Eating the best food

February 22, 2024 | 25 comments

If you worry about what you eat, it might help to focus more on receiving spiritual food coming from divine Mind. Spiritual inspiration takes thought to heavenly places and produces a heavenly effect on the body.

As Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Immortal Mind feeds the body with supernal freshness and fairness, supplying it with beautiful images of thought and destroying the woes of sense which each day brings to a nearer tomb”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 248).

The heavenly inspiration you gain from nourishing spiritual truth brings “supernal freshness and fairness,” to the body. The good health it brings exceeds the effect of anything you put into your mouth.

25 thoughts on “Eating the best food”

  1. Thank you Evan, another delightful SV to “chew on” . . . .
    Reading Ken’s poem from yesterday, this line really jumped out at me, I love making bread . . .
    “Omnipotence: Truth proving its infinitude.”
    I saw it as Truth in our thought rising and becoming more potent in our thought as the proving process proceeds.
    Of course, in Mind all is infinitely complete, eternally All ♡

  2. Thanks Evan.
    Re making bread, we had readings about leaven last night in our Testimony Meeting!
    Mrs. Eddy writes “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” Page 329 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Even a grain of Truth as small as a mustard seed carries the whole of Truth within it!

  3. Yes, of course! That makes sense: MBE says: “In Christian Science there is no matter” (Unity of Good, p. 41) therefore there is no suppositional mortal mind to create matter; All is infinite Mind; I love your reference to Ken’s poem, Shelagh re: “Omnipotence; Truth ‘proving’ its infinitude” – it is so graphic.

  4. What a very beautifully inspired SpiritView, Evan. Thank you so much. All of the world can benefit from such spiritual truths — and all of the world needs them. Given what we hear from commercials in the media, we need to stay ever vigilant to the claims of mortal mind and commercialism in their attempts to “ratify” error and impose tyranny.

  5. I was thinking of ideas, as God, good created all, then all must be good. Mortal mind would have us in fear at all times, yet mortal mind is a lie, and unreal. As I am driving, lately I have been thinking of trucks, are they solid, or are they the manifestation of one’s thought. We think of it as being heavy, maybe even scary, but is it not just one’s idea of supply being expressed. One’s needs being fulfilled. Christ Jesus was where he needed to be, with his students, after what seemed to be death, He didn’t need to go through a door to be with them. He was there, loving them. Can we not feel love for those needs being met, not only for oneself but for all. I feel sake when I know what I see is but the manifestation of one’s needs being met cannot harm me or those around me. As our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy shares, “One infinite God, good, ends wars, “. Jesus fed the multitudes, Moses, for forty years turned to God, and finally lead them back home.

  6. Thank you Evan and everyone…a really excellent sharing (as always). I am always blessed each morning which I carry through the day.

  7. Thank you for this “food for thought” message today. Mrs. Eddy writes on pg.170 ..
    in S&H …. “The text, ‘Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die’, not
    only contradicts human systems, but points to the self-sustaining and eternal Truth.
    The demands of Truth are spiritual, and reach the body through Mind. The best
    interpreter of man’s needs said: ‘Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or
    what ye shall drink.’ ”
    In a world that seems to be forever throwing at us a material picture of necessities
    to be healthy … …. buy organic, you need this for protein, strength, etc, etc. …..
    now “Eat bugs!” – mortal mind can become ridiculous. For decades, loving animals,
    and not going along with all of the hype of being sure to get this or that, it is wonderful
    to Not take thought of all of the commercialism presented to us. Being sustained by
    the fresh colors and beauty of God’s palette of edible delights, negates all the hoopla
    of mortal mind’s demands on us.

  8. Absolutely true, Evan! This week’s BL shared the same thought with the “children of Judah”… they were demonstrating spiritual food!! Thank you Evan!

  9. In reading today’s message I see false thoughts being uncovered. I have been “strongly encouraging” my husband to lose weight. A nice way of saying I’ve been hounding him. It’s out of love and care but my all wrong, it’s based on a belief in matter. I’ve been telling him to avoid starches/carbs as that seems, physically speaking, to be the culprit. He jokingly calls me the food police. I need to pray to know that I can let go of this uncomfortable vigilance of watching and commenting on what he eats and Trust that he is God’s child and can hear direct, divine inspiration about how to proceed. It will free us both. I need to see him and myself wrapped in God’s love and guidance in every area of Life. More prayer, more Truth, more humility, less matter. Let go and let God. Thank you Evan.

    1. “More prayer, more Truth, more humility, less matter”… I love that Rose, Thank you!
      It sums up Everything that would try to sway us into believing another power besides
      God, be it food, money, or anything that would tie us to a mortal way of thinking.
      We are who we are – Perfect expressions of God and matter just does not matter,
      in any real way, spiritually. To see ourselves or others as anything but in our True
      Being would be to dishonor God, our Father/Mother, our dear Creator. We need to
      sift out the mortal and focus on the perfection of our childlike reflection, not made
      of blood, bones or any other material elements, but really only spiritual, not governed
      by other forces that would detract from Soul, divine Mind and Love.

