Dealing with shutdowns and lockdowns

December 24, 2020 | 27 comments


Though ongoing stay-at-home orders may limit our activities, lockdowns can’t stop us from listening for divine inspiration that nurtures productivity, joy, and healing.

Here’s a piece I wrote, titled, “Keep on singing,” that was published in the Christian Science Monitor, that may help keep your thought and experience in a good place, despite government orders to stay-at-home.


27 thoughts on “Dealing with shutdowns and lockdowns”

  1. Thank you Evan. Love the picture. Unfortunately as I don’t subscribe to the Monitor it won’t let me read the article – but I shall still keep on singing!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Thank you so much, Evan, for your inspiring article. Linda may well be able to access this article as most of the coronavirus articles have no “paywall” for the Christian Science Monitor.
    A very happy Christmas to you, Evan, and to your family, and to all those who are part of this blog family!

    1. Thanks David. It lets me read 3 free ones a month but I had already done that. I tried again earlier today and couldn’t get in but I will keep trying. I can’t be kept from good!!

  3. Thanks Evan for this. Good article! Guys I have been on the site. It allowed me 3 free views. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. We are so blessed.

  4. Lovely picture and excellent article today Evan…one of the things I miss this Christmastime are the Carol singing concerts. Still you bring us back to the basics…our divinely bestowed freedom of thought . What ever the human laws we can enjoy the endless freedom of change from sense to Soul. Happy thoughts everyone❣️

    1. Arden Wood had a wonderful Christmas program a few weeks ago. I believe it is available on their website. I have a link and plan to listen to again tomorrow.

  5. Evan, I want to thank you for your clear message regarding keeping our thoughts above limited, debilitating thinking. As I read it I felt the shackles that were tempting me to think I wouldn’t have a full, happy and beautiful Christmas just fall away. I’m feeling refreshed and full of joy. SpiritView is such a wonderfully refreshing gift. And this blessed message awakened my thoughts to see that I am surrounded by God’s unlimited love wherever I am. I’m wishing you, your family and our precious SpiritView family a very Happy and Blessed Celebration of our Way-Shower’s human birthday.

  6. I feel the Christmas Love and hear the Angel voices —
    Thank you Evan for the spiritview and article for Christmas !
    PS for those who love Christmas music go to YouTube for Christmas singalongs and check Christian Science church websites some have recorded their Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas Evan. Merry Christmas to all. You have just made mine a better one!! Thank you very much for the healing message and comments. I am so grateful.

  8. Thank you, Evan for your daily gift of inspiration and for all of the followers of Spirit View
    for your comments and replies. You are my “church” family during these times..
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful message, my friend. I must have missed it in my online daily Monitor. I’m glad you shared it here.

    Have a most joyous and holy Christmastide, as I also will quietly have here at home.

  10. Your Monitor article Evan is so inspiring and uplifting,- dispelling all the “downs” of the limiting material senses. All here included in this SpiritView family are “Like brother birds that soar and sing…”(from Mary Baker Eddy’s hymn “Love”). – We rejoice together in the knowledge of the perfection of our Christly being. A holy and heavenly Christmas to all!

  11. The true meaning of Christmas is not wrapped in gift wrap and bows, but is that warm “gentle beam of living Love” that all of us can share and feel no matter where we are, if alone or with others, like on this wonderful site of blessed ‘family’ members. When embraced in Love, we are never alone, but always… and in All Ways … all One with God/Love. : )

  12. Even if our comings and goings are limited, our thought is Unlimited. Thanks Evan for your Monitor message. A link to another article was on the bottom of that page by Lyle Young, one thing it said was, “Nothing can isolate us from God’s inspiration and joy.” Loved that.

    At times we can seem to have a mental lockdown when we feel enslaved or confined by material, mortal, error thinking. Then we feel emprisoned, like Paul and Silas, as Evan discussed. Physical prison, mental prison. We are not subject to either. There was a TV preacher who used to visit prisons and speak with the inmates. She told them that even while they were locked away, they could be freer than some of those on the outside — if they learned of their inner freedom as God’s Child and developed a relationship with Him.

    I’m sending a “virtual” hug to all of you and thanking and blessing you for all your love. I’m picturing a group hug between us with Evan in the center. We are embraced in God’s Love.

  13. Much love and thanks to all of you! KUSC fm radio provides beautiful Christmas music all day Christmas Eve and Day. You can get it online worldwide! Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks Cathryn for suggesting KUSC. I’m listening to it now on their website. Love classical. I see that the station is owned and run by USC, my daughter is a grad student there.

      We have a good classical station here in NY too that can be accessed anywhere WQXR (, also playing holiday music now. Happy, peace-filled holiday to you.

      1. That’s good to know, Rose. Ill check out their programming! My late husband taught French at USC many years ago. A holy Christmas w the comforting Christ presence to you and all!

  14. I want to wish Evan and all Spirit View family a very Merry
    Christmas, and a very blessed New Year!
    Thank you for all the wonderful blogs, coments throughout the past year. I feel heavenly blessed.
    Someone shared I think it was someone on spirit view,
    the App I am so very grateful for this sharing it has really been a blessing for me and if you haven’t listened to the 33 Christmas hymns you are in for a treat. It has helped to uplift my thoughts during this passed year along with Spirit View. Pass it on or pay it forward whatever you do. Thanksgiving from a greatful heart.
    Also thanks Angie, Margi,and Sheree.

  15. To everyone; If you click on the “Keep on Singing” and then the arrow you can listen to Evan’s article.
    I subscribe to JSH-Online but that didn’t work for me. I don’t subscribe to the Monitor and have never even been able to read the 3 articles they claim I have already read.
    A very Merry Christmas to all, overflowing with love, and joy and peace!

  16. Thank you dear Evan, for today’s SpiritView.
    And I love the joyful sweet picture up here!
    In your so good and helpful article I love the comparison of the lockdown with Paul’s and Silas’ imprisoning.. Their prayers and trust in God must have been so powerful that they were freed so wonderfully. So all our prayers can also be very powerful to free the whole world, us and our brothers and sisters as well! Evan brings us near that we too can rely on the allpower and allpresence of our loving Father-Mother, God!
    I am deeply grateful for sharing with us your so inspiring and blessing ideas and spiritual views on currant situations,
    Evan. Have you and your dear family very happy Christmas holidays!
    Thank you all for your inspired and interesting comments, dear SV friends and Fans. And wonderful Christmas to all !♡♡♡

  17. “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of Christian Science, tells us how to stay free: “The enslavement of man is not legitimate. It will cease when man enters into his heritage of freedom, his God-given dominion over the material senses” (p. 228).

    I feel like jumping in the air, clicking my heels, and clapping my hands. I can freely “love my neighbor as myself”, and do unto others as I would have them do unto me,” in my thought and not be restricted in the least by four walls or a shut-down. What a glorious gift, this heritage of freedom from material sense. Thank you Evan for your Monitor article.

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