O Glad New Year

December 30, 2021 | 28 comments

I loved the positive outlook this poem shares about New Years. It was written by Mary Baker Eddy on a New Year’s morning many decades ago.

O blessings infinite!
O glad New Year!
Sweet sign and substance
Of God’s presence here.

Give us not only angels’ songs,
But Science vast, to which belongs
The tongue of angels
And the song of songs.

Miscellany, p. 354

There is only God’s good to look forward to. Or better yet, to experience here and now. Enjoy God’s “year” of omnipresent good.

28 thoughts on “O Glad New Year”

  1. Thanks Evan:
    i will only look forward to God goodness.
    there can be nothing else. Help me dear Lord to see things from your prospective.
    One Mind only.

    1. Yes that is my prayer too Lorna, to see everything and everyone through the eyes of God who made and controls all lovingly.

      As Evan says today, we can look forward to God’s good and also know that we experience it in the continuous NOW – the good does not come and go. The Newness and the Nowness, all One.

      Heartfelt thanks and blessings Evan, and gratitude to all in our SV community who gather in the Mind of God, the only place we can ever be.

  2. Thank you Evan for a year past filled with your inspiration of God and Man divine. I look forward going into the New Year with you leading us into newness of Life.

  3. Happy “new” year
    I have been adding that to notes,
    and saying it to people.
    In person, I make sure they
    understand the meaning
    of “new.”
    There is always a positive
    response, and agreement.

    Happy “new” year,
    SpiritView friends. ♥️

  4. Thank you Evan and all for your wonderful inspiration throughout this year. I”m looking forward to the many blessings coming in the new year. God’s Love is a wonderful gift.

  5. SV and all its contributions is so uplifting and rewarding so thank you so much Evan and all. Here’s looking forward to New beginnings and experiences of spiritual insight. Love and best wishes to everyone❣️

  6. This reminds me of Hazel Harper Brandner’s poem from The Christian Science Journal referencing Ps. 65:11 “Thou crownest the year with thy goodness,” O Lord.

  7. The following poem by Minnie Louise Haskins, was quoted by King George VI in his 1939 Christmas Day broadcast to the British Empire.

    And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:
    “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”
    And he replied:
    “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.
    That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”
    So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night.
    And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East.

    1. Dear Linda:
      The poem’s message brought tears of gratitude in my heart – thank you and blessings to you, Evan and all.

    2. Thank you so much for this Linda. It was always in a small frame on a wall in our home when I was young.
      It had no reference to author but now I know.

  8. https://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/1q52ftkhpv4?ICID=JSH%20Public%20Home%7CCarousel%20Slide
    Evan’s comment about God’s “year” of omnipresent good, made me think of the above article from JSH.com this week where Heloísa Gelber Rivas writes: “Where, I asked myself, were we? In the presence of God, I reasoned. Where had we been a few minutes earlier? In the presence of God, as well. And the day before, the year before, at any time? Also in the presence of God. We had never been outside His presence, I was sure. Then we were not, and never had been, in a predicament. Knowing that there was no precedent for a predicament was the solution. There is always a solution.”

    1. Thank you for sharing this article, J. What an eye opener it is.
      Happy “New” Year everyone. Thanks, M. Shout for Joy… Love the illustration.

  9. Our age old greeting to friends of “Happy New Year” is especially meaningful to me this year. It means that Evan’s Spiritview and viewer’s kind, loving comments are reaching out of our country and that Christian Science thought is now beginning to be easily available to bless people all over the world. What a joyous, special way that Evan (and his readers) have found a way to spread, worldwide God’s Love for everyone. As we forward Evan’s Spiritview to friends worldwide it is true joy to know that others can be blessed with this daily “View of Spirit” that we appreciate and love. “Oh! Glad New Year”

  10. I, too, am happy to add my comments to all the others–expressing grateful thanks to Evan for his inspiring messages each day throughout the year, and to the commenters for their inspired sharing, as well. Here’s to a wonderful “new year” and to continued growth and blessings for all!

  11. Angie, I marvel at how you are able to discover and share inspiring articles related to the topic of the day. Thank you so very much! HAPPY NEW YEAR, past, present and future to all.

  12. Gods goodness is all we need and higher we cannot go. Blessings and Spiritual single mindedness to all, and to all a happy new year❤

  13. Thank you Evan for your daily inspiration, I so look forward to starting my day with Spirit View and also thank you to all of the readers who share sweet inspiration in the comments. Blessings and love to all and Happy New Year!

  14. Thank you very much, dear Evan for this lovely and uplifting New Year’s poem. How sweet her poem is and how poetic Mrs. Eddy was. I think poetry is a very dear expression of God, Soul.
    I am very glad, you sent us this positive poem as loving greeting to the.New Year.
    In Science time is no factor. But one can see it as renewing the spiritual energy leading us into newness of Life. For my part I do need it very much and praying for a better understanding of Life.as God, Spirit.
    Am I very grateful for Christian Science which teaches us the divine Truth if Life.

    Thank you Evan and you dear commenters for a year of progress, and looking forward to a further progressive year with wonderful spiritual views!♡
    Lots öf Love to all !♡

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