Don’t wait for healing to happen

January 9, 2019 | 20 comments

Healing in Christian Science is about discovering spiritual truth and living it. There is no waiting involved.

When a mathematician is faced with a mathematical problem, he knows there is a math principle he can put into practice to solve that problem. He doesn’t sit at his desk, stare at the problem, and wait for the problem to solve itself. He applies the pertinent principle and works at perfecting his application of that rule until the problem is solved. He discovers a deeper understanding about math that enables him to prove the unreality of that problem. And resolution occurs.

When faced with disease, lack or conflict, the opportunity is to learn more about spiritual truth that makes the suffering go away. Waiting doesn’t help. Active seeking and searching for truth, applying it to the situation, and working for understanding is what brings resolution to the problem.

Waiting implies that the passage of time brings health, harmony and abundance. It doesn’t. All blessings flow directly from God, and they are yours to claim and express this moment.

You were created healthy and blessed from the beginning, and any challenge to that reality is a lie to be overturned with truth. The sooner the lie is overturned, the better. And waiting is no help. Now is the time to accept everything God created you to be!

20 thoughts on “Don’t wait for healing to happen”

  1. Evan I only got this late afternoon instead of early morning as normal, so not sure if others have received it or not, but whenever it comes I am always grateful to receive it. Especially found the last paragraph helpful with a physical problem I have been dealing with this week. Thank you

  2. Better late than never – and this was just the message I needed this afternoon. The time for healing is always now. I just need to demonstrate that.

  3. The math analogy points right to it; waiting does nothing to establish it in our experience. Once again, you put it so well! Thank you, Evan.

  4. Thanks so much. This is so perfect for me today. It came late for me also, around 4 p.m. U.S. East coast time. I didn’t realize I hadn’t received it because heavy snow has been a concern for much of my day, so not much computer time!

  5. Wow! This is definitely a keeper! It explains things so simply, as they truly are. It just cuts through all the nonsense we often go through mentally when working on a problem. Thanks so much, Evan. Greatly appreciated. (Mine also arrived in late afternoon)

  6. The importance of actively seeking the truth, and then applying that truth to a situation for resolution is a helpful reminder. God’s good is constantly flowing to us, we just need to be receptive and use what is sent. Thank you, Evan.

  7. Your helpful blog awaited me, this afternoon. Now is the accepted time for healing. Thank you for needed encouragement. Much gratitude to Evan and followers of his blog

  8. I love this! I had just been praying with Eddy’s “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts…” (269), and I was thinking about the word, “resolve.” Your use of it, as in “resolution to the problem” really gave movement and activity to that idea – that healing is one with the true spiritual identity of all things! A few weeks ago, while playing with my grandson, my hand was injured, and it seemed I couldn’t move my thumb. I prayed some, and having no fear, I went to bed. I was confident it would be better in the morning – but it wasn’t at all! That’s when I woke up. I realized I was expecting sleep and time to finish the job. The angel message came flooding in – “Why would you need time to fix something that never happened!” That subtle idea had attempted to put me back in matter. But the recognition of the lie banished it! There never was an accident. That was the end of the illusion. God is so good!

  9. Thank you Evan, Since I am not an early morning person, when I received this I just knew it was something I needed & was (not knowingly) waiting for!

  10. Thank you so much Evan, for the so inspiring and uplifting SpiritView today.
    I was glad I found your SpiritView on my Computer after I came home from our testimony meeting at about 10 pm here in Germany.
    I love your helpful and lovely sentence: “Healing in Christian Science is about discovering spiritual truth and living it. There is no waiting involved!” That is such a comforting and refreshing outlook! Even so this sentence: ” All blessings flow directly from God to claim and express this moment.” Wonderfully encouraging!

    Thank you Linda from New York for your really wonderful testimony and that you share it with us – very lovingly! So encouraging to know, that there never ever happened an accident for the child of God. That`s what we have to know clearly, and I do understand it meanwhile – so grateful to learn and understand the Truth in Christian Science better and better!

  11. When I read one commenter’s words about a “physical problem,” it occurred to me that we need to stop using this terminology. I do it also, but it is not logical. We never have “physical” problems!”
    Allll our problems are mental, meta1physical, huh. (And I know you know this.)

    It might help give us a jump start on seeing the unreality of all problems, huh. We can just say, “I am having a challenge, or false belief,” or some such.

    Are ya with me, folks?


  12. Yes, beautiful! We can apply the rule of addition (2+ 2 = 4) and demonstrate the truth of our result by mathematical proof, based on the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. The humble expression 2+2=4 is like a tree whose roots descend to the heart of number theory. Similarly, healing demonstration reveals not just the branches but also the root of spiritual truth. Truth eternal must be arrived at and understood – there is no magic in time.

  13. Love, love, love this truth. This can only bring healing to know we are already perfect and complete right now. Thank you.

  14. This is a very important concept for us all to utilize in our daily lives. Truth is affirmative and abundantly available to us as it is eternally infinite in the application for personal healing. As the others before me have stated in their post your Spiritview guidance is a mainstay for my day.

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