Faith that is rewarded

April 16, 2018 | 21 comments

A piano teacher, who is a good friend of mine, told me an awe-inspiring story about two young brothers who came to him for piano lessons.

These two boys wanted to learn how to play piano more than anything, but their family was on a very small budget and there was no piano in their home to practice on. The teacher saw how sincere they were and wanted to support their desire, so he agreed to give them a lesson for a rate they could afford, and then they would see how it went the next week.

During the lesson, the youngsters sat down at the piano and eagerly soaked in everything they could about which notes to play and how to read notes on a page of music. After the lesson, they went home and drew out a piano keyboard on a long piece of cardboard, coloring in the white and black keys. They sat their assigned music in front of the makeshift piano, and dutifully played the notes from the page on the cardboard, plunking their little fingers on the pretend keys in front of them.

When they came back for a second lesson, they played the music perfectly on a real piano in the studio.

They repeated this pattern for three weeks, coming back for each lesson with their music learned perfectly.

A dad of another student heard about their commitment to learning the piano and was so touched by their earnestness, that with a few phone calls, he tracked down a used piano elsewhere in town that was offered to the boys. They are now practicing on a real piano with real keys, and flourishing.

I love this story because these boys demonstrated the supremacy of Mind. They did not let an appearance of material lack limit their sense of possibility. They did not think, “I don’t have a piano, so I can’t learn how to play a piano.” They saw playing the piano as an idea they could act upon whether they had a piano at home or not. They acted upon the idea with full faith that they were doing the right thing, and their sincerity and commitment was rewarded with the appearance of a piano that allowed them to keep growing and progressing. They leaned on Mind, probably without realizing it, and Mind supported them all the way.

“The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible. Exceptions only confirm this rule, proving that failure is occasioned by a too feeble faith”
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 199.

21 thoughts on “Faith that is rewarded”

  1. This is so inspiring… Thank you so much for sharing this heart-warming story. I have begun to play the piano a few months ago. As I am living in an apartment, I cannot practice as much as I would, as I do not wish to disturb our neighbours. I am inspired to not accept this limited view any longer. I shall practice reading the notes… and maybe even playing on a sheet of paper 🙂

  2. I am in awe of the devotion the boys expressed towards achieving their goal of learning the piano, against all odds. I would say that the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise and all-loving God did see and did supply all their needs, towards the achievement of their most cherished and sincere desire to learn the piano.

    “Desire is prayer and no loss can occur from trusting God with your desires” “Step by step will those who trust in God, find that He is a refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
    With God all things are possible…the only thing we need is sincere dedication, trust in God, hard work, patience and persistence. Then all our cherished goals can work out, even against all odds.

  3. Good day Evan and loving group. What a beautiful story It comes to my memory “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. Evan, I also remember when you said that as a child you were not good at sports, then with your son they explored tennis and you became a great tennis player. Even once you told that some time ago your tennis coach told you that you had already progressed to your limit and that you would not progress more, knowing that we are a reflection of an unlimited God, we have no limits of any kind, and with another coach and work you came to the national. And since these anecdotes are thousands … No matter the age, God is Omnipresent, Omnicient and Omnipotent and we as his children reflect those qualities. You have to work on this. How Mrs. Eddy says for children is very easy, because they do not have their conscience full of mundane things … but adults have no excuse, because we can also work (wake up) and see how our conscience reflects God. Excellent week for everyone.

  4. A heart filled with Love and Gratitude to you, Evan, and to this wonderful group… this was just the EXACT boost I needed to read and think about this morning! The beautiful story AND your defining replies will make all the difference in my ability to overcome a very persistant challenge here! Oh! Thank you!

  5. Thank u, Evan for reminding me how I started my piano lessons, with a cardboard key board.
    I’m not a musician, now, I can find notes to plunk out a tune. Knowing as much as I do has been a real gift when I taught elementary school. Later, when my folks could afford it, they bought me a piano. Desire is prayer, always. Much gratitude for another reminder of my many blessings!

  6. Thank you, Evan, for this marvelous story. When look at opportunities instead of limitations, infinite possibilities open up.

  7. Thanks for a very inspiring and beautiful story. Many years ago when I was learning to play the organ I had ear phones which I could plug into the organ. This allowed me to be the only one hearing what was being played so I could play to my heart’s content without disturbing anyone else, or being fearful of making mistakes. I appreciate greatly all of the comments and wish you all an inspiring and progressive week!

  8. Yes, how awesome. These boys were so pure and honest in their big longing to play piano; and as we know “God, divine Love is the wanting and the accomplishing”, so because they persisted in learning and practicing, God were with them; and so it could only result in perfection of their performance. And what a love and compassion is expressed by the piano teacher – must bee a Christian Scientist, too.

    Thank you dear Evan for sharing this very heartwarming and grand happening; and thank you deeply for your inspired, inspiring and loving SpiritView blog – it is blessing us all!!

    And thank you dear commenters, specially Nergish and Gustavo today for your so inspired comments!

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