Finish that project

January 16, 2020 | 9 comments

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

~ William James

If you have important work to do, then do it! If it’s not important, then don’t let it bother you. Let it go and move on to what is important.

9 thoughts on “Finish that project”

  1. So grateful for the infinite wisdom and supply of spiritual inspiration that pours out of God’s wellspring for us. This blog, our Bible lessons, church services, periodicals, podcasts, etc. Life really is ALL Good.

  2. Thank you, Evan for these wise words!

    And those wise thoughts are so intelligent and logical. Logic and Intelligence and Wisdom are wonderful qualities of God which I love to reflect as God’s loved child.
    The textbook and Mrs. Eddy’s writings, yes the wonderful teachings of Christian Science are utmost logical and full of God’s Love!

  3. God is All in all including our right perception of seeing the disposal of human events in orderly manner; for His purpose as Mind alone knows what we need before we can realise and perceive His ideas humanly.

  4. I always liked the statement “Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.” Since today is big with blessings, what better time to finish a project.

  5. If you want something done, find the busiest person around and give them the job.
    Spirit rests in action. And the busiest person no doubt know this.

    Time used to fly by when the demand was greatest, like when waiting on a very long line of customers there for that ice cream cone in a long line out of the door on a hot summer evening! Willingness to satisfy those anticipating that summer treat was addressed by many a high school student. It taught ethics, diplomacy, salesmanship, and much more. Preparing the way for more advanced endeavors.

    Great peace comes with satisfying the list of continual jobs to do. When each job is done to the highest standards. Then on to the next.

    Always enlisting the listening device in thought for enlightenment taking directions from God. This has always ensured success whether securing the answer to an otherwise unsolvable problem or being efficient and effective.

    Thank you for reflecting the way to harmonious progress in all we’re enlisted to do.

    The highest endeavor is healing. In order to do this we must see the problem and work towards it’s resolution. Sensitivity to the needs of our neighbors and praying for the right answers are far above the mechanical issues of the material world.

  6. Soooo true! It’s awful to have an unfinished project hanging around in the back of your thought. Such freedom when it’s finished or let go. So comforting to know God gives us the ability, strength and the ideas needed to complete our projects…”pause, wait on God” He will help you.
    I’ve had the desire to simplify and donate several unneeded items not knowing quite where and when I could do that. When I was talking to my sister today she said she was going to have a yard sale in a couple of weeks. Wa La! She will take what ever is left to goodwill. Thank you God!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, it is so wonderful never to take in anxious thought of our own schedule of how things will work out, totally rely on the natural order of Mind that knows when to unfold the occassion for whatever needed to be done as we live as effect not the cause of good in our lives. So for every responsibility, rest on God’s shoulder, He will get it done for us so naturally reflected in our lives. Man is inseparable from Divine supply of completeness.

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