Coma an illusion

February 24, 2008 | 2 comments

A reader sent this link in, “Coma woman woken by husband’s ‘rollicking,’” which is interesting proof that conditions are not what they appear.

After a woman stayed two weeks in comatose, the doctors threatened to take her off of life support. Her husband got mad. Hubby knew his wife hated to be told off, so he told her off in the hopes of rousing her before it was too late. His tactic worked.

These types of experiences are reassuring proof that all is mental. Mind is not ever in matter dying. It’s greater than matter, and dictates terms to the body it governs.

2 thoughts on “Coma an illusion”

  1. Thank you so much for this short story. I believe this to be so true, as I just heard something like this same type of incident with my ex mother-in-law who just passed away. She was on life support but the doctors said she was brain dead. No brain activity as recorded by the “machines.” However, after they took her off life support (because of the DNR order that my ex husband brought to the hospital), she still continued to breathe on her own for about 8 hours. My niece was by her side until she passed away in her arms. My niece was telling her all kinds of things and continually talking to her, telling her how much everyone loved her and just talking to her and telling her sweet, soothing, loving things. My mother-in-law opened her eyes a little and a tear flowed out of her eye. This is sheer proof, as you’re speaking about, that Mind is not in matter. She was “brain dead” according to the doctors!

    Thank you for your story and I hope everyone enjoys mine. These two incidences are proof that Mind is NOT in matter or dictated by it. It makes no difference what the machines say. My niece was right on, in talking to her gramma and telling her all kinds of wonderful things about their lives together, etc. Just showing her that she loved her. There WAS a huge response!

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