Eliminate the mistakes for a more beautiful life

January 4, 2024 | 29 comments

When I sit down at the piano to learn a new piece of music, I often make many mistakes. I’m unfamiliar with the piece, and my fingers miss some of the accidentals and right notes. But as I persist in practicing the piece, the mistakes lessen, and soon I hit every note accurately. The music starts to sing and soar to the ear.

Human life is like learning a piece of music. As there are notes in music to learn, there are moral and spiritual lessons to learn that make life a joy to live. As we learn the lessons and put them into practice, we succeed in experiencing the best life has to offer.

One of the lessons Christian Science teaches, is that our individuality is the likeness of God. It is pure spirituality, pure goodness, pure love.

To the material senses, we don’t always look and sound like the perfect image of God. But the material view is a mistaken view. To believe in evil, sin, disease, and death, is like playing the wrong notes on the piano when learning a piece. Wrong notes produce discord. Right notes produce harmony.

To live the good Life God has given us to live, we want to eliminate the mistakes—the wrong notes. Anger, selfishness, resentment, ill-will, greed, laziness, prejudice, envy, bloated pride, and their kin, are the wrong notes. They are evil ways of thinking and they yield discord.

To “sing and soar,” eliminate all the wrong notes from consciousness! Pray to eliminate any thoughts that are not pure love, pure goodness.

When you get the notes right, the music you play through your life will be beautiful! Heavenly! You will enjoy the result, and so will others around you.

29 thoughts on “Eliminate the mistakes for a more beautiful life”

    1. Wow. Just what I needed now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mistakes, missteps try to take center stage. There is no condemnation. There is love

        1. Thank you Jean for the link to this wonderful article dating back almost one hundred years! I couldn’t help but think of the thousands of people who have read, and no doubt been helped and encouraged by, the author’s message. What a greater reminder that the same God that loved and provided for the people in Biblical times loves us and cares for us just the same today.
          And thank you Evan, as always, for sharing your inspirations. Always so “on point”!

  1. I so needed this today, so thank you Evan.
    The article shared by Jean is very helpful and indeed , as you say, pertinent to our Bible Lesson this week,Jean…so thank you too.
    The saying goes…practice makes perfect… and I am reminded that Mrs Eddy says somewhere in S&H that the more resistant the problem is …the more we must keep our consciousness on true being focused. For, whatever the size of the nought/nothing , it is still ..nothing.
    Blessed, beautiful day to all❣️

    1. Barbara I love what you said, “Whatever the size of the nought/nothing, it is still….nothing.”

      Zero multiplied a million times is still zero. Error tries to seem large, shout loud and tries to take over our thinking. But that is only a temptation which we can reject at any moment. We are blessed to have our dear God to turn to, to pull back the veil and reveal the nothingness of error and the ALLNESS of divine Mind, ALL power, all good.

  2. Thank you Evan and all. Proverbs 4:18 the.
    the path of the just is as the shinning light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.
    Like the piano practice we must keep on perfecting thought. There is no retrograde step.

  3. Thank you, Evan and all. Snow is falling gently like angel whispers right now,
    unexpectantly. It is beautiful, but was planning to get groceries before the
    upcoming winter storm, over the weekend, but the roads can be difficult
    sometimes and drivers not used to driving in snow. It is a bit bittersweet,
    like life sometimes seems. I will take God/Love’s care along as co-pilot and
    enjoy the journey as the flakes come down and trust the roads will be safe.
    I love where you wrote, Evan, “… our individuality is the likeness of God. It
    is pure spirituality, pure goodness, pure love”. It is like the heavenly snow
    flakes whispering – all is well.

