Wishing you a peaceful Christmas

December 25, 2020 | 60 comments

It’s Christmas day where I live. A time to celebrate the coming of Christ that cleans the world of sin, washes away its suffering, and brings eternal peace.

May your day be filled with the Christmas-joy that comes from knowing the peace of Christ.

Love to you all!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).

60 thoughts on “Wishing you a peaceful Christmas”

  1. Thank you, thank you. Much gratitude and humility, feeling blessed and sending that love out to Evan, to those he holds dear, to all here on SpiritView and to those upon whom our thoughts may rest. Each embraced in the pure light of Love. One Mind, One Cause, One Creator, All Good. Have a wonder-filled Christmas Day!

  2. ‘Blest Christmas morn’ blessings to Evan and all the extended SpiritView family.
    ‘Fill us today
    With all thou art – be thou our saint,
    Our stay, alway’. (Hymn 23)

  3. Thank you, Evan… A Peace filled Christmas to you and your family and to all today and everyday…with much gratitude for SpiritView! Sarah <3

  4. Thank you so much Evan . What a beautiful way to start Christmas Day..a day of giving both materially and spiritually….to receive all your precious treatments Evan and the loving contributions from the SV family is so very humbling. I wish you all this day and everyday peace and happiness ❣️

  5. I also send gratitude and love to Evan and everyone for sharing and blessing us all.
    Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year ready to unfold before us all.

  6. Happy Christmas to you and your family Evan.
    And abundant thanks for your gifts of inspiration you share, I feel blessed!

  7. Thank you so much, Evan, for all your beautiful messages. A love and peace filled Christmas to you, your family and to all seekers for Truth.

  8. Blessed Christmas Morn to Evan and all SV family.
    I would love to share the beautiful songs from the App. hymnstream.com
    May the love of the Christ fill our hearts with joyous song.

  9. Germany had yesterday it’s “Holy Evening” presenting presents to each other, specially to the children. Today and tomorrow we have the first and second Christmas Holiday. Thank you very much, dear Evan, for your so loving and blessing SpiritView! I am deeply grateful for it! Am very much looking forward to a year of spiritual progress together with SpiritView and Friends.
    Much Love to you, Evan and a most happy and joyful and blessed Christmas to you and your family!
    The coming Christ is dawning in our understanding – the best present ever!♡

    1. Oh Evan, I just listened to your wonderful Monitor article oncemore. And I thank you so very much for the lively encouragment and such a joy you express during this spiritual talk. It immediately made me feel a lot better and joyful, too. Thank you for all your help we receive through your inspiring SpiritView blog!♡

  10. I am so grateful to you. This year has been a learning and peaceful experience. Everyday you helped me and my family weather this pandemic without fear. I was able to stay balanced and help other people too.
    Thanx Evan,

  11. A big heartfelt thank you to you, Evan, for the monumental commitment to this blog which helps so many people stay on track! Also to the other people whose comments shared are also so very perfect for the moment that we read them…this blog is God in action, blessing everyone whose thought comes here. I may not always get my lesson done but I never miss reading Spiritview!
    Wishing all a very happy Christmas full of love with loved ones and a peaceful harmonious, progressive 2021 ahead.

  12. Christmas blessings and thanks to you, Evan, and to all who contribute uplifting thoughts. This is such an inspiring blog. I very much appreciate it.

  13. Thank you so much, Evan, for sharing your Christmas thoughts and inspirations with all of us every day! I look forward to them daily.

  14. Christ-mas morning from my little townhome at the base of a snow-covered mountain where I live alone: greetings to all of you wonderful people so far away. Yet close in Spirit—thank you for being a family for me with your love. Especially you, Evan.

    1. Judith, glad to hear that you know you are not alone. You’re surrounded with God’s love always and the loving uplifting truths from your SpiritView family. Peace to you!

    2. Dear Judith,
      Thank you for sharing your situation in Bend. It sounds like an idyllic setting for feeling the warmth and comfort of our all-embracing Christ. A holy and joyous Christmas to you, and all!

  15. Merry Christmas, Evan! And, thank you greatly for all of your thoughtful love expressed in your uplifting communications that bless the world. With overflowing gratitude for you and spiritview.

  16. Warmest wishes for a very peaceful and wonderful Christmas to you, Evan, Kathy, your family and dear Spirit View family.
    The treasures of Love shared here brighten my days more than I could express. Thank you and love to you all!

  17. Thank you Evan for your Christmas greetings and for all the uplifting messages of Spirit View throughout the year. As I look out from our window at the rolling, crashing waves of the Gulf of Mexico this morning I am enthralled by the power and wisdom of Mind who has blessed this world with so many evidences of his omnipresence and Love. A blessed Christmas to everyone!

