Live in abundance

December 29, 2021 | 20 comments

Would you like to experience more abundance?

In this video, I share ideas on how you can leave lack behind by understanding abundance from a spiritual perspective.

Abundance is yours when you know where to look for it!

This vlog was filmed in Quail Creek State Park, in Utah, when Kathy and I passed through last May.

20 thoughts on “Live in abundance”

  1. Thank you Evan. I love the ideas you shared and also the sound of the water behind, truly a symbol of infinite abundance !

  2. My teacher said our churches should be the finest. Not because we need them to be, but because it would
    show our understanding of abundance.
    True church is not a building, it is consciousness.

    We should show forth abundant health, joy, peace, and all that Evan said

    This is not about any church. It could be the finest hut in some area.

    I was listening to a Christian Science talk. It could
    have been Lawrence Doyle. The person said, what if
    Jesus was asked, What did you do today, and Jesus answered, I fed lunch to some friends, 4000 plus.

  3. Thank you Evan for your sharing of wisdom on abundance. We must practice our moments of seeking wisdom, discernment and understanding these spiritual qualities of what is truly abundance.

  4. Today I claim a consciousness flowing with abundance of Joy, Lightness, Harmony, Life. It is our divine Right to claim this truth, for ourselves and others. Nothing can deprive us of the truth of how God made us.

    Love to all!

  5. Thank you so much. I appreciate the reference/reminder about feeding the multitudes with what appeared to be so little.

  6. Thanks for wonderful words.
    Each day we are enpowered by God promises to His children. He said in the scriptures, He will never leave us nor forsake. Why? because we are His spiritual offspring.

  7. Laurance Doyle gave delightful talk on Christmas Eve sponsored by Third Church NYC. If I can gifure out how, I’ll send the link. He did tell of the “ oh, I fed people lunch today” in such an offhand, lighthearted way.

    This morning, before I got out of bed, I thought of Jesus telling us “I have come to give you life, and I have come to give it to you more abundantly“
    And here is Evan’s lovely talk about abundance! As he spoke, I was aware of the gentle waves continually coming onto the shoreline, and how that is the perfect metaphor for God’s constant, consistent, eternal gift of goodness coming to us.
    Love to all ❤️

    1. Thanks Linda and Annie. You can also watch Laurance’s talk (the topic was The Science of Christmas) on the website of Third Church which also has the video replay of the live Q & A he did immediately following the lecture. Both are very much worth listening and relistening to.

      1. Thank you Rose for letting us know the Q&A replay portion is available. I missed that part and couldn’t find it, but now see it.

    2. Thank you so much, Linda, for this link. And to Angie for the link to this great article and to Evan for this beautiful vlog 🙂

  8. Thank you Angie, for the supportive article on Superabundance. And thank you Evan and all! Lawrence Doyle’s talk and Q&A were so inspiring too.

  9. Thank you for the tip on Laurence Doyles talk. Loved seeing Josh Hein sing before and after. This talk fit in with Evans Video perfectly. Have a Happy New Year everyone..

  10. I love your Vlogs Evan, and with such gorgeous landscapes and the lovely noise of the water. Thank you very much for the spiritual explanation of “abundance”.
    Yes, I would very much like to experience more abundance in the way you give us the right metaphysical understanding so lovingly
    I do appreciate the comment of the first commenter M a lot. But I really appreciate all your comments, dear SpiritView friends. And I thank you for the article, dear Angie ♡
    Am grateful to God for Christian Science!! ♡

  11. As we go into a new year, I want to express my love for Christian Science. My Grandmother brought her family into Christian Science through a great need for the healing of her brother who had been sent home from the medical to die, unable to cure him. A Good Neighbor brought her very own copy of Science and Health to the Family and shared Truth. It was gratefully accepted and her brother was quickly healed and lived a happy long life. My Mother was born later into a household full of Christian Scientists because of the sharing of this loving neighbor who was not afraid or shy to share with the family … this wonderful New Idea!!
    As I think about the news of today, constantly spreading fear to thought about a contagious disease, firstly thought stopped by a shot, then by another shot, and now booster after booster … and nothing working, I am so grateful to God, who didn’t make disease and needs no shots, no booster, just His Truth to heal Anything!!!!!! The healing battle is fought in Thought, not the body. As Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health, (my interpretation) stand porter at the door of thought, and allow nothing to enter into thought that I do not wish to appear in my body or my life! Here is where the only battle to be fought is fought Keeping error, nothing, fearful thoughts out is The battle. God has already done His job … made All that is real and only Good, is Spirit and made us spiritual, did not make matter, the illusion of so called mortal man (unreal and with no source at all), and is constantly with us, guiding and protecting All of us, His beloved children, happy, healthy, abundant in all things and Good Neighbors to our brothers and sisters who may be in need of knowing more about the God who is All Good.
    As we change a number on our human calendar, let’s All work together to erase the false belief about a contagious disease trying to move God out of His place and replace Him. Our thoughts, together, will and can heal the world of all that needs to be healed, no matter how awful it seems to be. God made all he made (us) capable, and we can win the battle because, in reality, there is no battle to fight… God, Love has already won … from the beginning!!!
    Live Love wherever you go and Expect and Accept that God is doing the rest❤️
    Love to all God made

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