Be grateful

November 22, 2021 | 22 comments


Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 3

A rule for successful living is to “Be grateful!” And there is always something to be grateful for.

The material mind looks for material reasons to be grateful and may or may not find reasons to rejoice.

The wiser way is to look for all the spiritual blessings flowing from God.

When you look to God for proof of blessing, you will always find it!

The one Mind of God is always present with ideas, inspiration, and guidance to lead us aright.

The Love of God is always present to bring comfort and peace of mind.

The Spirit of God is always present to energize, strengthen and mobilize us to productive, worthwhile, and profitable activity.

The Life of God ensures that we never die and that we have every opportunity we need throughout eternity to experience all the goodness Life has to offer.

With God, there are always reasons to rejoice! There are always reasons to be grateful.

Look to God for all blessings, find them, and be grateful for them. The doors to more blessing will keep opening before you.

22 thoughts on “Be grateful”

  1. i was just think of Thanksgiving Day, but then reminding myself that Day is only symbolic.
    We give God thanks every day for all the good He has restored upon.

  2. Many years ago when I wondered if I would EVER be able to feel happy again I did as you suggest above. I ACTIVELY LOOKED FOR good everywhere …I started first by looking for and writing down 3 times I saw love being expressed each day. Very soon I was finding 10 times love was shown (not necessarily to me but to others I maybe didn’t even know!) Within about 2 months I realised I actually felt SURROUNDED bY LOVE all the time! I was feeling much happier and this turned the ebbing tide for me. I saw every act that was kind or loving or helpful as God being expressed LOVE being everpresent…and yes after several years of feeling terribly sad THIS idea was what changed everything.

    1. Thank you, Diane, for sharing your experience. I am going to go and do likewise, ready to walk out of darkness, gratefully.

    2. Diane W, thank you so much for this testimony. I especially love that you felt surrounded by love. That is something we all want to happen for everyone. I forget to look for love sometimes and this is a great reminder to do just that.

      Happy Thanksgiving every day to all of us. Thank you Evan for this beautiful reminder of all of God’s being to be thankful for. I am thankful for all of the topics in your blog and all the commenters every day.

    3. Love this Diane W – so inspiring, and doable! Thank you. This brings to mind a woman in my office who was going through some very tough times. She had a little wood plaque on her desk that simply said “Choose Happy”. And she did. A reminder to me that we always have a choice as to what thoughts we entertain.

  3. Among so many things I am grateful for, SpiritView is one of the most sustaining! I am always joyful for Monday’s dawn and a new week started of inspiring messages along with many helpful comments! Thank you so much Evan, and thank you SpiritView seekers all! My life is forever better because of the inspiration and insight you share so powerfully and consistently! Lots of Love! ( and Gratitude! )

  4. Great idea to look for the spiritual blessings with your spiritual sense – that’s a new thought. This morning, the day was looking kind of bleak according to sense testimony. Have a grateful and greatful day, everyone.

  5. I would heartily like to echo Chris’ eloquent expression of gratitude for Spirit/View. Spirit/View is the first thing I look forward to reading every single morning! It clearly teaches me what God is in so many different, loving, practical ways. My deep thanks to you Evan!
    With much love!

  6. Thank you from me also
    Evan for this daily bread of spiritual inspiration, and also to
    all the SpiritViewers who share their inspiration and testimonies – all very precious.

  7. Perfect post. I woke this morning feeling so grateful and full. I have had so many opportunities to grow as a student of Christian Science the last couple years. Sometimes it seems hard, but really it’s just beautiful opportunities to understand more of Truth and our oneness with God. I am most grateful for spiritual growth and understanding gained. I am grateful for every seeker of Truth (which in reality includes every single one) and every student of Christian Science working out their salvation. We keep marching forward always with God, good.

  8. Thanks Diane – I’m grateful for your comments and will start doing the same each day.
    Thanks to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thank you, Evan, and all the wonderful comments each day! I too am so grateful for progress, lessons learned, and growth in understanding Spirit and God’s continual, eternal goodness expressed everywhere. Much gratitude this Thanksgiving season!

  10. I am so grateful for this column this morning. Diane your direct way of pulling your thought out of the doldrums is so helpful and supports Evans’s message. I am always grateful to see his ever-present smile. His voice even smiles. i love giving the gift of a smile to everyone I meet. I am very grateful for this blog and all of you in the Spirit View Family. This is a great way to start the day. Happy Thanksgiving as we are giving Thanks every day for all the good, we already have.

  11. Thanks to all for your heartfelt comments, and to Angie for the supportive article. I too love SpiritView, such inspiration for every day1 Thank you Evan, and let’s all contribute both ideas and funding to support this wonderful forum.

  12. Evan, thanks for your simple but so important message today, “Be Grateful.”

    Perhaps gratitude is our natural state, it just seems that we get quite distracted and forget that this is so. Life with God in Spirit can contain nothing but harmony. It is so good to experience that feeling of thankfulness for blessings, and to witness Good and Love being expressed, whether toward us or towards others (as Diane W so aptly stated) or by us toward others. We can’t help seeing this when we look with our spiritual eyes. Thankful beyond words for every one of you.

  13. Yes, I am grateful that God is there amd everywhere and that He is all and all good and all loving!, and that we are His/Her dear children! And I am grateful, dear Evan for the daily spiritual enrichment you give us so lovingly! And I am also very thankful for this precious SpiritView family with such wonderfully inspiring commentations and articles from our CS magazines! Thank you God for all this Good which is so helpful and healing!♡♡♡

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