Influenced only by God

November 19, 2021 | 38 comments

If you ever feel like you are being adversely influenced by people around you, or by feelings coming to you impersonally, you can reverse any suggestion of vulnerability with an understanding of your identity as a reflection of God’s presence.

As a reflection of God, you are not a mortal soaking in mortal mind impressions, fears, and false beliefs. You are an image of God whose status is determined by God, and not by mortal mind.

You are what God created you to be, not what mortal mind wants you to be.

Mortal mind cannot change God’s creation. What God created remains exactly the way God created it, and forever! A number 7 will always be a number 7.

As God’s image, you will always be God’s image. Another person cannot change you, alter you, adversely impact you, or deprive you of being what God created you to be. What you have from God is yours forever. You can find permanent peace with this truth.

Consent to God’s influence, only. There is no other.

38 thoughts on “Influenced only by God”

  1. “ Consent to God’s influence, only. ” – wonderful ! THATS how we can keep our spiritual focus —- thank you Evan

  2. Evan this idea is beautifully said and fitting for me today. Yesterday a co-worker was seemingly cold and unkind to me a few times during the day, which left me feeling very uncomfortable and ruminating about the situation. Typical mortal mind stories running through my head about myself and this woman. Error is so silly and ridiculous and actually has no power to rob me of my peace.

    Only God can influence and affect both myself and this woman. That means we are both OK and both loved by God. I don’t HAVE to see her as rude or unkind or see myself as a person who was treated unfairly and felt hurt. I don’t HAVE to attach any qualities to her or to myself that God didn’t put into us. That would be personalizing error. The actual error was a belief in inharmony that I thought I saw (the picture mortal mind was trying to paint), but looking at it metaphysically I can remember that inharmony cannot exist in God’s universe, and that’s the only place we were all day. We never left the “atmosphere of Love divine.” Thank you and Blessings to everyone!

    1. Rose you were certainly on the job “spiritually”. Thanks for sharing your experience and thanks to everyone for sharing so generously your ideas and insights..
      It helps me feel like my family is universal and inclusive..

      1. Same here, Rose and John!
        “One Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.”
        Praise divine Love!

    2. Rose, thank you so much for your comments. Your second paragraph is a perfect treatment against an erroneous suggestion that we should (or even can) see ANYone as being influenced by a mind other than Mind!

      1. Thank you John and Robyn for your kind comments. I truly appreciate both of you, as I appreciate and love everyone here on SpiritView and our dear Evan–so much for us to be thankful for.

    3. Wow! Very helpful to me ! I have needed to see this just this way for sooo long ! Thank you, Evan and Rose !

    4. Thank you so much for sharing this Rose – I also had a situation such as this where I felt hurt, and misunderstood. I wanted so much even later to prove that I was right, that it took me nearly all evening to get some peace. I did i by finally realizing that anything that was not of Love was not real. so in actual fact she had never done or said anything to me. However when seeing her at work the next day I still felt uneasy. This post and your second paragraph is really helpful and I feel will complete my healing.. Blessings.

    5. Thank you dear Rose! I love this truth *we never left the aimosphere of Love divine”
      God does bless us all ♡♡♡

  3. It is equally wise not to be that negative influence. The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5, contains the essence of all correct thought. Looking upon others as you would have them look upon you.
    Judging righteously in every instance, seeing as we should, finding the essence of everyone as a spiritual idea. This heals the outward appearance in our own thought.
    “No evil shall befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.”
    Thank You, Evan and all the children of the Most High.

  4. Thanks so much for this. I have been dealing with a lot of negative feedback on my status as unvaccinated. I even got un-invited to Thanksgiving dinner!

    1. I would like nothing more than to invite you to dinner on Thanksgiving Barbara. We will only be praying and showing gratitude for all God’s blessings.
      Our dinner will be the seafood my son gathers for us from the ocean, a pineapple salsa made with the pineapples we grow simply from planting the tops off the ones we have previously eaten, sweet potatoes from an unknown organic gardener. And papaya milkshakes made with fruit off our trees.
      This after losing all our fruit trees and patiently waiting for the seas to regenerate after a hurricane came through our island a few years ago.
      It will be a glorious day with my son and husband while missing other family members but still sharing our thankful thoughts.

      1. Susan, don’t be surprised IF I show up at your door Thanksgiving day!!! Your menu sounds outrageously delicious!!! Love to you and ALL Spiritviewers AND of course Evan!!
        This recent post covered a situation I’ve been praying about for quite awhile and feel confident I’m untouched by the error that tried to separate me from the love and presence of God. Blessed Thanksgiving!!

    2. I’m so sorry Barbara. I was at dinner with friends the other night and the conversation turned to Covid. The strong opinions were actually hateful; and there was no room for intelligent discussion or to even listen to another’s perspective. I actually felt bullied. So Evan’s commentary is also just what I needed today too. Thank you Evan.

      1. Barbara, my apologies for sounding so negative… A surprising thing transpired. I re-read Evan’s commentary and really let those thoughts sink in. And Rose’s comments were especially helpful too. Later today, one of the friends that had been particularly vocal, extended an olive branch, and very lovingly invited everyone over for a homemade meal. It was as if any bad feelings were expunged, and slate was wiped clean. I was very grateful for this. Have a nice weekend.

    3. Dear Barbara, I’m sending you love and support for a harmonious and blessed Thanksgiving. You and your family, friends are all ideas of God, all a perfect 7 as Evan said, so you cannot harm or diminish each other in any way. As Melissa said in her thoughtful poem today, “As ideas of God can we become belligerent mortals, non-loving, remorseful, critical, unforgiving? It’s not that we wouldn’t, we can’t.”

