Conquer material sense

February 8, 2019 | 21 comments

If you’re wondering how to be a more effective healer, conquer material sense.

Mary Baker Eddy, an expert on how to heal through prayer, wrote in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,

“I hope, dear reader, I am leading you into the understanding of your divine rights, your heaven-bestowed harmony, — that, as you read, you see there is no cause (outside of erring, mortal, material sense which is not power) able to make you sick or sinful; and I hope that you are conquering this false sense.”
(Science and Health, p. 253).

Conquer material sense! It’s the path to healing.

Material sense is a material view of things. Instead of seeing home, it sees a house. Instead of seeing boundless supply, it sees lack. Instead of seeing health, it sees disease. Instead of seeing beauty and order, it sees ugliness and chaos. Material sense is a limited, constricted, finite view of God’s infinite, unlimited and glorious universe of unending good and eternal life.

You conquer material sense by employing spiritual sense. Spiritual sense is your ability to discern God’s presence, see God’s reality and experience God’s goodness.

We all have spiritual sense. It’s the way God made us. You have spiritual sense. You have a very good, strong and keen spiritual sense!

Be sure to use your spiritual sense all day today. Don’t let it go. It’s the best, happiest and healthiest place your thinking could possibly be.

When you are aware of spiritual reality, you are conquering material sense. You are not letting it influence your decisions or affect your experience. You will be happier, healthier and better off.

Conquer material sense by relying upon spiritual sense. Healing will come easier for you.

21 thoughts on “Conquer material sense”

  1. Thanks Evan! A great way to start the day – I will employ my spiritual sense as I set off from home today and look forward to a joyful day!

  2. “Instead of seeing home, it sees a house.” Wow! That really nails it. Thanks so much for that succinct explanation of how to “see spiritually.” Wonderful post.

  3. Thankyou once again, dear Evan, you really keep that SpiritView open!!
    This is so helpful to me right now. I shall print it off and keep it by me.

  4. Love the idea of spiritual sense seeing home and not house, as I’ll cling to this when we sell our present home and find a new home, where we will continue to reflect God and be happy.

  5. This is wonderful, thank you! Mary Baker Eddy likens Divine Science to an ideal legal advocate who will always disprove the claims of material sense, no matter what false evidence they present. This analogy moves me deeply.

    1. Thank you Evan and all…and thank you , Jay…love that analogy!!!! We do have Divine Science as our legal advocate!!!! Everpresent Mind!!!

  6. Thanks, Evan. The spiritual view (our spiritual sense which is always with us) replaces what the material senses are presenting to us, and brings healing. Needed the encouragement this morning. Thanks!

  7. So grateful for today’s post! I’ve been working through bouts of anxiety since my dear husband passed. These anxious thoughts (fear) have manifested in many ways. Conquering material sense and all its illusive and suppositions is really my work. In doing so, I can fully honor God, As I prepare for an impending winter storm, I’m keeping prayer at the top of my list. Listening for direction and trusting Divine Love’s ever presence and protection. Thank you!!

    1. Totally agree, I was witnessing the beauty of some mammatus clouds forming before my eyes; the fallacy, predictions and myths weather associate with these forms are not real, so the storms never came, the clouds dispersed with bright sunshine. That experience confirms to me the Reality that a spiritual idea does not contain a single element of error.

  8. Oh dear Evan, so needed. I am very thankful for today`s important and inspiring SpiritView! It is so helpful. And thank you all for your comments!
    Yes, spiritual sense is what we have all, thank dear God for it!

  9. As usual, your timing and simple, clear way of exploring sometimes complex issues is spot on. Thanks for the time and prayer you put into these daily gifts.

  10. Thank You Evans for assuring all we live and have our conscious being through spiritual sense although it appears material sense have a say in our experience but really the warped view is a false view of mental illusions stemming from the presumptuous beliefs and worldly suggestions that there is another mind apart from Divine Mind, our true home. Divine Science is a natural operative Law in action giving us right ideas correcting our senses and it is eternally filled with God’s Love for our living joy of knowing, seeing and living in every form of good and perfect ideals of life.

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