Find God’s presence through gratitude

November 24, 2021 | 32 comments


If you’re ever wondering how to feel more of God’s presence, start with gratitude!

Gratitude is the open door from where you are to the presence of abundance, health, happiness, and good health coming from God.

I share ideas on how to be more grateful every day, and the blessings that flow from living with gratitude.

This vlog was filmed in the Great Basin National Park, Nevada, in May 2021.

32 thoughts on “Find God’s presence through gratitude”

  1. I am enormously grateful for each morning spirit view. Each one is so appropriate for starting and inspiring my day. Thank you Evan.

  2. Feeling grateful has not always been easy for me to access, but this practice, over time, has given me the gift of feeling Gods presence. When I think that life is hard, I focus on the places where it’s easy, like breathing. I don’t have to think about breathing, it’s easy. So is picking up a fork or digesting food, all easy stuff….from there I can begin to feel grateful for a soft pillow and the warmth of a fire…ahhh, God. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God is everywhere!

  3. SO true, Evan!! :-))

    Yesterday the idea came in to think of Gratitude as a
    tool, like…a …spiritual Hammer to pulverize false beliefs with!

    I’m using it!

    Thank You for this idea, dear God!

  4. It’s been my observation that the happiest people I have met have also been the most grateful.
    Like one SpiritView fan just said gratitude is like a spiritual hammer to pulverize false beliefs. And it’s like a ladder to climb out of the mortal abyss and enjoy true spiritual being.
    To find the ultimate happiness is not at Disneyland it’s in God’s presence.. The presence of unlimited joy., purity, and goodness.

  5. It wouldn’t let me post my comment; it said I had already posted. So, here it is:
    Yes, I agree with all the above. Thanks so much, Evan, for sharing your spiritual wisdom with all of us. You bless us so much and your followers comments bless us as well. Blessings all around. I am grateful!!!!

  6. I’m grateful that error cannot MAKE me see things materially. While traveling to work this morning, I started to get upset about something I saw someone do, that I thought was WRONG. I realized I don’t have to be controlled by this seeming automatic reaction. The devil can’t make me judge, fear or dislike a person over something that God doesn’t judge, fear or dislike them for. I can love them as He loves them. Maybe not easy or comfortable to do, but a great opportunity and worth it. Grateful to remember these truths and to know we are learning and growing together with our precious Spiritview community.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Rose. This is always the constant challenge…not to be mesmerized, hypnotized or duped by what the material senses are presenting to us. I really like how you “snapped out of it”, challenged the view, and exercised your God-given ability to see what IS, rather than what appeared to be.

  7. Gratitude is acknowledging good Evan says. Last night I did a search of editorials in our periodicals with the word good. Here are some insights which parallel Evan’s vlog:
    * God and good are inseparable.
    * All of good is now available to man as God’s idea.
    * Good is not limited.
    * Unfinite one’s sense of good. When you unfinite good, you unfinite your concept of Life, activities and possibilities.
    * Because good is omnipresence we can’t move beyond its blessings. Good cannot be localized.
    “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.”
    * See good as purely spiritual, one finds his own good the direct reflection of God.
    * Good is in supreme control of our lives.
    * Good is not only universal but indivisible.
    * Man is expression of good, inseparable from it.
    * Good alone is reality of our being.
    One article pointed out that good being Spirit, we can express good without limitation in our lives. We never run out of love to express, or intelligence, or generosity. As Evan said we can smile at someone. A little thing but in an online Zoom French class last night a new student to our small group hadn’t received his workbook via Amazon yet, so would have to sit there for an hour just listening, not knowing what we were talking about. I felt such empathy for him and the thought occurred I could take a photo of the two pages we were working on, and email them to him quickly. The instructor said great – go ahead, and he was able to participate in the class. I was so grateful this idea from Love came. It made the class much more fun as it was the first class of the semester and he felt included.

  8. We all have so very much to be thankful for! All of you are way up on my list.
    Thank you all for wonderful thoughts shared and appreciated. A blessed
    Thanks – Giving to everyone, with Love

  9. I should have said, gratitude is spiritual
    attitude which is spiritual altitude.
    And what a view.
    The only place we can reside.
    Happy every God quality, forever. ♥️

    1. I often say that gratitude is a healing attitude, but I like your version too. Thank you! Blessings to Evan and everyone who comments on these blogs. Love is everywhere and the only power.