  18. Thank you everyone for the wonderful posts today and as Diane W says – to Evan for the monumental commitment to this blog which helps and blesses so many. Thank you to God, Truth, who is dispelling the lies of material sense and lifting us up through His healing Christ. That Christ, truth, which speaks to all in need, giving us hope and peace. So grateful that God is our Father, our Mother, our Friend, our Maker, our Spouse, our everything. None of us are separate from You, our Source. xox

    1. Thank you for saying this…I feel I grew in leaps and bounds, once I gleaned the synonyms for God (-such as you suggest) ..along with Truth Life and Love..it was “Husband” that I clung to mostly..being a single mom. Someone to understand me!
      Im so grateful for Christian Science, spiritual growth .. and my earthy husband now
      Merry Christmas to every one. ❤

  19. Merry Christmas to evryone. Thank you Evan for having us over for our Christmas breakfast this morning. Your gift is the best ever. Warm wishes!

  20. Dear Mr. Evan, thank you very much for all. Have a wonderful Christmas day! Blessings and happiness for you and your family.

  21. Dear Evan,- Christmas blessings to you and your family Thank you for being such a wise and loving shepherd to your SpiritView flock. You are so loved! May today be filled with the light of the Christ for you and all!

  22. My gratitude cup runneth over for the gift of Spiritview by dear Evan and the many loving messages that are attached to that gift–Divine love never runs out of blessings and they keep coming and coming to all of us. “Joy to the world!”

  23. A humble and simple thank to you Evan, as others have said. Much love to our extended SV family on our spiritual journeys. I look forward to 2021 of more sharing and understanding.

  24. Thank you for the gift of Spirit View all year round, this is the first day of the 12 days of Christmas. We celebrated that in Germany. There is no time or space for the Christ to be celebrated. How wonderful is that. Blessings to all the world.

  25. A Merry Christmas to all, overflowing with love, joy and peace. Christmas Eve I watched and listened to a talk “IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE” by Lona Ingwerson, sponsored by Third Church, New York City. She closed with a beautiful story “The Other Wise Man” which is very dear to my heart. I had an aunt that I was especially close to that always read this story on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t appear to be well known, though written by a famous author. It’s available on a replay. I hope this link works:

    1. Thanks Lori for sharing the link to the replay of the program at 3rd Church NYC. I’m going to listen to it later, looking forward to it!

  26. Dear Evan
    Deepest thanks for your constantly flowing gifts of love, support, guidance, and heavenly inspiration throughout the years!
    And a shoutout today to Shelley C for her wonderful comment that precisely met my need today.❤️

  27. Dearest Evan, Thank you for your daily supply of God’s Love given to each of us through SView. Also for your prayerful work We have been truly Blessed and able to KNOW ALL IS VERY WELL today, tomorrow and forever
    Happiness and Love to all who comment and share
    Live Love,

  28. Dear Evan and SV Family,
    Thank you for this daily soul food. I feel so fed and blessed.

  29. Much Love to everyone on this special day. Every day is special in this Spirit View family. Merry Christmas to you Evan and your SV family. Your dedication to helping us is so appreciated.

  30. I am specially thankful today as
    Restrictions have been lifted so I
    Can share with family the Christmas
    Blessings. So grateful for Spiritview.
    Thank you Evan for your everyday uplifts.

  31. Thank you Evan, wonderful to have this for this special morning! And thank you for all the inspiring, anchoring posts day after day!

  32. Hope everyone is having a blessed and joy-filled Christmas Day and thanks to Evan and the SpiritView “family” for all your comments. They are always so helpful. Everyone have a wonderful 2021.

  33. May this chorus of praise bless everyone on Earth with the feeling of our God’s precious Mother-love, and the experience of our Father’s providence of all good, for all human needs today and every day!

  34. A privilege it is
    To know, to be able to acknowledge, feel, see
    That right where the saddest, emptiest, poorest
    “Christmas” appears to be…
    Right There the Christ, Truth, is… ever available,
    Ever-comforting, guiding, revealing a better way
    Out of the darkness of fearful false-beliefs
    And into Love’s light and warmth and care!

    May true Christ-mas be born and re-born
    In us
    Every moment of every day
    Til all that is unlike the divine
    Disappears into the nothingness it is!

    With much love to you all,

  35. Thank you Evan for this wonderfully supportive Spiritview, and all Spiritview readers and commenters for helping (me) us all to better understand our divine rights as spiritual children of God, as Mary B. Eddy put forth and based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his example. I’m grateful.

  36. Merry Christmas to you all.. thank you for this blog, it is my lifesaver. and thank you to all who comment and share links to articles. It has felt like a deeper send of Christmas

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