Circulate in God’s presence

December 28, 2021 | 26 comments


To stay healthy and well this holiday season as you circulate between family gatherings, office parties, and public events, see yourself as moving about in God’s presence wherever you go.

As the apostle Paul reminds us about the omnipresence of God, “In him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

God is everywhere you go. God is before you, behind you, above you, and below you. Every event you attend, God is there. Every person you meet, God is there. Every trip you travel, God is there. God is everywhere, all the time, and in every way.

God is all good. Wherever you go, God’s good is there.

In a consciousness of God’s omnipresent goodness, there is no contagion to fear, no negative influence to dread and no personal sense to rule.

Circulate in God’s goodness as you go about your daily business and stay well.

26 thoughts on “Circulate in God’s presence”

  1. We can never be separated from omnipresence. It is impossible. Thank you so much for all of your comments on this blog throughout the year Evan. It is so much needed and appreciated and you are watering the vineyard of our wonderful Father. Blessings & gratitude to you.
    Helen, United Kingdom.

  2. Financially people talk about a safety net…
    Evan your comments today give us a spiritual safety net we can always trust (fall into) and feel safe from any harm..
    Jesus said “Be not afraid”.
    Mrs. Eddy in her systemic teachings shows us how to “Be not afraid” in the most practice way. By claiming our original self as the blessed child of infinite Love we are always safe in the atmosphere of His goodness..

  3. lovely ideas Evan, thank you.
    As we enter either public or private places we can mentally open the door to let the Christ go before us to purify and bless everyone therein.

  4. Just in time for the New Year’s Rush. My Dad told me that back in the 30s he was walking thru the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria in NYC and saw lots of folks weaving their way to their rooms. I hope to celebrate the Holidays in good company and Angels. Thank you for the encouragement..

  5. I love the way you have covered EVERYTHING in this post Evan… since the beginning of the lockdown and anxiety about the pandemic, when I go to the shopping centre before I get out of my car I look around and say to myself , “I am in God’s universe filled with God’s spiritual ideas” and as I pass people in the centre I remind myself that each person is NOT a potential walking disease! Each person I see is God’s expression and this clears my thoughts of any potential worry. We often advertently take on a bit of fear after watching the news or hearing people’s conversations and I’ve found it’s no good to just ignore it..we have to PRO-ACTIVELY neutralise the ideas and comments that are constantly being bandied about regarding the pandemic .

    1. Beautifully put Diane W. I also do the same thing that you do in a parking lot, while I am putting on my mask. Happy Holidays to you.

    2. Yes, wonderful Diane, that we actively are neutralising the error each morning through our study of the precious Christian Science weekly lesson sermon. Am grateful to The Motherchurch for these healing lessons preparing us for the day with God to make spiritual progress each day ♡

  6. Thanks Evan:
    We have to took above and beyound what the material senses are telling us about our bodies, and move right into what God knowes about our spiritual being in His likeness.

  7. This is such a powerful treatment for our world – as our world is in our consciousness so this wonderful sense of moving only in the presence of good , Spirit , will alleviate and heal the false beliefs of any alternative reality apart from God . Thank you so much , Evan .

  8. Thank you Evan and all the inspiration shared on this topic.

    What came to me was a hymn, words by Peter Henniker Heaton
    which is Hymn 591. Here are the first two verses.

    We cannot turn away from God,
    Because, whichever way we face,
    Spirit is there; In every place,
    Every direction, everywhere,
    spirit is there.

    Whether we turn to left or right,
    To north or south, or east or west,
    We meet with Love – and we are blessed,
    Upward or down, below, above,
    We meet with Love.

    1. Thank you Maggie, I have been thinking those words for a few days now and could not place them, I have been trying to find them, I was so pleased you spoke of them today and I finally know they were from Hymn 591. This proves there is only one Mind. Thank you

  9. This is the day that we stand firm in our conviction of Truth. Love, and Courage to be as God created us to be His witnesses of the spiritual beings that we all are.
    When facing the news without, we must also keep the thoughts silent regarding what the eyes see and the ears hear, as the images try to impress on our minds. God is in control of our thinking and being and we must also give that to our brothers and sisters as well. What is our brother asking of us but to see him as he truly is as God’s creation.
    Thank you all who stand guard and acknowledge true Being ness.