    4. So Sorry to hear of this. Many of my friends did not get vaccinated even though they have lost their jobs and another, like you has been uninvited to all family Christmas gatherings. We must know that this dis-unity is unnatural and unreal and you and everyone else can only be in your right place.
      That you cannot miss out on Love and Joy wherever you are. God is Justice and God Is Wisdom and this temporary state will be overcome. As we are all one no matter what tries to separate us.


    Would it be possible for numbers, musical notes,
    letters, to say …
    I’m too tired, sick, afraid, upset …
    You always use me, try another one for a change

    Ideas never can’t get tired from overuse
    Ideas don’t age
    Ideas don’t become vindictive, remorseful, unkind

    It’s not that ideas don’t, ideas can’t
    Basic ideas always remain the same
    Yes, new forms of ideas can come into play, but if

    they use any of the basics, the basic idea remains
    the same
    What about us? As ideas of God can we become

    belligerent mortals, non-loving, remorseful, critical,
    It’s not that we would, we can’t

    We can’t become less than the true spiritual idea
    God created us to be
    We can’t become less valuable, less useful, less
    recognizable as a perfect idea of God

    Melissa Baker
    Wrote last week.

    1. Excellent, Melissa – thank you for sharing your poem.

      This verses from The Sermon on the Mount come to me:

      Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
      (Matthew 5:10–12)

      Sticking with Christ’s teachings, we will draw all men to us and help
      our fellow man to find their way out of the false view of creation to the spiritual wonderful reality.

  6. Do not give a space in your mind for thoughts that are not in keeping of who you are. Do not allow the suggestions that float into your mind the space to be the dominate image. We give the suggestion that we are giving it a life to expand and shadow all the good that is all around us.
    Be aware and diligent of the conversations with others and the images that are at the forefront of your mind. It takes practice but becomes easier the more you are alert. The nagging thoughts and images disappear as the shadows before the dawn breaks.

  7. Thank you, Evan. This perfect-timing message is just what I’ve needed! No one can keep trying to affect you by continuing to try to play you. Thank you! I am a number “7”, John Elway’s former number!

  8. My teacher in CS always said the true practice of loving anyone is not so much doing good to him/her but KNOWING you ARE being loved (in spite of appearances) because Love is All-in-all. The five love languages ( shared by Gary Chapman) are: Words of affirmation, Gifts, Acts of service, Quality time, and Physical touch. If I believe others are unkind or slighting me, it has helped to look deeper and realize which love languages they express, and focus on this! But above all, “Consent to God’s (Love’s) influence only!”

  9. Thanks to all for your comments. And Barbara have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your Father-Mother God filled with blessings and thankfulness.

  10. I had a situation once as a United Airlines flight attendant, that might be helpful.
    Near my home, there was a UAL Hotel for incoming crews with a computer
    room that any UAL crew member could use. On my days off, I would drive
    over there to do company required computer work.
    In the evening, one front desk receptionist, would always hand me the
    key to the computer room begrudgingly. This happened every time I saw
    her, so I began to review the BE attitudes, and asked God finally what do
    I need to know? I heard quietly, “She doesn’t like this job.” But I was given
    instructions to be quiet about it and rather know that the Father places all
    of us where we can bless. I believe I said thank you with more heart than
    ever before.
    One night after being away for some time, she jumped up with a huge
    smile on her face. “I couldn’t wait to see you. I got a new job in the
    travel industry. I am sorry I have been so horrible to you all these
    months.” ” I have to smile and be cordial to the on-duty crew members,
    but with you I could just be my old self. I hope you can forgive me for
    my bad behavior.”
    I sincerely held no grudge as I had been praying to be more considerate,
    loving, meek, understanding, patient, kind, etc. and felt Divine Love’s
    presence more and more in that hotel.
    Another Christian Scientist who stayed in the hotel from Boston, said,
    “What did you pray? We all dreaded seeing her upon She seemed so
    unhappy.” I quietly shared how I had prayed the way Christ Jesus
    taught us to. And I remember adding, “Now before I open the door
    to the hotel, I let the Christ go in first.”
    That got a laugh and I was blessed, the gal at the front desk, and all
    those crew members coming and going from the hotel. We all
    enjoyed knowing that she had a wonderful new job, too! Joy is
    natural to man. “Your joy no man taketh from you. ” (Paul)

    1. Thank you, really refreshing and helpful, how you prayed and how divine Love took over the control and the situation was healed♡♡♡

    2. I love this story, thank you for sharing it Leigh Ann. “Now before I open the door, I let Christ go in first” is such a wonderful, applicable thought.

  11. Oh very wonderful dear Evan! Thank you deeply for today’s SpiritView which is very much needed and very comforting!
    Our new goverment in Germany is thinking about new and stronger covid restrictions. They want to force that more people shall be vaccinated.
    Actually we cannot else but consent to God’s influence only as His image and likeness, as there is no other influence. Wow is that comforting! And likewise assuring is this truth Evan also gives us “we are what God created us to be, not what mortal mind wants us to be.”
    Again Evan, thanks lots and lots for today’s healing inspiration, it is really helpful to know our oneness with God who is our real Health! ♡

  12. How sweet this message is! And I really appreciate it for the strength it offers . So easy to cave beneath common fears and insecurities. Many thanks and Blessings on You and Yours this Thanksgiving.

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