Lift thought above the fog

November 23, 2021 | 31 comments

Two young men were out paddling in a canoe on a large lake when a thick fog moved in and engulfed them with dense mist. They couldn’t see where to row and felt like they were going round and round in circles.

After hours of rowing with no land in sight, one of the guys decided to stretch his legs. He stood up, and to his surprise popped his head out of the mist. The fog was only four feet high. With a quick look around, he spotted land, and could tell his partner which direction to row.

They soon found shore and were relieved to not be aimlessly circling around in fog any longer.

If it ever seems like you’re circling around in fog with no shore in sight, stand up for Truth. Let Truth lift your thought above the material sense of things and find an open clearing in Spirit.

Material sense is fog. Spiritual sense is clarity. Stick with spiritual sense and find your way to shore.

31 thoughts on “Lift thought above the fog”

  1. Fog analogies always work for me, and this is a particularly effective one! Who’d have thought the layer of fog was so low and thin – from their perspective it probably seemed impenetrable.

    It’s not about waiting for the fog to clear (or the body to heal itself / discordant situation to be resolved), it’s about rising above the fog to realise the already-present truth (that you’re already perfect now / that the discordant situation is powerless, and cannot be the reality as it is not of God’s creating).

    ‘We’re not in the healing business but the revealing business’ as my Teacher says! Thanks for the reminder Evan!

  2. Thank you Evan!

    This caused me to chuckle when I saw how the fog was perceived as so limiting, then seen for what it was by standing up (lifting thought)

    Reminded me of the king in Shrek who was such a small character without his horse and armour . . .

    From Hymn 14
    No more shall sin and wrong
    Obscure the light divine,
    For God hath given thee His Son,
    And lo, all things are thine.



    1. Dear Angie.
      Your presentation helped bring release from an erroneous idea I have been trying to deny.
      Ugly in appearance ( to material sense ) and like the dreaded red dragon, it’s been hard to erase.
      I shall print out this timely article and keep it under study. Consciousness must be rid of human will. This will help.
      Thank You.

    2. Excellent article, thanks for sharing it Angie!

      This part really stood out to me:

      “ It is well to ask oneself in every situation, Is this seeming or is it being? Mrs. Eddy makes it clear throughout her writings that the effort to heal matter or to change matter through Mind is mental quackery. Matter, whatever form it assumes, is a mirage, an illusion. Christian Science healing destroys false belief, and in so doing it changes the seeming condition. The only real condition of being is Mind, forever expressing its own harmony, perpetuity, and perfection.”

  3. I really need this anology this morning. i was at this moment, seeing just fog.
    Need quickly to rethink.

  4. Great analogy!
    Ours is a family with multiple canoes, so may I tweak the wording? Only rowboats, sculls and guideboats with twinned oars are rowed. So the lads were paddling in circles in the mist.

  5. A long time ago my wife and I were snowmobiling on the largest lake in Michigan, USA. Houghton Lake, in Roscommon County.
    We were headed for her Uncle’s resort. It was called “The Shady Rest”. From where he parents lived several miles away.
    We were a couple miles away when a blinding snowstorm hit with high winds, We were lost and didn’t know which way to go. We couldn’t rise above the snow storm, but we could rise above the idea that we could ever be lost. That we were always in the sight of God.
    We decided to make a right hand turn and hope for the best. We began to rise up the snow banked shore, still not seeing ahead. Slowly we continued till we saw an illuminated sign. “Shady Hollow Resort”.
    Her Uncle Lenard and Aunt Jane were very pleased to have us in. We were directed precisely to our destination. Into a warm and kind place. A “Thanksgiving” experience.
    Wishing everyone a warm and pleasant Thanksgiving Holiday. Every day and the world over!

  6. Thank you, Evan, for your so apt analogy, which I really needed this morning. And thanks also to Angie for that excellent article and to the commenters for sharing so many helpful thoughts.

  7. Ivimy Gwalter’s article is so profound and so clear as to what our true being is. It was a extremely helpful this morning. Thank you to everyone for your contributions and to Evan for his revealing.

  8. Thank you Evan for this helpful “clearing” healing message, and thank you to all others for sharing your healing thoughts and experiences! These are wonderful messages, and reminders to always stay calm, stay in Trust, and to always stay attuned to our Father-Mother God for direction and guidance. Much appreciated.

  9. Due to an early commitment yesterday, I missed the beautiful SV family gratitude meeting. So I want to now ad my deepest heartfelt thanks to Evan for providing this platform… an open invitation to share these nurturing and sustaining spiritual meals with this precious family that you have loved into being. This site is indeed a feast for the soul! Because of your dedication and consecration to Truth and Love, we gather here in Christ’s name where we find strength and inspiration from your wisdom. This blessed format where our spiritual aspirations are supported, the famished affections are fed, and we are moved to loving interactions with one another and to greater demonstrations of Truth. What a privilege to feel a part of this group, — I’m deeply and eternally grateful. A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on this most glorious journey!

