Outlast annoyance with patience

November 8, 2018 | 28 comments

“Half the annoyances of life will disappear if one is only patient under them. Almost all the other half will go the same way if one does not worry over them.”

~ Frank A. De Puy

28 thoughts on “Outlast annoyance with patience”

  1. Annoyance takes away our peace and joy and causes stress in relationships too. It is a waste of time and energy and even tells on your health and spiritual progress.

    Being calm and patient saves you much trouble. You express domion over the situation by maintaining peace and harmony. Most importantly by remaining calm we express a Soul Quality. Yes “calmness” is a quality of SOUL, a synonym gor God.

    Annoyance only leads to anger, bitterness, drift in relationships, spiritual downfall, Cultivating patience works wonders.
    “Patience must have her perfect work”

  2. Thank you all for this precious thought of “calmness “! Just what I needed for today especially after being all but.. calm regarding a leaking roof problem that I can’t get fixed timely! So grateful for these messages of Truth! Norm

  3. Eye-opening to look up what the word “annoy” is derived from: It’s derived from Latin– in odio — which means ‘hatred’. Hatred. Plain and simple. Yikes. There’s a snake we don’t want in our consciousness! And it has no place whatsoever if we strive to have “that Mind which was also in Christ, Jesus.” The Mind of infinite, almighty Love, the Life of all. While we are calm and patient, we can know that Love is right there, working Her purpose out, blessing all.

  4. Last night some friends came for supper and the political elections.became a topic of discusdion..It went from “cold to boil” in a matter of seconds…minds many were in the midst.I awoke feeling a noyed,discouraged…and knowing no of the discourse was worthy of response.This topic today is giving me ideas to quell the storm within seeking refuge in a calm and patient sea.
    Thank you.

  5. The calm and exalted thought is at peace, our textbook says. That thought is still, knowing God is All in all, feeling the perfect allness and oneness that is Love. Is that which seems to annoy, really present or having power??

  6. What a lift up, as applying yesterday’s lift, “Express God in everything you do TODAY” flows, if you find annoyance tempting you…Just try to express God while you are annoyed. I proved it yesterday, so I’ll proceed today to …express God in everything I do TODAY (like yesterday and the day after). Thank you Evan, applying the lift makes all the difference here.

  7. Last week I read “Patience is love.”
    Thank you Evan your all you share with us . It is a wonderful gift you give us and deeply valued.

  8. It’s the end of the day,
    I make peace with the world….
    Now I’m alone…
    Alone with God…
    It’s Peaceful…
    It’s spacious…..
    It is full of Grace
    and Love….
    An open space…
    A private open space…

    1. This sounds like the end of my days and it’s always a beautiful time. Thank you for sharing Maximo. I will write this in my journal of favorite thoughts.

  9. Yes. My jobs through the years require PR work. Spiritual work has given me some understanding that makes me a little more patient then most. Especially when I know neither the person in front of me or me are in charge of anything.

  10. “Patience is knowing that all of God’s goodness unfolds at exactly the right moment.” This comes from a short poem that I pray with daily. It sure helps when anything tries to cause discouragement.

  11. God is where we are…
    Beneath, around, above.
    Providing, guarding, guiding,
    Encircling us in Love!

    Drive with gratitude, not attitude! Or patience, not importance!

  12. Thank you Evan, yes, patience and serenity and calmness are expressions of Soul, as Nergish already mentions.
    So needed and desired.

    Thank you all so much for your inspired comments. And thank Maximo, for your very lovely poem.

    1. Oh, another thought from SH just came to me while reading a bit in our textbook SCIENCE and HEALTH on p. 254 – ”When we wait patiently on God and seek Truth righteously, He directs our path.”
      This shows me, when I tend to become impatience, I have to pray and listen to God’s guidance, then impatience will go and calmness steps in. Reading in SH is most helpful when we are in need. Am grateful for all Writings by Mary Baker Eddy.

  13. From Florida,

    When I say I am calm under the palm,
    I am not talking about a tree.
    The Palm that keeps me Calm
    is God
    Loving always both you and me.

  14. Yes, thank you all..so good and calming and beautiful.

    Love the thought…to wait..pause …calmly and peacefully for God to speak to us and THEM. OR MAYBE JUST TO US AT THE MOMENT. HAHA

  15. The big thought I use often is to declare God/Spirit/Love is the Centre and Circumference of my being and after morning prayer I included an added prayer to know the Mind of Christ is my Mind and then let go and let God unfold my day. No matter how error is cast out, I knew no fear, no hate and no effect as all I feel is a loving presence about me. I felt completely safe as well as peaceful. Thank you Evans for sharing your beautiful thoughts about patience and thank you everyone for highlighting calmness and serenity are expression of Soul.

  16. I saw a quote on a friend’s social media page the other day that said, “If you feel like giving up – Rest – don’t quit.” I love this thought! Sometimes, I find myself not being patient because I am “giving up” on a situation or a person. They aren’t behaving or responding in a manner that I agree with – or fast enough. Or maybe it is a healing that just isn’t coming and we are tempted to give up, quit our prayer, and consider some other option. But this is the exact moment when we need to pause, be mentally still, and rest. Then God will fill our thoughts with Love, and we won’t be tempted to throw in the towel and give up on anyone or anything. We can then demonstrate the loyalty of our faith….with healing as the result!

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