Don’t exchange diseases. Heal them.

May 29, 2023 | 14 comments

I was politely listening to a distant friend who was very anxious to tell me all about her long history of health woes. She was healthy when young, but over the years a physical problem would pop up, she’d employ the latest medical drug or procedure to address it. The problem would go away. But then shortly, another problem, a bit more difficult to deal with, would pop up. She’d take a drug, make it go away, but then a few years later a worse ailment would surface. And the saga of woe and suffering continued through today. She suffers pain hourly now.

While listening, my heart went out to her. I mentioned the option of spiritual healing, but she had no interest. I still cherish the hope that she opens to real healing with spiritual truth. God is with her.

While listening, I was reminded of Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, “Then comes the question, how do drugs, hygiene, and animal magnetism heal? It may be affirmed that they do not heal, but only relieve suffering temporarily, exchanging one disease for another” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 483). It seems that one disease was exchanged with another for her over the decades.

Real healing is spiritual. It rejuvenates the person from the inside out, eliminating fears, false beliefs, and ignorance behind physical suffering. Symptoms may be temporarily suppressed with a drug, but until the underlying fear is removed, it is liable to pop up in a different form of physical suffering later.

Go for real healing!! Seek spiritual truth with all your heart. Find the enduring peace and health that comes from knowing and feeling the omnipotence and omnipresence of God’s infinite love. It’s what does the greatest good over the long run.

14 thoughts on “Don’t exchange diseases. Heal them.”

  1. Thank you so much Evan and J! Regarding the ever expansive drugs to heal the
    ailments that those suppressed, one wonders if that might be the design, being
    the bottom line is what serves these companies. as with any business.
    Your article is very helpful, J. Very thought provoking … Thank you!
    The above photo reminds me of dear homeless vets, with this being
    Memorial Day in the US and the light of happiness on this gentleman’s face
    is wonderful, with the shared Love expressed. Knowing some who have
    been “lost” in war or from injuries both so-called physical and others who
    seem to be affected by mortal ‘mind’ ailments, I was wondering if anyone
    has any thoughts on this to share? So many think of this holiday as just the
    beginning of summer, but the remembrance of those who have served
    our country is the ‘real’ reason. Of course, through CS, we believe Life is
    eternal and suffering from pain inflicted by war, can be dealt with in trying
    to understand the Truth of God’s and our own being. I would love if anyone
    wishes to share on this.

    1. Thank you Evan for the thought provoking post and thank you Maggie for the great article. Sometimes I mistakenly think my efforts to “hold” the truth in thought is what is required. When in fact just realizing the truth we learn through studying the Bible and CS literature IS true because God is holding it permanently in Mind is all that is required to refute the lies of mortal mind and experience more harmony.

  2. As a caregiver for folks who are not Christian Scientists, I see this exchange of mortal mind medical beliefs play out repeatedly in their lives.

    So grateful to be grounded in the teachings of Christian Science, that reveal the deceptive nature of physicality, the fraudulent nature of material sense, and expose the erroneous beliefs that are the result of this sense reversal of man’s true inviolate spiritual being. Through understanding the unreality of matter and the allness of Spirit, we gain dominion over every false claim of disease.

    Yesterday I listened again to an Arden Wood talk by Daniel Jensen, “Improving Our Models”. It contains some powerful examples of spiritual healing.

    I’m not able to copy the link, but here it is for you to type in:

  3. Thank you, Dear Maggie! What a wonderful article to help understand
    better what mortal mind tries to deceive us with. Being written in 1940,
    it still is so very relevant in every aspect that war tries to take affect in
    our thought, be it in battle between nations, between conflicting
    individuals, or between our very own thoughts.
    I love how articles such as this are timeless and the Truth is as real
    now as it ever was, or ever will be. . Thank you a lot for sharing this.

    In the above comment, I meant to put “heal” in quotes.

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments and articles – much appreciated.
    I think there are so few comments because sometimes people are not receiving it. I
    haven’t got it in my inbox yet – I looked on Evan’s website to get access.
    This seems to happen now and again – it does to me, anyway – which is
    a shame, because our friends miss out, and we miss out on their input also.

  5. Thank you very much indeed, dear Evan for this SpiritView on “don`t exchange desease, heal them.” I am very grateful for what you say there, as sometimes even Christian Scientists propose to go to a doctor to let it diagnose and heal it with medical means. When I told that Christian Scientist about my seeming problem I awaited to hear some loving scientific Truths which would help me and comfort me. The weekly lessons often say that “God is the one and only real Healer”! Therefore I am very thankful for our weekly lesson sermons which always teach us our real spiritual individuality as God`s perfect loving expression. And I love Mrs. Eddy`s expression of Truth in SH that health is not material, it is spiritual and eternal. Such freeing Truth!

    I just now, at about 10 pm I got these two SpiritView topics. And I thank very very much for the articles given here so lovingly, and I am very much looking forward to read them tomorrow. Now it`s sleepingtime her and I`ll rush to bed looking forward to another God`s day tomorrow full of progress. Thank you “J”, Maggie and Harmony for the links to uplifting and healing articles!

  6. I appreciate very much the comments and links shared today. I especially liked
    and got a chuckle out of Mr. Whitehouse’s talk above (Thank you, Harmony for
    sharing that) … about where he says when out boating, one doesn’t have to be
    thinking of How the boat is floating. It just IS. That was a great analogy of how
    we sometimes tend to ‘overthink’ instead of just BEing, just enjoying/sharing
    what God treasures us with, like Love, Peace, Comfort.
    I love where Evan states, “Seek spiritual truth with all of your heart”. God’s
    Love IS ever present. Love is all around us. Tuning in whenever we wish to
    feel this God-given spiritual Love is especially endearing, no matter when it is.
    Love is always there for us.

    1. So true and thank you Carol, Love is always there for us, ever present, above, below, all around. I love the idea of tuning in, like a radio. The radio waves are always there even though we can’t see them with material sense, but when we do tune in, the music (Truth/Love) is there to enjoy. CS lecturer Phillip Hockley uses that analogy in His talks. Here is a recent one of his on YouTube.

  7. That hope to help your friend is a powerful prayer. Maybe your distant friend was led to call you, or you to call her, or meet her, whatever, for the very reason that your thought was the thought she needed, though mortal mind wanted to spend the time listing all its ills and got caught up with that self-importance of sufferer. I’m sure God is leading you to just the right thought, just the right story, just the right words, to turn her thought to the spiritual reality of her health. It’s the prayer of sincere desire and every prayer is answered.

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