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  1. Science and Health (503) “God creates neither erring thought, mortal life, mutable truth, nor variable love.”
    So if we’ve been duped by erring thought into doing something dishonest, unwise or unkind, we can fess up to free ourselves and others from its seeming power of reality. We can realize that neither the motive nor the thing thought about nor the action is from God, so we can cast out as unreal ITS HOLD ON US by bravely fessing up, and making restitution. This reverses the influence of erring thought on us or others, takes away its allurement, and restores the harmony and peace of our actual God-created wise, honest, and loving motives and actions. MBE:” To overcome all wrong, it must become unreal to us and it is good to know that wrong has no divine authority; therefore man is its master..” (’01 14)


  2. God preserves man’s innocence. Even if you went deep into that illusion of erring thoughts and actions you are not a victim of mortal mind not its agency. Love always watches over us all the time. Once I got into a tense argument with my son and he suddenly told me to shut up. I was just about to take offence to that perceived disrespect but I did stop. Immediately he stop too and all that came to my mind was a sudden realisation those were certainly not thoughts from God to both of us. We only have the Mind of Christ voicing good to both of us. Within few moments we both were talking again feeling pleasant. I did thank God for being our parent Mind all the time. I also mentioned to my son how alert and spiritually minded he is and he was certainly very pleased. I remembered reading this that week from S & H pg 427:14-16, Nothing can interfere with the harmony of being nor end the existence of man in Science. (spiritual sense of being).

  3. One of my Favorite parts of the Twelve Steps is Step 10: “Continued to take personal inventory and when We Were Wrong, promptly admitted it.” So helpful and healing to have the humility to admit our wrongs, for only then is the space created for God to heal us! Without Truth Telling, and that means on the human level, too, there can be no real regeneration and thus Healing!

  4. I love today’s post and it’s simplicity. “Okay, you were “duped” by mortal mind into doing something unwise, unkind, dishonest, or whatever. Admit it yes, and then move right on forward with God. This reminds me of some really good ideas that are shared in an online talk by Mr. Evan Mehlenbacher titled “How to Erase the Effects of a Mistake.” which I will include the link to.

    And so not surprisingly, today I need to address a mistake. But now I feel so much more peaceful, confident, and fearless to do so. Yes, I slipped up, but infinitely more, YES! I want to stay with God. So grateful for this blog and it’s following family, and all the helpful comments.

  5. Mrs Eddy confirms this truth as she describes the rising consciousness once Eve confessed her fault. See S&H 533: 26- 534:2

    Thanks for the many rising ideas today from our SpiritView community initiated by Evan

  6. Thanks so much Trista for that link to Evan’s talk. Although I had heard it before, it was great to have a refresher. I know I’ve referred to this poem “Self-forgveness” by Ginny Luedeman (Sentinel July 18, 2005) in a previous comment, but would like to quote the last two lines which I have used repeatedly:
    I forgive all my yesterday’s
    visions, unclear.
    And hear my God telling me,
    “Child, you are dear.”

  7. I just want to add that it takes High Self Esteem to admit our mistakes or our wrongs. Just the opposite of what most of us have been taught. Someone who has Low Self Esteem has a strong need to Be Right at all costs because they are filled with so much shame and guilt already. We often think that if we confess the mistakes or wrongs we have done that we will be punished or doomed to hell forever…..Actually it’s the exact opposite – as we see in the Bible stories and in Science and Health. We can admit our mistakes and realize we are Human Beings who are meant to make mistakes – that’s how we learn. We’re Not Perfect Human Beings! Have to be careful in using the Religion as a means to hide behind and pretend that we haven’t done anything wrong because “We Are God’s Perfect Child”!!!!

  8. Am very grateful for the daily SpiritView Evan offers us so lovingly, thanks so very much!
    And thank you all for your interesting and inspiring comments!
    Trista, thanks for the link to Evan’s talk. Though I already heard that, it is very good to listen again to it. There is also a nice humor in it, lovely!

  9. Again, need to be careful in just excusing ourselves from taking responsibility for our “mistakes”. I think there is a reason that we have the 10 Commandments. People who murder, lie, cheat and steal, abuse, rape, etc. need to go thru a deep process of repentance – that’s why we have prisons. I know Mrs. Eddy talks about deep repentance being necessary for spiritual growth and how the Assassin of Pres. Garfield had a condition of what she called “moral idiocy” which rendered him incapable of seeing his wrongs and therefore unable to go thru the repentance he needed to grow spiritually.

  10. Also, we need to be careful that we aren’t just substituting what a C.S. Practitioner told me a lot of CSers practice, which is “Harmonialism”, for seeing the mistakes or evil that need to be Healed. Just saying All is Good and there is No Evil doesn’t let us off the Hook of Repenting and thus being able to be Healed and Move forward towards Healing.

  11. Yes, Bevi, you are right, tks for reminding.
    In one of his lectures Evan said, we are not just denying evil, rather we look it right in the eye and knowing through our prayers that God is ALL, and therefore evil is nothing. We can say it, if we know it for sure really through our deep prayers. xo

  12. What about when people lie in your face and never fess up. So difficult to see through to the only good being expressed.

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