    1. I once read in response to someone’s license plate that read ,God is my co-pilot , and they replied you should be the co-pilot and let God be the pilot, God’s love and protection go with you as you travel wherever you go whether you think about it or not

  4. Evan lists many of the “wrong notes” that may try to take precedence in our human thought: anger, selfishness, resentment, ill-will, greed, laziness, prejudice, envy, bloated pride, and their kin He says we should pray to eliminate any thoughts that are not from God, thoughts of pure goodness. It’s important to know that we cannot, by human will, make ourselves better and stop ourselves from hitting these wrong notes, but by turning humbly to God again and again, we can hear and see more of spiritual reality and let Him do for us what we (as seeming mortals) cannot do for ourselves. That is comforting.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, dear Rose and everyone. I was thinking … it is
      important to realize that even though we all Seem to have made mistakes, we
      are not defined by them, especially if we have learned from them. Our identity is
      flawless in the “eyes” of our Creator/God as being Good, Perfect and not a mortal
      who happened to seemingly mess up. Even Jesus’ disciples, as spiritually minded
      as they were – had Jesus asking, “could you not watch with me one hour” before
      his greatest challenge was upon him. I’m sure they afterwards had regrets, but
      Jesus still loved them for who they Really were, even if they appeared to be not
      “with him” in his hour of need. But God/Love was with him and is with us also,
      no matter what the mortal senses appear to be disguising us with… the disharmony
      that Evan was referring to. God guides us into becoming and seeing who we Really
      are and always have been, and always will be, with our True selfhood …a perfect
      reflection of God, who does not and never did make mistakes. We have all
      Seemed to at some time, perhaps, made bad choices, but that doesn’t make us
      bad people. I think the best way is to forgive ourselves, learn and grow from
      experiences and let them go. That is … turn to our perfect reflection of God’s
      Being…seen in God’s likeness.
      “A mistake that makes one humble is better than an achievement that makes
      one arrogant”. – Author Unknown Humbleness is to be like a little child,
      innocent and with a clean slate, whose identity consists of “pure love, pure
      goodness” (- Evan)

  5. Lately I have been trying to brush up on my sightreading, as I am a lifelong piano player. This message of your today rings so true. Thank you for the illustration of new music. When I learned classical music as a young student, I went as far as I felt I wanted to with lessons and then quit lessons to simply enjoy playing by ear. My teacher had helped me figure out that I could do that. Now all these years later I wish to return to structure and admire those who can follow notes on a page. Mr. Eddy has given us “notes on a page” so to speak, with her writings on Christian Science. I am so thankful for that too.

  6. Thank you so very much Evan for this outstanding Spirit View. I appreciate them all but this one really strikes a chord with me. The picture of practice at the piano and the correlation with our life practice is vividly clear. I love all the comments you have inspired too! Thank you for a great start to the new year.

  7. Thank you, Evan, for this good message and lesson on behavior and consciously eliminating ungodly thoughts. Thank you, SV sisters and brothers (love that), for your comments through the years and the great articles shared.
    The last couple of days as part of my study I picked up Prose Works and opened it to read. I have in the past read most of Miscellaneous Writings and parts of Miscellany, but where I opened was to an area in the middle that I had only briefly touched before. I just started reading straight through from that point and discovered Messages for 1900, 1901, and 1902.sermons from Mary Baker Eddy. I had never read these before. They are strong messages to us and explain a lot more then I had before thought I understood. I know the importance of reading through Science and Health in searching for understanding and would now recommend reading all of Prose Works.
    We can never stop learning. Love to you all.

  8. Yes, thank you very much, dear Evan, we will of course strive, and am working on it, to play the right spiritual notes which produce Healing and Harmony!♡

    Thank you dear “J” for the link to that excellent article “no mistakes”. It’s, like all the articles, very inspiring and helpful!♡

  9. Thanks Evan for the constant l healing thoughts you bring all year around!
    A wonderful jazz pianist composer, Thelonious Monk
    Once said:” there is no wrong notes, but only better notes”
    Of course here we are talking more about improvisation than written notes. So for me in that statement we can always improve our thoughts, our thinking, our notes. .Blesssings to all at SV!

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