Eliminate subtle envy

June 11, 2019 | 19 comments

Do you harbor any subtle envy that would be helpful to release?

For instance, another person walks by with a buff, fit body and you think, “Wow, I’d like to have a body like that.” Or a neighbor drives a new car home, and you think, “I wish I could afford a new car.” Or a peer retires, and you wish you could retire too but need to keep working to pay the bills.

To mortal mind, the envy seems justified, for why wouldn’t one want the best material things and situations that money can buy, its reasoning goes. But Jesus Christ knew better. When speaking of God’s care for us, he said, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need” (Luke 12:31, NLT).

The “Kingdom of God,” is spiritual consciousness. When one’s priority in life is to seek spiritual consciousness above all else, he will never envy his neighbor’s material goods or status. Why? For they are as nothing to him.

When you have spiritual consciousness, you have everything.

In spiritual consciousness, you know God’s love and care, you see it, feel it, and express it. There is no sense of lack in divine consciousness, only an understanding of fullness, happiness, contentment, joy, health, life and love. There isn’t anything your neighbor has that would improve what you already have with God. There isn’t anything to envy in your neighbor’s yard, in their body, their status, or personality, that can make you better off than you already are in Spirit.

So, feel free to drop any envy. It’s not helping you. It’s distracting you. Stay focused on what you already have with God, be abundantly grateful for it, and live the whole complete experience God has put in place for you to live as a blessed heir of God.

With God, you lack nothing, and have everything. Enjoy what you have!

19 thoughts on “Eliminate subtle envy”

  1. Thank you Evan! Another aspect related to this topic that I have struggled with is the desire to be “popular”. Although there is nothing wrong with having friends, it’s important that we don’t compromise our highest ideas of truth in order to achieve the objective of having friends or the desire to have our friends “admire” us. So I think it’s important to stay alert to not envying others we think are more popular than we are and not seeking popularity if that means we have to engage in gossiping, or buying in and discussing with others the latest health trend, or bashing politicians we disagree with, etc.

    I specifically like this sentence of your blog today and the paragraphs that follow this sentence:

    When you have spiritual consciousness, you have everything.

    That really says it all. I’ve found that spending quiet time just reflecting on God and God’s idea and feeling God’s presence is so much better than being the life of a party or admired by others for the wrong reasons. And when I’m reflecting that pure spiritual consciousness I find being with others to be much more enjoyable since I’m not trying to “impress” but instead just trying to “express” God.

    1. And when I’m reflecting that pure spiritual consciousness I find being with others to be much more enjoyable since I’m not trying to “impress” but instead just trying to “express” God.
      Thank you.

  2. Wow… I love this and I love Brian’s comments also. Thank you thank you thank you!
    When you have spiritual consciousness, you have everything!

  3. I find myself doing the opposite at times which I suspect is not terribly scientific or helpful to myself or the person I have seen… I am overweight and when I see someone passing that seems even heavier, I pray that I not become as overweight as they are. I think instead I should be seeing them as God does — perfect as they are and know that I can reflect the same perfection of not being overweight and that God will help both them and me to overcome/control any false appetites.

  4. Thank you so much for tackling this question of envy. It can be so subtle because it seems easy to assume that we are not envious and then out of the blue, seemingly, come unpleasant unGodlike thoughts about someone we meet in the form of envy, jealousy, critical thinking etc. It is not our true thinking. It is error and we must refute it vigorously and it is very helpful to be clear about the grounds for doing this. Spiritual consciousness, our true consciousness, to be always thinking ‘those things which please Him’, God.

  5. “Express not impress” is such a valuable phrase. When we fully express what we truly and spiritually are, we cannot at the same time be impressed with anything. A reflection cannot be less complete than it s source.
    The prodigal son sought to impress in the far country of material living, but when he came to himself and saw his true source, Love was already there, and he received more than he had before, – the recognition of what true sonship meant. And his elder brother, suddenly envious, was told that that he was always with his Father, and “all that I have is thine”. Expression has no boundaries, and is unconditional. There is no envy in heaven.
    Match that, mortal mind!

  6. It all gets back to Genesis 1 or Genesis 2 ?
    The subtil snake in the Garden of Eden.
    Thank U, Evan & all for the alert

  7. Dear Evan, and Commentators,

    I so appreciate this. It is such good discipline, to adjust the dial and turn from even “subtle envy”. Indeed, we do already have everything at hand that is lovely, and good, and satisfying. How can we be outside of the infinitude of God’s Goodness?

    1. Envy is a joy/love eraser. We are seeing it played out on the world stage. MBE “Fed by Thy love divine we live, For Love alone is Life”

      1. I should have added the rest of the words. MBE “And life most sweet, as heart to heart speaks kindly when we meet and part.”
        Hymn “Love” Christian Science hymnal

  8. What an abundance of wonderful, comforting thoughts.
    Thank you All! We are each unique expressions of God’s character and reflect His/Her divine qualities .

  9. This is such a good topic! It is so subtle – that passing thought “ wish I had a house with an ocean view, a rich uncle – etc.”. I read in a CS article once that we should rejoice and be very happy for others when you see good come into their life in the form of jobs , houses, companionship etc. because it is a symbol of God’s provision. If God has blessed them, then we know He/She blesses us too. All good has its source in God and He/she doesn’t play favorites. It’s an infinite supply that is available for everyone. It does have to be demonstrated. On the flip side, it doesn’t feel good to be on the receiving side of envy either. Abundant good is available for everyone that is just right for each of us – it has to be acknowledged and demonstrated. I so appreciate being alerted and reminded to rejoice in God’s Great goodness next time I am tempted to envy!

  10. What comes to mind is this statement from S&H: “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” That eradicates envy. Spiritual consciousness brings us infinite good.

  11. What thoughtful comments – thanks to all!
    One problem that hasn’t been addressed and is a challenge for me is seeing others being healed through Christian Science treatment – either just theirs or with help from a Christian Science practitioner, while my efforts don’t seem to be even making much progress. I am deeply grateful for them, so don’t see it as envy – just a good example. I rejoice in everyones healing!

  12. I have a healing issue that is often very distracting. But if in reality I have not been touched, and this is an erroneous thought that I am material and subject to all that swirls around in the material world, I am already all right, no matter how awful, and “hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good,and the true” is what is to be focused on.

  13. thank you so very much for this SpiritView.
    When I have to work something out, and I see somebody passing by, who is more fit or happier than I, then I am glad for him and about his well being. And I know that as God’s spiritual loved child, I am also okay in every way.
    Am I thankfull and happy that God enables me to learn more and more to demonstrate Truth and Love!
    Evan, thank you for all the valuable big golden nuggets of Christian Science.
    I think we a l l love you for what you do for us!

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