Conquering what feel like irresistible impulses

May 16, 2018 | 12 comments

If you’ve ever been tempted by what feel like irresistible impulses, take heart, there’s a spiritual perspective that can conquer those impulses and replace them with spiritual peace and dominion from within.

The temptation to overeat, smoke, drink, recreate with drugs, or itch, are symptoms of the belief that man is a mindless creature that has no control over his thought and actions. But this sensation is a deception.

God created us thinking beings. As a reflection of the one intelligent divine Mind, we reflect God’s ability to think every action through and decide on a good outcome. We are not mindless creatures filled with involuntary impulses that take us by surprise.

One time, when I had an itchy condition on my feet, it felt impossible to resist the temptation to itch it. The condition continued to grow worse over a long period of time. Finally, one day, I got upset with myself for caving into temptation all the time and decided that I could do a better job of expressing dominion over this disease. I reminded myself that I was not an ignorant, mindless, empty-headed slave to the selfish mortal mind. I was an intelligent man who was in full possession of his thoughts and that I could choose not to itch or indulge this lie any longer.

The apostle Paul instructed, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

I mightily resisted the temptation to itch, reminding myself that it was much more desirable to find peace with my harmonious spiritual self, than to continue serving an indulgence that only brought guilt and misery my way.

I also knew it was God’s will for me to be free of this error.

Once I stood my ground with spiritual truth, I was amazed at how fast the condition retreated and disappeared. In a few days, it was gone.

I realized that the only reason it had hung around so long, was my belief that it was irresistible, which in turn, made me feel helpless. Once I conquered the belief of helplessness, and accepted God’s help to conquer it, the condition had nothing left to hold it in place. It became as nothing in my thought, and then on the body.

There is no such thing as an irresistible impulse. Any sensation of mortal mind can be resisted and conquered.

Side with God, and win.

12 thoughts on “Conquering what feel like irresistible impulses”

  1. Evan, This is a wonderful perspective on an attempt by error to derail our thinking by suggesting mindlessness. Excellent, thank you.

  2. Today’s entry is very helpful and meets my need. I couldn’t articulate exactly what was the block to healing a situation I’ve been facing for a very long time. It is the belief that I am helpless or without help. The power that holds all life is with me. I can trust it to guide me out of the swamp and I can think clearly and reasonably. I am God’s Beloved child He will help me, I am very wise and strong. Thank you so much for the gift of these ideas.

  3. Thank you for sharing this healing experience with us, Evan. When I read what you had written, “dominion over this disease”, the thought came to me where disease can be described as dis ease, that is not at ease, over some sort of challenge. If we are accepting dis-ease as real, we are not at ease with what is God’s perfection, always and in all ways.

  4. Thanks! I think the claim of helplessness is a big one, in pretty much every – maybe every – issue. We are not helpless. God gave us dominion. Remembering that can be difficult sometimes, but it’s always true.

  5. Thanks so much—just what I need to share with a loved one who seems to be going through a rough time. A real blessing! God gave us dominion!

  6. Evan, what a wonderful Spiritview!! I fairly recently had a healing of habitually reliving a very difficult time in my life. I continually seemed to get sucked back into the mess. One day finally realized it was beneath a loved child of God to keep caving in to that temptation! So when my thought slipped I began strongly refusing to take the bait. I no longer ruminate but rejoice in God’s unending presence and my thoughts center on, “whatever is good, whatever is true, think on these things”!!

  7. I have been inspired and use frequently this quote from the Bible in this week’s Bible Lesson, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (II Timothy 1: 7 God) I have found this also helpful in countering the thoughts being so often publicized regarding the belief of old age on the minds of so many people. We all, regardless of age, have a sound mind and can claim it as ours continuously.

  8. That wonderful sentence “once I conquered the belief of helplessness” obviously reached alot of us SV’s today. It really grabbed me as that feeling/thought is what has plagued me. Now,my thinking is strong in my faith that God is in charge, not mortal mind. Ever grateful I go forth equipped with the knowledge that I reflect God’s strength. What courage this has given me! Again, my cup runneth over with gratitude.

  9. Thank you Evan – your today’ s SV is very much needed ,and it is so good!

    ”side with God and win” – love that and worked and prayed with it today.

    Thank you all for your so inspiring comment!

  10. Great article of a personal triumph over “selfish mortal mind,” as you mentioned.

    We all have personal impulsive itches of a mortal soul to be emancipated to spiritual understanding.

    This is absolute Christian Science and the healing Christ, Truth at work.

    Our immortal gratitude, the “oil” of gratitude in unselfed love in sharing this with us, amigo.
    all the best…

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