  10. The questions are – is God fat or thin?!!! Can a spiritual idea
    be overweight or underweight? How much does God weigh
    do you think? What does God eat? I am answering these
    silly questions by turning things into thoughts, and the objects
    of sense into the ideas of Soul. God feeds us all with the bread
    of heaven – health, harmony and holiness, and as divine Love
    He is meeting our every need in the way the we can understand
    humanly, and that keeps us healthy and happy, and in good shape.
    As I see it, we can eat anything in sensible amounts, not over-indulging,
    or letting material foods entice us to over-indulge. God does not
    give His power to food or to anything else, and governs every
    event of our lives, keeping us in accord with His perfect
    spiritual law.

    “Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven – feed us now
    and everymore…”.

    1. Thanks Maggie, I agree with all you said. I can apply this to my thoughts about my husband/weight loss as I mentioned above. It’s so funny to ask if God is fat or thin. But it wakes up thought to the fact that of course a spiritual idea can be neither, but just a perfectly balanced concept or expression of its creator. No excess or deficiency. I have to remember to see my husband as a spiritual idea, not as a material body that can be helped or harmed by matter (food).

      I can apply these ideas to myself as well, as I have often been thought of as too thin, and for a long time thought of myself that way. But again that is a false belief in deficiency. In God all is in balance and I can’t express any lack. Grateful for the sharing of higher truths.

      1. Your inspiration to agree with all said previously, opened the door to my favorite enticing story about food “STONE SOUP” Offer him some of that, it’s wildly delicious and oh so funny while you’re consuming it. I’ve literally made it for my children, and the delight, hilarity while enjoying eating it is just plain FUN

        1. Chilesands I know that story well, it is a classic, thanks for the reminder. I just might try it, some humor will always lighten things up!

    2. Evan has several good articles on this subject. What you said is so true Maggie. Trying to hold fast to these truths. Love to everyone..

  11. Dear Evan, thank you very much for today’s topic!
    The following verses from St. Matthew 6 comes to mind and I love them as they are very comforting:

    .. take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink?
    or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

    .. for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

    But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness;
    and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Also in this week’s lesson sermon God admonishes us to trust in Him only, and He will heal us and comfort us. (so in that sense).

    Thank you Maggie for the words from a hymn “Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven …”

    And I always thank you all for your helpful inspirations, dear SV friends!

    1. Spiritual food; Bible Lessons, Sunday and Wednesday services etc. is really the most satisfying food for us as God’s children!♡
      Thank you Evan, that you reminded me at this great truth!♡

  12. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Have been trying to see my husband as spiritually perfect as he has completely lost his appetite over the last year and has lost a lot of weight. What was conflicting my thought was that quote to take no thought what we shall eat conflicted with my desire for my husband to start eating again. I can see now that I have to understand that there is no excess or deficiency in anything God created.

  13. Thank you Evan and thank you Rose.
    Dear Rose what you have learned has helped me. I hope that you will write what you have said in an article for one of the periodicals, Sentinel, Journal?

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words dear Renis. I am very glad if anything I shared was helpful to you. Lots of Love.

  14. Thank you Evan for this helpful point and for all the comments.
    I take the Master’s instruction about taking no thought for what our food, drink or clothes, as not worrying, not being fearful of lack or the (material) goodness of it, or thinking we get our life/nutrition/protection from it (and thus making it “gods” to us.)
    In this sense, I feel I shouldn’t worry about eating organic or not, per se. However, I do feel that buying “genetically modified” (GMO) food is supporting the wrong kind of thought. I am sorry I am late to this post because I would have like hearing what others in the SV family think about this particular.

  15. Thank you AD for your comment. I agree with you very much about not making a “god” of
    what you had mentioned and about gmo’s which definitely are a form of changing creation
    and often not in a positive way. I think trying to stay as pure in our choices as we can, to
    God’s creation of them is a good thing, if possible. To harm other beings in order to satisfy
    our choices, to me, anyway, is not a kindly thing to do. Jesus was always a warm, gentle
    and loving individual, towards others and trying to emulate those qualities as much as
    we can, is respectable and admirable, imho.
    I remember in church as a child sitting behind a lady who would wear a mink stole with the
    sweet faces included. It was an early way of learning empathy. As living in this “mortal” world,
    I think we are evolving in many ways to consider how other fellow beings have been treated and
    how we (mortally speaking) fit into the equation. In many ways, we have become so removed
    from the natural/nature, we don’t always realize how our choices do make a difference. As
    spiritual as we would like to be, we still need to eat and fit into society in some ways.
    There is a story of a man walking along the beach taking starfish and putting them back into
    the sea. Someone behind him asked what difference does it make… There are so many that
    have washed up on the sand. The kind man said, “It makes all the difference to this one and
    that one”, as he helped them.

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