Thanksgiving Day

November 25, 2021 | 60 comments


It is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a holiday that is celebrated by many countries around the world at different times of the year. It is a special holiday that gives pause to daily routine and emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude.

I am grateful to you, the readers of this blog. I’m grateful for my family, my church, my friends, my work, for people around the world facing evil fearlessly and conquering it, for Christian Science, for Jesus Christ, Mary Baker Eddy, and most of all, for God, the giver of all good.

Have a blessed day wherever you are. You are loved and cared for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

60 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Thank you so much, Evan. I’m so very grateful for each and every SpiritView blog, for your inspiring ideas, and for the love that shines through your every message. I am especially touched by what you’ve expressed here on this Thanksgiving Day. God is the giver of all good, and we are loved and cared for. There is so much to be grateful for, and I will start with my gratitude for you and Kathy, for your videos, and for your great big smile! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Enormously grateful to Evan for his metaphysical support on such a regular basis. I just know he has pulled a lot of people through this Covid period.

  2. How great it is to know and feel and see and humbly accept, to whatever degree, that we are all
    100% loved by our Father-Mother, God!

  3. So thankful for the knowledge of Gods ever presence,..Christian Science to study,… Spirit View to take daily inspiration from …and Evan’s limitless sharing of the Truth of our being. We truly are the loved of Love❣️

  4. AND WE are all grateful for YOU Evan..for your “insight and perspicacity”, your generosity, clarity, good-natured light-heartedness , taking the time to do your Vlogs for us who appreciate the mental jolt to our thoughts .
    We appreciate and are grateful for your constancy and never-ending wonderful inspirations that uplift people all over the world.
    Of course we are grateful to God, the source of all life and truth , to Jesus for his teachings and sacrifice and to Mrs Eddy for revealing the truth to us.
    But again thank you Even for keeping us all on track and listening to God then being astute enough to post exactly what we need on the day. VERY OFTEN someone reads out something you have posted in our testimony meetings or speaks about how what they read in SPiritview helped them overcome a problem.

    1. I join the chorus of my sisters & brothers in this blessed SpiritView family,singing praises for Evan, Christ Jesus our Wayshower, Mary Baker Eddy our Discoverer, and God our Life Giver. Diane expressed perfectly Evan’s wonderful qualities, and I join her & all of you today & each day in REJOICING ❤️
      With LOVE

  5. I am most grateful this Morning to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with everyone around the world in its glories and Truth. Let us all resonate on Mrs Eddy’s writing in knowing that Giving does not improvish us in any way; neither does withholding enrich us.
    Listening to the Dailylift this morning inspires me a lot..

    1. Hi Lorna, your comments on giving does not impoverish us echo the message of this week’s Sentinel Watch podcast of Nov 22. Thanks!

      So much Love and Joy to all of you. I’m grateful that God inspired Evan (and continues to inspire him) to create this holy place called SpiritView, and that we have been guided to find it and be blessed by it. Thankful for God’s Love and Care for all His creation and that He makes us able to rest in this Care and makes us all able to feel and see His power and presence. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I’m grateful for the abundance of ideas and inspiration brought daily from the SpiritView website. Thank you Evan and Kathy for all the love sent out. Thank you SpiritView readers who so generously share.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you, Evan, for all the work and thought you put into inspiring us with the Christ so consistently. I am truly grateful for your service to the Christian Science movement.

  8. Evan, I am especially grateful today for you and Spiritview in my life. A very happy Thanksgiving to you, Kathy and all the Spiritview community everyday!

  9. I’m deeply and humbly grateful for God’s gift of Christian Science and its infinite blessings. Thank you, Evan, for your prayer, work, and sharing in bringing inspiration and healing to each one and our world. My gratitude for the prayers of all with Thanksgiving blessings each day all!

  10. I cannot enlarge upon this marvelous expression of sincere appreciation for Evan’s timely and most generous leadership here most every day. I can only say “Thank You almighty God” for this expression of Spirit and this venue of Truth, Life and Love. Blessing this world experience with the wholeness of God’s kingdom, right here with Thanksgiving, peace and praise.

  11. Grateful for Christian Science and all of the practitioners of this science. So much to be grateful for each and every day.

  12. Many thanks, Evan, for all the inspiration you share on this blog. Thanks to Kathy for her vlog photography, and to each individual who shares ideas. A very uplifting way to begin one’s day. Blessings to all. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Thank you Evan, I’m always inspired by your blogs and so grateful for your videos. I also share with others. Its such a blessing! And always grateful in reading the comments of others and for the people who share Sentinels and Journals from JSH online, always timely and another blessing!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Dear Evan, you truly are an inspiration. I love your blogs your lectures and all your writings in the periodicals and in your local paper. Thank you!
    Happy Thanksgiving today and everyday.
    I am grateful also to all your readers who share their inspiration. God is good!!

  15. “No man can come to me except the Father draw him” (That may not be exact but it’s close). I’m grateful that He patiently and continuously draws me to him though I stumble and occasionally seemingly slip off the path. His grace is constant, infinite and eternal.

  16. Steve. – Western Montana

    So grand to start the day with The Daily Lift, Spiritview, and the Phoenix area reading the lesson. I am grateful. Thank you.

  17. Thank you, Evan! I am very grateful for you and for your inspired thoughts and generosity providing the world your healing blogs and vlogs.

