Exercise your dominion

February 11, 2019 | 18 comments

Are you demonstrating your God-given dominion over all the experiences you have on earth? You can. Christian Science explains how to do it.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, wrote, “Man, created by God, was given dominion over the whole earth” (Science and Health, p. 545). This dominion includes the ability to stay healthy, to make good decisions, to demonstrate abundance, to form healthy relationships, and to live with purpose.

God did not create man subject to evil and destined to suffer. God created man to reflect the power and presence of divine Mind in every way. Each moment is our opportunity to demonstrate our God-given dominion to excel and to prove our ability to be everything God designed us to be.

On God’s earth, matter is not in control. Disease is not in control. God is in control! And man reflects God’s control. As a child of God, you reflect God’s control.

Live as a child of God today, and exercise your dominion over every claim of evil. Prove that you are spiritual by thinking, living and acting spiritual. Accept your divine heritage of total dominion to live the best Life has to offer, and stay free! It’s the way God created you to be.

18 thoughts on “Exercise your dominion”

  1. Likewise Evan.
    Your last three blogs have been vital to my present demonstration over weather related conditions which have plagued me over the years.
    Thank you for your constant support.

  2. What an angel this message is for me. It came to me as I prayed, adding joy and confidence to my bedside prayer for my child to see her as God’s child, a perfect spiritual expression of God’s all power – and only good. I read some of these powerful and tender assurances to her as she went to sleep – to know that she rests in her own spiritual sense of herself having dominion over evil and matter. Thank you Evan for your own blessedness that overflows at this moment to bless us.

  3. Many try to make God man-like, when the Truth that maketh free is that man is God-like. As Evan states “As a child of God, you reflect God’s control”, and as Jesus stated so clearly “I can of mine own self do nothing” This concurrs so completely with the definition of CHURCH which states “whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle”, – isn’t that a clear definition of dominion! When we acknoweldge God is in control we experience that control, and nothing exists to stop its demonstration. When we “Accept our divine heritage” we live in God’s kingdom!

    1. How refreshing it is to realize that God is in control of everything in our lives and no one can dominate our thinking. We have the freedom to choose to Love even if it seems unaccepted, mortally. This is true in personal, in all aspects of national as well as global, where control seems to be an issue. Harmony will be realized, when thinking is governed by divine Mind.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely poem with us, Ken.

  4. What a lovely thought Evan….God didn’t create us to suffer, but to have dominion over every situation and be happy, healthy and lead a purposeful life. We have God given dominion to overcome evil with good, error with truth, hatred with love. As the beloved children of God we are heirs to the Kingdom of God. We are never outside of God’s control and His tender, constant care. What a privilege to be the beloved sons and daughters if God. Let’s be grateful all the time.

  5. A wonderful reminder to live with God-given freedom and joy. It’s not a sacrifice to give up nothing! Thank you, Evan!

  6. Think – Live – Act – Accept – the spiritual = absolute dominion over error of any sort. God is always in control. What a great way to begin each moment of the day. Thank you!

  7. Thank you, Evan…..for your Dear Childlike Heart! I notice how often you use pictures of darling children for your Daily Blog….and then I look at your Face on the Blog and see that same childlike smile shining through! Thank you for letting your Inner Child Shine Out! Love to All, Bevi

  8. Thanks Ken for the link to your poem. I regret that the volume is so low I couldn’t hear it, although my volume is set at 100%. However, I was able to access your “I WILL NEVER GO BACK” and have printed it out to keep and share.

  9. Well, I think that answers my question of whether to go for a “hip replacement” or to rely on God for healing. Thank you.

  10. Would say, right decision Antonia – God is the only doctor, as He is all in all and in control of the situation!
    Thank you so much, Ken for your inspiring and beautifully spoken poem!
    Thank you very much Evan, for this great lesson today. I love so much what you said today: ,,On God’s earth matter is not in control. Desease is not in control. God is in control! And man reflects God’s control.” Yes and we live and move and have our being only on God’s lovely spiritual earth! Thank you God
    Am so grateful for your giving us so wonderfully the so needed spiritual view of everything -it is comforting and healing!

  11. Thank You Evans, I am enjoying being God’s Child and everything that God, My Creator, My Maker and my Father Mother is as God has created all the heavens/spiritual identity and earth/spiritual expression and spiritual goodness/being for me. I am just as God knows me and see God’s control over everything in His Universe, Man, our world and our humanity. Enjoy our discovery how good God is and trust with joy in His Divine Laws unfolding His Perfection for each of our unique moments. Thank You all forever for every Reflection Of Good in Life.

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