Look for the opportunities

December 27, 2021 | 26 comments


Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not,
the New Year will bring new opportunities.

~ Michael Josephson

Look for the opportunities, the opportunities to know God better, to demonstrate God’s healing power, and prove that you are loved and cared for by an infinite Love. Doing this empowers you to handle the challenges with grace, poise, dominion, and authority. It keeps you moving down a path of progress.

26 thoughts on “Look for the opportunities”

  1. If we started every day with the first thought being, How am I going to
    celebrate Christmas, the Christ today, then every day would be a day
    of giving gifts of love, joy, peace to everyone.
    Starting every day this way would go a long way in not getting taken
    into living from another day of human activities and frustrations.
    Starting this way, would giving the gift of peace to the world, and to
    Happy gift giving, every day!

  2. The challenges of everyday provide the opportunities at every moment to express one’s purpose as the Spirit of Divine Principle in Love guide us.

    thank you, Evan and all who contribute to this forum of expressing God’s love.

  3. Yes there are always opportunities to get a deeper and clearer understand of God and our relationship to Him. This seems to be the solution to any discord.

    In a recent Daily Lift the speaker shared that one day his young son woke up and said, I want to pray for God today. It was a sweet expression, but the father also saw that instead of us always asking God for things it is good for us to also ask, “What can I do for you today God, use me for Your good purposes.” That kind of thinking opens up infinite opportunities..

  4. Grateful for today’s message Evan and also for your article in this week’s Sentinel. Maybe someone can give the link to it as I don’t know how!!

        1. Happy to help! If you click on the Share icon at the top of the article and then Copy Link, you can paste it in the comments section.

  5. Thank you for today’s spiritual prompt. It reminds me of a time when I called a practitioner for help. I was dealing with extreme stress at work where it seemed impossible to complete what was required of me on a daily basis. Her joyful response was, “I can’t wait to see how God works this out!” I have always been grateful for her expectancy and certainty that God could and would meet the need of this current challenge. And He did! This is a wonderful starting point for prayer—a combination of gratitude, joy, and expectancy of good. We sang hymn 417 in Sunday school yesterday, with its cheerful refrain, “And hope and joy abound.” Let’s add “opportunity” to this refrain, so that hope and joy and opportunity abound. May this promise touch each SpiritView reader with renewed confidence and trust in our Father’s loving care.

  6. Oh yes, wonderful, the New Year gives us the opportunity to know and love God more and better. I am sure this is the aim of us all!
    And I am also convinced that God wants us to know Him/Her better. And that leads to spiritual progress!
    Thank you very much, Evan for this wonderful SpiritView -love it!

  7. It is starting to sink into consiousness that the Kingdom is always at hand. Let’s see what Divine love has today

  8. This is so powerful. I just kept reading and rereading. The issue i faced was resolved Just by being open..

    I also came to realize I need to do some better . moves. Myself

    Thanks to all. I read absolutely everything
    Including all comments. Really it is so helpful. I cannot put my gratitude into e

  9. Thank s Evan. I woke up today and God told me He had my back. It was an answer to a few weeks of back discomfort. Of course, I’m free of problem! God is so VERY good. Isn’t He AMAZING. LOVE Him soooii

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