Christmas and the things of Spirit

December 17, 2020 | 32 comments


“In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal, — for the things of Spirit, not of matter.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany, p. 260

Seek and give the things of Spirit this Christmas season and experience what Christmas is all about.

32 thoughts on “Christmas and the things of Spirit”

  1. I gave my friend a present,
    It cost me quite a lot,
    But with so many others
    In time it was forgot.

    God gave to us His present:
    His true begotten Son.
    The Christ He gave to all
    And Love blessed everyone.

    Oh teach me God Your message,
    That I may truly live:
    The bestest present ever,-
    It’s me that I must give.

    Our reflection of God is the expression of Love, “the real, absolute and eternal”, the joy of giving and knowing, proving that God is indeed infninite Love. May every day be your Christmas.

    1. Thank you Ken for your wonderful and inspired poem. I nearly hear your nice poetic voice performIng your poem!

      1. Dear Uta, You mentioned a few days ago in one of your posts that you didn’t have a subscription to the Journal. I just wanted to mention that TMC has a subscription fund that might be helpful to you. Thank you for your comments. Christmas blessings! (=

        1. Thank you Rhonda, but I already subscribe to the Sentinel, Monitor and Herold. And when I want a Journal I buy it in the readingroom of my church.

  2. Yes, thank you Evan for the reminder and your poem Ken. The best gift my mother gave me was how to pray in Christian Science—it lasts and lasts every year and every day! Thank you my dear Mother.

    1. When my mom expressed regrets about her girl’s upbringing I reassured her she gave us everything we’ll ever need, the best gift ever…Christian Science.

  3. Thank you Ken for the lovely poem.. At this time of the year I like to read all of the articles in the book “What Christmas Means to Me by Mary Baker Eddy. I am reminded of the guiding star that lead the wise men to the Christ-child in the manger and ponder in thought what will continue to guide me in my practice of Christian Science. In her article, “The Cry of Christmas-Tide”, Mrs. Eddy ends with these words, “In different ages the diving idea assumes different forms, according to humanity’s needs. In this age it assumes, more intelligently than ever before, the form of Christian healing. This is the babe we are to cherish. This is the babe that twines its loving arms about the neck of omnipotence, and calls forth infinite care from His loving heart”. So the answer to my question is to wrap my thought around that Christ-child and move forward with renewed energy of thought entwined in that Love, and share that with the world today – which the world so very much, needs now.

    1. Such beautiful inspiration you shared w us, Sue! Thank you. Love, joy and peace to you all our SV family.

  4. GIFT GIVING 101

    I guess the question that begs an answer is, if we celebrate Christmas every day, what about gift
    That should have been what we had been doing
    every day

    Before we get out of bed, we should get our gift
    giving listin order
    Do better with loving, careless drivers, people
    we see in the store, love news reporters and
    I guess it boils down to everyone

    We can pick one gift per day, or more, and give
    them out freely
    Kindness, generosity, patience, humor, peace,
    joy, and wrap them in love

    This is so obvious…but wrapping Love gifts
    every day seems to have a special quality to it
    Wrapped in the Christ, giving, becomes Christmas every day
    Melissa Baker

    1. M, I enjoyed your comments on giving as carrying a spirit of Love into the world everyday, not just offering material gifts at a certain time of year.

      The Bible tells us to “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thess 5:17). To me this means just what you said, and what Evan always encourages: to see everything around us as a spiritual representation of God, good; to try to see what He sees, no matter how things seem materially. This outlook blesses us, and enables us to effortlessly be a fountain of good gifts to others. Blessings to everyone!

  5. Thank you. Melissa for your poem on Gift Giving 101 that meets every one’s needs in the world today. Mary Baker Eddy has shared so many spiritual truths about the Christ entering into our consciousness every moment as we “lift up” our eyes.

  6. Today’s post lead me to re read ‘Christ and Christmas ‘ by MBE . Beautiful words and pictures which I found almost magical aged 7rs! Of course now I see much more of the message therein, much more of our relationship with God. I would do whatever I could for my material children . How much more is given to us by our Father/Mother. The Christ to behold, to embrace and to share, always ❣️

  7. Thank you Ken, that is a beautiful poem. Thank you, Evan, for starting my days with something beautiful to think about. Thank you so much!

  8. At Christmas time we are beckoned by the Christ to be a light unto the dim world of matter based thought. To comfort those that mourn, to heal those deceived by sickness, and to feed those famished by beliefs of scarcity,- as our Way shower so perfectly exemplified.
    The prayer on page 95 of Retrospection and Introspection reads:
    Ask God to give thee skill in comfort’s art
    That thou may’st consecrated be, And set apart
    Unto a life of sympathy.
    For heavy is the weight of ill in every heart
    And comforters are needed much of Christlike touch.
    A. E. Hamilton

  9. We are buried in snow today. It reminds me of the snows we had while growing up, where the schools could be closed for 3 days. A plus is that I work at home running lectures for a library.
    Though the building is closed today and my co workers now at home, I am still working. It was such a pleasure to bring joy to people, stuck at home, with a wonderful lecture on Leonardo da Vinci. Through these whole 9-10 months I have seen Joy in people’s faces as we connect online and share something beautiful.

  10. Thank you Evan to remind us and to advise us to celebrate the coming of the world’s saviour to humanity with our spiritual sense! The most precious and valuable present I got from my Father-Mother God is definitely Christian Science! And thankfully I am well aware that and how He/She lead me, sometimes through rough sea, the way he wanted me to go.
    Yes, let’s celebrate Christmas gratefully in Spirit and let’s explore what the real Christmas is all about – light and truth and love!!

    1. I do need to celebrate that special day – in Germany the 24th Dec.- with reading our weekly lesson sermon and the articles by Mary Baker Eddy , specially gathered in the little book “What Christmas means to me:.

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