    1. Lindalou I love your comment that what our brothers and sisters are asking of us is to see them in their true light as God sees them, just as we remember that God is in control of our thoughts and Being.

      What came to my mind on today’s topic:
      -Something Evan shared last week that wherever we go, we meet in the Mind of God.
      -Something I heard on a recent Sentinel watch podcast on how to approach the coming New Year. It was mentioned that when pondering any “troublesome” situation we should ask, What is Divinely Natural for the child of God?

      I love today’s photo here, which I believe is the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. An expression of the beauty and wonder ever-present in God’s universe. Gratitude and Love to all today and every day!

    2. Thank you, as always, Evan for introducing as establishing this important message. I value and appreciate everyone’s development of this conversation, and the many inspiring thoughts flowing forth.
      Lindalou’s sentence has galvanized these messages: “What is our brother asking of [me] but to see him as he truly is as a child of God.” Yes! This is Christ in action.
      Love to everyone

      1. Love the picture if the aurora Borealis!!! The years I lived in the far north (in many locations) I loved spending nights out bundled up so that I could revel in this wonder, the perfect display radiating God’s splendor & glory & majesty & grace & awesomeness!

    3. So many excellent and inspiring comments! Thinking of the comments about our brothers and sisters reminded me of Christie Hanzlik’s Metaphysical this week on God:
      “We are already in the atmosphere of Spirit. We are not connected to each other person to person. We are only connected through our shared understanding of divine Love, divine Truth…
      “If we feel distracted” by suggestions of personality or personal opinion, then we’re not quite in “one accord”. If we see someone as a personality, then we’re in effect seeing them as having a personal power from a source other than God.”

  10. As we recognize all within the atmosphere of our Christ consciousness, we are integrating the earth with the same environment as Heaven.

  11. Mary Baker Eddy says in her Miscellaneous Writings (page 110), “Beloved children, the world has need of you,– and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind!”
    This innocent, childlike, Christ-like state of thought, loving and compassionate, cannot fear mortal mind beliefs. It purifies and elevates the atmosphere. Thank you Evan for prompting us to think and act rightly! A blessed new year to you, and to this family I so cherish.

  12. Thank you very specially for these wonderful thoughts bringing us into the middle of God’s loving and sheltering and caring presents! It is sleeping time here in Germany and I can know me in this loving care of our Father-Mother God..
    Am very grateful for your so blessing SpiritView blog, dear Evan, and for all the inspiring comments♡♡♡

  13. To the author of the post, Evan, and all, I appreciate the uplifting thoughts and ideas.
    Customizing the original post, along with insight from others, I have the comment below.
    God, good, is everywhere I go. God, good, is before me, behind me, beside me, above me, and below me. Every event I attend, God, good, is there. Every person I meet, God, good, is there. Every trip I take, God, good, is there. Anywhere I stand, God, good, is there. Anywhere I seat, God, good, is there. Anywhere I lie, God, good, is there.
    Whatever I do, God, good, is there.
    Whatever step I take, God, good, is there.
    God, good, is everywhere, all the time, and in every way.
    God is all good.
    Proofs abound, in my life, that indeed: GOOD, GOD, IS LOVE.
    Wherever I go, God’s Spirit, God’s good, and God’s Love, is there.
    Any situation I am, God’s Spirit, God’s good, and God’s Love, is there.
    God’s good, God’s Spirit, and God’s Love, fill all space.
    For in Him, even in His Spirit, His Mind, His goodness, I live, and move, and having my beautiful, and wonderful, being.

  14. Thank you Goodman; that representatives a wonderful, comforting and healing Extension of Evan’s precious SpiritView up here. And it shows us clearly the ALLNESS of GOD, all Good!

  15. What an inspiring message today. The photo reminds me that at this time of year there’s no sun shine in the far north. How beautiful then that God provides these Northern Lights to remind us that He is the Source of All Light. I so appreciate all the healing comments that were shared. I feel refreshed and looking forward to a New Year with SpiritView and all my SV family. Thank you Evan for sharing this treasure with all of us.

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