    1. “What a privilege to feel a part of this group, — I’m deeply and eternally grateful”

      Amen to that

      A wonderful Thanksgiving to all our Spirit View “ family “ on this Thanksgiving day ( here in the Uk )

      I ‘m about to tweet this universal message !

  10. What a wonderful illustration of how we can best get along in Life. Don’t be fooled by false appearances. Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Thanks for the helpful ideas in this story you shared! Seem to be facing “fog” beliefs in more than one area, such as enough gainful employment, and the accompanying supply for housing, utilities, pets and food. Also, loneliness after being “left behind” from an unsafe marriage and grown only child, with few local contacts or friends who have or are, literally moving on to other locations, thus facing the holidays on my own, so it seems. Not being fearful or lonely from lack of human companionship seem to be deeply “foggy” feelings, but I will give greater effort in standing up to these lies of God’s perfectly supplied and love-filled creation to see the Truth for myself and all my sisters and brothers in Christ, in God, our one Parent. Happy Thanksgiving to all here!!

    1. Dear “Still”,
      I’d like to relate although I have many family and friends. Once I was in a waiting room at Children’s Hospital. I sat down among many children who were awaiting a procedure of some kind. Their parents had left them alone. They were very young, I imagine from about 3 to 6 years old.
      One brought me a “Golden Book” child’s story book. He asked me to read it to him. I began to read it. Soon all the other children formed a semi circle in front of my chair. I had two on my lap and many in front of me. After the book was finished, soon another book was handed to me. I never got done reading to those beautiful children. I never got done being grateful for that experience either. It gave me a sense of being needed and a sense of love generated by those children and that experience.
      They were my family for awhile. You are my family. You are always welcome here.
      Thanks for your offering today. Please stay in touch with our SpiritView family…
      See you in Church on Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. How wonderful our understanding in Christian Science that material sense cannot touch, obscure, affect, or make opposition to the truth, made available by the ever present Christ.

    Years back, I was traveling by myself in a small “Datsun 610” north through Colorado towards Wyoming in the beginning of January. It was snowing heavily as I was going through a mountain pass called, Rabbit Ears Pass. The road side sign said something like, “Caution Open Area, High Winds” and as I entered, it was indeed completely obscured with heavy snow and high winds. I could not see beyond my windshield going forward, so I slowed down as quickly as I could intending to pull off to the right the side of the road. Well, I did, but the car landed and lodged firmly in a snowbank. In my anxiousness, I went outside and, with the snow still howling, thinking I might free the car from the snowbank, with my bare hands, I began to attempt to dig the snow out from around the wheels of my car, but quickly found that as soon as I had cleared snow from two or three wheels the first one had already filled in with fresh snow! It felt like a futile effort.
    I got back in my car and quieted my thought. I was cold and had ice hanging from my nose and face.
    I started to listen to ideas that God was sending. I was grateful to have a car that I could get inside even though with no heat.
    I knew it was a fairly well traveled road, although no cars had passed for twenty minutes, and that I could try to get help from any cart hat might pass by. This comforted me.
    As I sat in my stalled, frozen, stuck car, the snowfall began to diminish. I could now see up the road a few feet and the view continued to grow clearer as the snowfall lessened.
    Within 5 to 10 minutes, to my astonishment, I could see an object on the other side of the road, no more than 60 feet from my car….., now I could make it out… a very large motorhome on the other side of the road, sitting there, idling, with people inside. WOW!
    It was there the whole time, and for what had seemed like a long time, maybe twenty five minutes, I could neither see it nor hear it, but there it was. A safe, warm place, with people inside, no more than a 30 second walk from my car.
    How grateful I was to get refuge! A big snowplow later came along and pulled my car out of the snowbank and I travelled on. I felt protected.

    “The very circumstance which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained, unawares”

  13. “God setteth the solitary in families.”

    I’ve always liked this comforting thought.
    Knowing there are many who are alone and possibly lonely, especially during the
    holidays, I affirm God’s presence right where they are, surrounding them with lovely ideas of things to think and feel and do. It is my way of giving to them, whoever they may be. No one
    is ever really alone. That is an illusion. We are one with our loving Father-Mother, God, always.
    Only the mist of mortal belief tries to obscure this. And we who know the mist has no substance or reality or power can gratefully witness to this fact, and help dispel all illusions to the contrary.

    Loving Thanksgiving Affirmations to all of you in this SpiritView Family, and especially to you, Evan, and your wife Kathy, for providing this venue. We all love you!

  14. Such a beautiful picture up here!
    Yes to lift thought above fog I understand, is to pray and listen to God, divine Truth and Love for guidance and gain understanding, and a clearer spiritual view!
    Thank you Evan and all for today’s wonderful inspiration! ♡

  15. I love this. That fog sure can seem thick and overwhelming at times, but we have got to rise above and stand porter and see it for what it is…. A whole lot of nothing at all.

    Thanks, Evan!

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