Conquering discouragement

November 2, 2021 | 20 comments


Discouragement is a symptom of believing evil is real and powerful.
Encouragement comes when faith is moved from evil to good.

Put your faith in the omnipotence of God, good, and leave discouragement behind.

20 thoughts on “Conquering discouragement”

  1. Discouragement is an emotion of this mortal experience. Emotions are like little children… don’t want them driving the car, but you don’t want to stuff them in the trunk either. Turn to God, of good, and let that be the driver of your life. It’ll take you higher and higher!

  2. God is all powerful and nothing beside God can be real. Looking for the real and not allowing the imagination of the mind to run amok in our thoughts is standing porter at the door of thought. Linda from Neb.

    1. Evan, thank you so much for this timely message. Almost every SV gives me just what I need for the day.
      And Angie, thanks for the link. In the first paragraph, this stood out to me:
      “…it is natural for us to have all that we need …”. It might seem pretty obvious, but just pondering those words and holding onto them, dispels discouragement and brings hope, which is the joyous expectancy of good!

    2. Thank you Evan for opening up this discussion and Angie, this was the perfect article to meet my need this morning.

  3. Beverly your comment is so helpful because emotions need to be delta with in a unique way.
    Mrs. Eddy teaches you handle disease with “sudden dismissal” while sin needs to be acknowledged to be destroyed..
    Perhaps emotions need a moment to understand where they are coming from: from divine Mind thinking or mortal mind thinking. We ask the question “Do I want to let this emotion drive my life ?”
    My faith in the goodness of God will lead me to the right choice. Will these feelings/emotions bless me and others or will they harm my relationship to God and my fellow man?
    I can chose and not be a victim of emotions.
    God has given me the ability to be upright and God like.

  4. SpiritView is a wonderful guide and resource. It is a daily help, but also comforting to turn to when working through situations. Whenever I read your articles and blogs or watch your lectures, the love that comes through from you is so evident that it brings joy and peace. Thank you dearly.

    David Brandon (or anyone else who can help), can you please attach the article from the Sentinel ” Featured” that you mentioned on 10/28? I want to read that article. Thank you.

    1. Dear Judy,
      If the link provided by our dear Rose works, fine.
      I found it by pinging on Angie’s suggestion on the 28th. On the top of the page are “Other Features” Ping it and on the bottom right you’ll final Foster’s helpful article.
      David Brandon

      1. Thank you David. The article is very good. I thought maybe it had to do with gender identity. There is a similar situation in my family that you mentioned. If there are any articles specifically on youth dealing with gender identity I would love to read them. Foster’s article is helpful too. Blessings!

  5. God never causes His beloved child to feel discouraged. The dictionary definition I found for discourage is, “to deprive of courage or confidence; to cause to feel low in spirits or sad.” That is not how God operates, so we know for sure it comes from the “suppositional opposite ” of Truth, and we can reject it as no part of us. Discouragement is just a step away from depression. I have to keep an eye on this because it can try to sneak up and must be confronted and tossed out quickly.

    Lots of love to Evan and this special community who meet here daily to receive and give inspiration and keep thought in it’s proper joyful place.

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