  10. Endless, limitless, abundant Good, Lovng God~ it is impossible to “list” my gratitude, so I try to fill thought with GOOD without stopping …. Not counting blessings, but seeing blessings everywhere, in every one, in all. Hard things are growth opportunities. Unhappy pictures are where we must see Love more.
    I am unspeakably grateful to know God as Mary Baker Eddy conveyed through her discovery, the God Christ Jesus revealed and lived. Let me go and do and be likewise. Thank you, Evan, for providing this beautiful daily place in which your precious family of Spirit Viewers may gather and break bread, share The Word together. It is a harvest table laden with the most wonderful feast of all, Love. Love to all

  11. Years ago, I had a deep depression after the birth of my first child. It could perhaps be summarized as post-partum depression. But it was persistent and affected my ability to think clearly or to find joy in this new birth. I was filled with darkness and fear of my ability to be a good mother and to make good decisions for this lovely child.
    My husband, who was not a Christian Scientist ( I was raised in Science ) suggested a mental health practitioner but I called a Christian Science practitioner instead. With her help and support, it came to me to write gratitude lists on paper every time the fear wanted to overwhelm me. The lists got longer and longer until one day, the room I was writing in filled up with a light I cannot describe and all the heaviness just effortlessly lifted off me in that moment. I was literally dancing with joy! I felt so free.
    My sons 47th birthday is this week and he is married with 2 lovely children of his own. That depression has never returned although the practice of writing gratitude lists and the joys of motherhood have never left me. The practice of gratitude has supported me daily through many challenges since then and has continued to bless me and my family and hopefully in a small way the lives of others.

    1. Valerie, thank you so much for sharing that healing! I also struggled with a painful time of post partum depression years ago so I relate. That was before I found Christian Science. Sometimes I think I should revisit that experience and apply my current level of spiritual understanding. Like a retroactive healing if that is possible.

  12. Like seeing people smiling or laughing, the expressions of gratitude here are uplifting our
    thoughts and uniting us in the allness of God’s great love for us, as He rejoices over us,
    according to the Bible. He makes us to be a rejoicing. Thanks be to God and to Evan and
    to you all.

    With gratitude
    You light the way
    From sorrow’s gloom
    To Truth’s clear day.
    Thought will not stray,
    With gratitude.

    With gratitude,
    Fear cannot blight,
    Nor cloud your joy
    Nor dim your sight.
    Hope lives in light,
    With gratitude.

    With gratitude,
    You overflow
    The arid plains
    Of want and woe.
    Your faith will glow,
    With gratitude.

    With gratitude,
    Your heart will sing,
    When thought is freed
    From error’s sting.
    Love is crowned king,
    With gratitude.

  13. What a beautiful lesson here today. Saying ‘ thanks ‘ can easily slip off the tongue, but really looking deeply into what gratitude is and it’s effect on our daily lives is a real eye opener, revealing the joy of feeling good , God, all around us. Thank you Evan for all your sharing and thank you to all SV contributors…so much Love and insight ….
    Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day ❣️

  14. With the arrival of this annual holiday, and the thoughts shared in Evan’s vlog, I am reminded of an idea shared many years ago by a dear friend, “Thanksgiving is a time for Thanks-living.” A directive that is employable day after day after day, and results in abundant blessings! As Diane Ward wrote, “Gratitude is riches…” Happy Thanks-living to all!

  15. Oh, so lovely your SpiritView and also the landscape you both were hiking there!
    A little demonstration I will ad to this.Decades ago when I sat among many Christian Scientists, listening to gorgeous testimonies, I was sure I did not have a testimony good enough, and was unhappy not being thankful enough. But one day at home the confidence angel thought came to me that surely I can be grateful, because “Gratitude” is a divine quality which we naturally express as God’s presencecious child. From that inspiration on I became more and more grateful and started giving thanks to God. Am so grateful for Evan’s helpful and healing spiritual views and that God brought me to Sundayschool and Christian Science@♡

  16. Oh pardon me, want to say
    …as God’s precious child…I

    Thank you all, SpiritView friends for your inspired comments !♡

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