Express God in everything you do

November 7, 2018 | 21 comments

If you want to have a day filled with health and joy, make expressing God your #1 priority.

While driving to work, rather than counting the minutes it takes to get there, count your blessings and remember where they all came from. From God!

When listening to your boss outline what you’re going to do for the day, rather than mumbling under your breath about all the work that needs to be done, rejoice that you have wisdom, intelligence and ability to do that work in the first place. And remember where those abilities come from. From God!

If examining the body and finding illness, rather than fearing the worst, remember that you have the power of Truth to destroy that illness and stay healthy. Don’t worry and fret, but pray and be healed. Stay spiritually minded.

In everything you do, let your doing be inspired by a spiritual purpose. Express God’s presence. Be generous in your expression of gratitude, thoughtfulness, care, consideration, integrity, honesty, and love toward others.

More important that running errands, paying bills, and cleaning house, is the spirituality you express while engaging these acts. Running errands is not necessarily an inspiring act by itself. But greeting others with a smile, extending a helping hand, and bringing a touch of joy to a neighbor is inspiring, and keeps us healthy and happy too.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Man is the expression of God’s being” (Science and Health, p. 470).

Enjoy expressing God today!

21 thoughts on “Express God in everything you do”

  1. What I’m doing today is preparing the Wednesday Meting Readings, and I certainly have to listen to God for my inspiration!

  2. Expressing God or goodness in everything that we do, truly makes living worthwhile. This brings happiness, peace and vitality in our life and touches the lives of all whom we meet. So all are blessed.
    Thanks Evan for your lovely posts which truly bring so much joy and happiness and add meaning and blessing abundantly to our life. God bless. Lots of love to your little grand daughter.

  3. Lovely list of examples. Today, while doing all those things, I can also know that God, Love itself, is omnipotent, supreme. Never voted in or voted out, but ever operating as a law of light dispelling all darkness.

  4. All good is from God. We reflect God, good, always. Thank you, Evan. Each & every expression of good is helpful. I’m grateful to y’all.

  5. Thank you for magnifying and guiding our thoughts.
    Hymn 267 “Our God is All; in space, No subtle error creeps;” immediately came to thought. Repelling any subtle intrusion trying to separate us from God and His goodness, serves up pure freedom and gratitude with every thought. Thank you for highlighting “the doing” of that today.

  6. My spiritual purpose is, to express God`s presence, yes in every doing, and doing it in spirit and with joy and gratitude for the qualities God gave me, to honor Him.
    Great thought for today (and I think for every day), thank you, dear Evan.

    This weeks lesson sermon gave me a better glimps that convinced me more about our total spiritual being. The following bible vers is not in the lesson, but it lead me to go to this vers.
    The 2nd verse of Genesis 1 says in the NLT Bible: “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” And then it is said, how He (Spirit) created the world including all creatures and m a n.
    I glimpsed that, as only the Spirit of God was over the waters and nothing else, no matter, it is obvious for me that all is Spirit and must be spiritual. And we actually can do everything just in Spirit. How wonderful, thank you God! Have all a blessed day!

    1. Thank you, Uta…zeroed in on your “God was over the wate”, etc. I thought immediately when reading those words…God is truly over, around, above and under…..truly surrounding and permeating us with His goodness and love.

      Thank you Evan and all!

        1. Hi dear Kathy, I did understand that without correcting.
          But interesting, I meant something else than you do. I just ment that only Spirit God was there over the waters and then created the universe, so it is clear that everything is created spiritually, as no matter at all was mentioned and therefore not there, meaning matter is nothing, so MBE said in SH. And Mrs. Eddy also said in SH that “all is Spirit, and all is spiritual, from that standpoint you must work it out, matter cannot help you.”
          Thats what I meant.
          But Kathy, what I understand you probably meant is, that God is a l l around us, and there is no room for anything else than God, Spirit, Life and Love.
          Thank you for that new outlook, which I also love very much ! 🙂

          1. Yes, Uta…thanks , understood what you meant…but, right, in reading those particular words…(phrase)..another thought came to me….about God being all around us…over and above, etc. :-)..and so am so grateful for all ideas that come to us…and our sharing.

  7. While praying about some challenges recently, I saw the spirit of this same message –that everything we do each day is a continuous expression of God’s qualities. From the moment we awake to God’s Day we express His goodness–giving gratitude for His light, direction & care. It is not the errands, work and daily routine that is the most important but it is the spirit we express–the love, order, care, harmony, gratitude, lawfulness, kindness, patience, faith, persistence,friendship,& resolve in standing for peace where ever we are that shows God goodness is ever present. This blesses our life and our community and honors our Father-Mother God.

  8. Thanks to all. Evan, I think of that statement about man being the expression of God being a lot, and link it to the statement “God’s being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss.” We express all of those attributes.

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