live love, express love, and to be divine Love in action. Life is always lived at its best when lived in love.

Resentment is the opposite of love. It often includes anger, bitterness, a sour attitude, ingratitude, self-righteousness, self-indignation, a depressed outlook, unhappiness, and mental illness. It’s not a healthy happy place to be. Why suffer? It’s not necessary.

Live in Love instead. Learn to forgive “seventy times seven” as Jesus taught (Matt. 18:22), to see God in control instead of other people, to see abundance flowing from God that makes up for any perceived material loss.

Learn to let other people’s false accusations roll off your thought like water on the back of a duck. Don’t let resentment stick. Commit to living true to the Mind of Love and return blessing for cursing.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “The Christian Scientist cherishes no resentment; he knows that that would harm him more than all the malice of his foes” (Message of 1902, p. 19).

Cherish Love, not resentments. It will have the best effect on those around you, and for you too!

20 thoughts on “Cherish Love, not resentment”

  1. An interesting Spiritview. Looking at all the possible results of harboring resentment – all those awful
    qualities which only torment ourselves if we let resentment take over our feelings, and do no good to
    anyone. How much better then to keep ourselves forever full of the love of God and reflect that, and find peace, harmony, goodness and all the wonderful qualities which God has included in us as His reflection. These qualities can bring peace, harmony and goodness to others also. “It is the Spirit
    that quickeneth’ the flesh profiteth nothing”.

    1. have just read the article you sent, Angie, and it says it much better than I did.
      So many thanks.

  2. In my experience Christian Scientist have always led with love. The loving nature of this expression is our calling card to all we meet. When we do this it gives those looking for love a sweet warm greeting and for those who are not a splash of cold water to what they are missing.

  3. Perfectly timed and communicated! Thanks! Resentment is re-sent poison. Resentment is addiction to self-deluded, self-sabotaging self-righteous victimhood blaming others in order to try (always unsuccessfully) to avoid the power and responsibility to be free through living gratitude.

    Joyce Myers says, “ Do yourself a favor. Forgive.“ Refusal to love and forgive is refusal to be a Christian, refusal to believe God, refusal to be sane, safe, and functional. Refusal to forgive and rejoice and love — and believing the scary lie behind that— is the reason for every illness and injustice, the excuse for racism and terrorism and environmental destruction. We contribute our part in healing this through our minute-by-minute choices for living grace instead of resentment.

    Everything that the lie would try to have us project onto someone else is something that spiritually is impossible and humanly we cannot know is true about them and is what we humanly have been guilty of ourself. While we cannot change others, we can correct that wrong thinking and harmful acting that we do. Byron Katie has helpful worksheets on doing “The work” to replace resentment with joy and justice.

    To the degree we correct our own thinking and acting and become what we want… to that degree we don’t have any interest in being miserable blaming others. We are inspired and energized in improving our own thought and lives. All healing includes and requires forgiveness. Resentment is festering refusal to heal. Forgiving is living the truth we always have what we need and are satisfied with infinite Good. All is Truth/Love, the revealing of and reveling in truth/love, and lovingly living out the truth in each detail. So there is no cause or reward or excuse for resentment. Only the prevention and replacement of it with truth and love.

    But if we absolutely insist on clinging to resentment, then let it be infinite God good continually resending us grace and gratitude, and we continually sending forth loving grace and generous gratitude. No matter what.

    1. Thank you for spelling out the steps and thoughts we take to turn the corner away from the burden of carrying the weigh of a lie. GET RID OF THE BURDEN, stop wasting Life, but lighten the mental load of replacing resentment with joy and justice. There’s work to be done here. Love never quits, EVER.

  4. Humbled by your message today. Thank you. Not always apparent to oneself what all bAD ATTITUDES i HARBOR. i WILL HOUSECLEAN MENTALLY AND COUNT NYSELF LUCKY. tHANKS AGAIN,

  5. This is just what I needed to see today. I already feel my shoulders getting lighter from loosening the load of resentment and replacing it with grace and love. Thank you!

  6. This is a tough one for me. Recently I discovered that a great injustice was done to a cherished family member who sadly passed on some months ago. This involved deception, dishonesty, and considerable theft by someone who she trusted with her care. It has been a struggle in consciousness to see this person’s pure undefiled Godlike nature, in spite of much prayer to do so. Still striving to clean up this mess in my own thought.

    This blog is a great encouragement and inspiration to let go and let God, and to learn the lessons of returning blessing for cursing. Thank you Evan and my beautiful sisters and brothers of SpiritView for your constant support in my spiritual growth.

    1. Dear Linda, your sincerity in praying to heal your thought and see the higher truths is very clear and touched my heart. I think we can all in one way or another relate to that stinging feeling of injustice. You and your dear loved one have never been out of God’s tender care. Your peace is undisturbed as God provides it continually. The person who “committed ” the injustice is also in His care. There is no burden on you, God will clear away the mist and heal your heart. Lots of Love to you.

  7. I love the simple photo of the two figures held in a sweet embrace. This feeling of peace results when we do as Evan suggests and “cherish the power and presence of Love.”

    Sometimes that temptation or pull to resent a person feels strong. But the price we pay for the seeming satisfaction of self righteously holding on to resentment (which means to continually re-feel or as Edith aptly put it re-sending poison) is just too high. I agree that it can have an addictive quality as Edith also mentioned.

    If I ‘m feeling resentful I’m likely forgetting I have the divine right to see myself and the other person(s) as they/we truly are, the expression of God’s abundant love, not what I think I see on the material surface of things. Also forgetting to stay in humility and know that God is taking care of me (and them) and that all is really well. This message from Evan and all the comments and resources shared are healing for me today. Cherishing my love for the SpiritViewers!

  8. Thank you Evan. There’s that saying, “we can choose our friends, but we can’t choose our relatives”. I thought of this after a holiday get together with siblings and extended family this past weekend. Different values, communication styles, and family drama can, at times, cause resentment, hurt feelings, etc. It’s a reminder for me to exchange a limiting view of “personality” and different individual minds for a higher view of many ideas governed by one Mind. Shifting and lifting thought to what God is seeing and knowing of His/Her children helps to free me from those negative feelings.

  9. Thank you! I am currently working on this. I needed hearing this as I heard also from a CS practitioner.

  10. Wow great stuffy to read all the inspiring and inspired comments from you all SpiritView friends and fans! ♡
    Oh yes I sometimes have to overcoming or better, to correct my thinking about situations worrying me , or I am resentful about. My new neighbor comes out on to her terrasse when she smokes and then she used to phone aloud or chatting aloud and I felt very disturbed, for instance when I just study the werkly lesson sermon or something else. And that nearly everyday.
    Dear Evan, I am very very grateful for today’s SpiritView and for that SpiritView you gave us several days before about being humble instead of being resentful. From that day on and today I pray and work with your inspiring and uplifting Truth thoughts to be humble and to love my neighbors. This Evening when she smoked on her terrace! I said some nice words to her and she responded nicely. I was happy for that opportunity to love her and be kind to her!
    I am very grateful for your so healing SpiritView blog, Evan – thanks very much indeed!♡

  11. Bless you Rose for your compassionate response. It brought the needed tears to wash away the grit of resentment in consciousness, -fostering the humility and grace to be receptive to the outpouring of divine Love.
    I’m so grateful that we know that mortal mind’s aggressive suggestions and opposition to the law of Love are never personal to anyone. In prayer this morning the sentence from Science and Health came to me, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.” You’re so correct that we have the divine right as well as the spiritual responsibility to see ourselves and others from the perspective of Truth. The way God sees us. This is what heals. Thank you for your healing words, and your love dear friend.

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