Finding rest

January 10, 2019 | 22 comments

If you’re looking for better rest, you’ll find it in spiritual mindedness.

Spiritual mindedness is knowing, feeling and expressing the presence of God.

In the presence of God, there is no discord, turbulence, strife, pain, worry, doubt or fear.

God is omnipresent Love. All is well in God. All is safe, secure, predictably good and comforting.

There is nothing to bother, irritate, stress out about, or agonize over in the reality of God’s allness.

God is peace.

Rest is not unconsciousness, but spiritual consciousness.

Restful thoughts are spiritual thoughts which produce a restful experience.

One will never find true rest in a sleeping pill, which may deliver unconsciousness but will never bring spiritual consciousness, which is what brings genuine peace.

In true rest, thought is taken to a better place, a higher place that is closer to God and further away from the restlessness of mortal mind.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace”
Science and Health, p. 506.

If seeking rest, seek the “calm and exalted thought” that comes from knowing God.

Let Truth rest your thoughts. Seek Love, and you will feel a deep and abiding rest whether day or night.

22 thoughts on “Finding rest”

  1. Thank you Father, Mother, Woke from a very restless night to this ! Affirmation, I think, that God is with us, ALWAYS. So comforting, so reassuring. Thank you Evan

  2. Drop Thy still dews of quietness,
    Till all our strivings cease;
    Take from us now the strain and stress,
    And let our ordered lives confess
    The beauty of Thy peace.
    from Hymn 50

    “Because he lives, I live,” I awoke from the dream of Spirit in the
    flesh so far as to take the side of Spirit, and strive to cease
    my warfare.” Mis: 180:1
    So very grateful that Christian Science reveals our real Identity and where we actually dwell, The Place of Peace. So very grateful that I am embraced in wonderful families all over the world – who wouldn’t be at peace knowing this.

  3. Thank you so much for this free service, Evan.
    It certainly blesses the world, showing the right way to wake up and to experience freedom, independence, the spiritual heritage NOW.
    I have been freely translating some parts of your postings every now and then for German friends and clients who are interested in the subjects.

  4. Thank you so much for these thoughts and the inspirational comments it has engendered. I also want to thank you for the lovely image you have attached. I always appreciate the care you take not only with the words but with the images that accompany them. I will pray today with that sublime image with me as the kitten wrapped up so warmly in God’s love and care as I affirm and claim my innocence, peace and trust as a child of God just as this precious kitten possesses.

  5. Thank you, Evan!! As I read your post, it occurred to me stress has both a false form and a false function. The “unique” form (I’m stressed about something) wants to distract me from the general function (it keeps me feeling separate from God). The form of disease might be a sore elbow, but the function is dis-ease, i.e. disruption. All erroneous thoughts have the same function.

  6. Such an important topic, – and so relevant with the need to pray to God when our thoughts are in turmoil, – to be still and just FEEL God’s tender presence and love. The lesson on Sacrament this week is so beautiful, – when we truly give of ourselves, we are expressing God, for our thoughts are full of Love, and God’s glory shines through our being, giving perfect rest in His activity. .
    May I share the following link

  7. Much gratitude for the explanation of “rest”.
    So many friends keep track & share when they
    don’t sleep “enough”. You have reminded what
    true rest is. Unconsciousness isn’t part of our real progress. Never being separate from Gog is our goal.
    The kitty picture is perfect!

  8. Oh yes, thanks Evan. That`s so good, and “let Truth rest our thought and let us seek Love and we will feel a wonderful and abiding rest ” – so needed!
    Such a wonderful and wellcomed SpiritView today. Several decades ago I took some sleeping pills and told that to my CS friend. She said immediately, “Oh you should not do that, leave that”. Am so very grateful for those wonderful friends helping and bringing us back to the straight path to spiritual understanding of the matter needed to be healed. “All is well in God”. Thanks a lot dear Evan! .
    Awfully sweet that kitten wrapped so cosyly in a warm blanket – so we are wrapped in God`s Love.

  9. Thanks so much, Evan, for your very thought provoking Feature article in the February 2019 issue of the Journal. I just read it for the first of many times and can’t encourage everyone enough to seek it out. It explains so clearly what our duty is to God and to Christian Science.

  10. Sleep has been something I can’t say I have struggled with but something I have learned from.
    I love to pray when I am lying in my bed, lights out, going to sleep. My often wakefulness has taught me where my thinking has gone. Some have suggested through the years I take a sleep aide. Not needed, waking up and then meditating has restored my rest.

  11. Thank you very much indeed Nadine for your helpful comment – and Lori for the link to Evan’s article in the Februar 2019 Journal. Will buy it in our RRoom. Looking forward reading it!
    And thank you so much, Ken Cooper for your loving performance of that really wonderful and extensive poem . Your voice sounds so clear and nicely british. It is a delight to listen to that wonderfully comforting and God praising poem – so worth listening to it ?

  12. Love the kitten photo! Have been blessed with no problems going to sleep quickly; barely have time to get out my gratitudes for the day. So grateful for Christian Science and all your comments.

  13. I find when I can’t seem to sleep, that I am helped by listening to old Sentinel Radio programs. I put a CD in my player, and seriously listen one thought at a time. This calms my thoughts, and I go quietly to sleep. Quite a number of CDs of back programs are available at — and then go to “shop”.

  14. Thanks so much Evan. Very timely. This was a very helpful reminder “There is nothing to bother, irritate, stress out about, or agonize over in the reality of God’s allness.”

    I don’t often have sleepless nights but when I do I get up and read the periodicals or if needed do some deeper study. Last night I got up and read most of a Sentinel. Sometimes it’s just one article, others it’s many. But oh it is a holy time. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health “The highest and sweetest rest is in holy work.” 519:28 That’s the Truth!

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