  18. A HAPPY AND BLESSED THANKSGIVING to you Evan and Kathy and all
    After nightshift at our UK CS Facility I awoke with Hymn 134, “I look to Thee in every need and never look in vain” … concluding ” Thou turn’st my mourning into praise”… The Hymnal ( now 2) have been my constant companions (on a daily basis I read both Hymnal’s next page blessing, each day, in single sequence.. This was our first assignment following Class Instruction in 1987 in SAf., to read it'(now them) consecutively on a daily basis.. What a guidance to my prayers and CSNing outcome, and for your regular blog and followers of Spirit View… Thank You Father Mother Love for absolutely everything

  19. Wow. All these gratitude comments are overwhelming. They are beautiful.. thank you all And a huge thank you to Evan who never ceases to lift my spirits every day with your “Spiritview “
    Joyousl Thanksgiving to everyone

  20. I am adding my unbounded thanks to Evan, Kathy, and everyone who participates on this site for enriching my daily thinking. It is such an expansive lens and I am so very grateful to be part of this family.

  21. I am grateful to you Evan for you do to lift thought universally, to all the resources, practitions, teachers, lecturers and to God who has created all and is bringing us all together for His glory.

    Many thanks

  22. On a practical note, there are considerable costs to Evan to run a site such as SV that we all value so much. If u choose to make a small financial contribution this Thanksgiving it is easy to do. At the top of this page go to ABOUT then scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left where is says DONATE. Just a thought!!

    1. Thank you, JP. Your post reminds me that I haven’t
      contributed for a while to this forum which is invaluable each and every day! PayPal, here I come!!! :-))
      Blessings to everyone on this beautiful day!

  23. I am so grateful for this blog and all the inspiration it gives to the world. Thanks to all who share and pray for all mankind. Christain Science is such a blessing.
    Love to all.

  24. Thanks Evan. We are all grateful for you, and all you have given us in this blog, and in the wider sphere of the Christian Science movement. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  25. A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and everywhere included in God’s Universal
    Family! The love and caring expressed here is immeasurable in it’s healing and comfort
    messages and I am deeply grateful, which makes every day, a day of thanks giving.

  26. Evan and Spiritview family, How grateful I am for you and the lessons that guide us to the understanding of our present perfection as taught in Christian Science. I especially appreciate the daily inspiration from the blog, the daily overflowing gratitude, and the model you demonstrate for all in practicing this universal truth. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  27. Good morning dear Evan and community of disciples of Christ. Happy Thanksgiving to all, to Evan, to all those who always write guided by the grace of Christ, leaving wonderful and healing messages, and also to the blog readers who daily feed on the strength of the Infinite !!! Gustavo from Argentina.

  28. The best part of Thanksgiving is the gratitude. Gratitude enriches us as nothing else can. How often we think it is something material, maybe a big meal, only to find at the end of that meal we ate too much…lol. Each heartfelt comment, a desire to help your brother or sister, made by Evan, a SV commenter, a friend or family member and sometimes a stranger, a sentence in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, a passage in the Bible, a thought coming from God, is an expression of God’s love and care for us. Do we see it each day? Thank you for expressing God so beautifully! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. We are blessed!
      I look forward to SpiritView each morning. Thank you Evan for your uplifting blog and thanks to all who contribute.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. I am so grateful for you, Evan, and your daily messages. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am so grateful for Christian Science and the absolute Truth that God is All in All.

  30. All good comes from God; above all else I try to remember and be grateful for that. Evil in the world or any form of dishonesty and tyranny has no more power and reality when it rages without than when it manifests as disease within, although for a period it appears to. I’m grateful for Christian Science; Mary Baker Eddy understood and made practical and understandable to others the great Truth of the words and example of Jesus Christ as well as being a stellar example herself. I’m grateful for SpiritView, a daily source of inspiration and learning, and its many thoughtful contributors that are daily working to prove the power of Good.

  31. Evan thank you for Spiritview, for your work, for your devotion and dedication. God bless you and yours, and God bless all who follow Spiritview. You are loved!

  32. You bless us every day, Kevin, with your God-inspired wisdom. Thank you for your constancy, dedication, inspiration, and joy-filled messages. I’m a grateful student of Christian Science, striving each day to know God better.

  33. Thank you Evan for your beautiful gratitude list. There are so many things to be grateful for and the ones that came to mind for me today are from your Vlog…I am grateful to wake up in the morning and be able to “smile”. What a blessing. Each comment brings more smiles and gratitude. Thank you all and have a bountiful Thanksgiving Day.

    Rose, I was so grateful to hear the Daily Lift today that reinforced the Sentinel Watch podcast this week. Wow!!

  34. Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers, followers and contributors here on SpiritView. Such a rich experience every Monday through Friday to read such wonderful spiritual inspirations by all the regular contributors here. May each one of you reading this have a bountiful and beautiful Thanksgiving Day today!

  35. Thank you Evan for Spirit View and all that you do. Thanks also to all the comments and links given. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all

  36. Thank you Evan – I am very grateful for your perceptive, insightful blogs and vlogs. And also for the comments from the community which usually gives me a different perspective on things. This website is a great blessing! Thank you so much.

  37. Dearest Evan, we thank you for your daily loving and healing Inspirational gifts.
    And I also send my heart Thanksgiving wishes to you and your dear family!♡♡♡.
    I am also grateful for our worldwide Christian Science congregation, for Mrs. Eddy, Christ Jesus and for our omnipresent, omniscient, omniacting divine Principle , the loving Father-Mother God! How blessed are we to be able to learn this Truth about God in CS.
    As I could not join my own today’s Thanksgiving Service in Hamburg, Germany for some reason, I am happy I could join the life online Thanksgiving Service of TMC. Am grateful for that!♡

  38. Evan–and all–grateful thanks for all the love and abundance shared yesterday, today, and forever! Grateful thanks, Evan, for your consistently wonderful spiritual blogs–so comforting and healing, all year long!

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