Bring love to your home

January 17, 2020 | 23 comments

One of the happiest experiences is to come home to a house filled with gratitude and love.

It’s not always easy to keep a home environment happy for everyone, and many people come home to an unhappy household on a frequent basis. But this can be changed. It’s possible to turn a negative atmosphere into a positive atmosphere when one is committed to living Love.

If facing impatience, neutralize it with patience.

If facing resentment, counter it with forgiveness.

If facing envy, undo it with generosity.

If contending with many egos, be the presence of the one Ego.

If feeling empty cold hearts, bring in the comforting and warming presence of understanding and care.

If facing anger, pour on the love.

Whatever evil appears, it’s a lie about God’s government of your home and it can be overturned.

Evil is mental darkness. Love is spiritual light. The light always dispels the darkness. You can count on it.

There is no requirement that you mentally participate in evil thinking. You can always side with right, put on the Mind of God, and demonstrate Love in control.

You can be the light that dispels the darkness.

You can live in a home filled with light and joy, love and care.

23 thoughts on “Bring love to your home”

  1. As kids we were taught to wipe our feet, or leave our shoes, at the door. It seemed we could never get them off fast enough, much less leave them in an orderly manner. Later on I realized the few seconds it takes are a gift to reset my thinking – even if my shoes appear to be clean and dry!

    1. You are so right! I’ve always said that I want to live up to the standards of my dog: to be perpetually loving and joyful, universally, under all circumstances! I try to be the person she expects me to be, deserving of her love.
      I’ve thought how God’s love is such grace.
      I ran a business for several years in which my employees interacted with the public. Daily I would remind my employees to leave their cares and worries outside the door, enter in with the expectation of serving our guests with gracious kindness, giving each one their most happy experience of their day, just as each one would wish to be treated. We had constant accounts of people finding immediate peace and serenity and joy.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking! He’s the best at it.

      He’s also alert to intruders – “stand(ing) porter” as it were! So a model in that too.

  2. “There is no requirement that you mentally participate in evil thinking.”
    I think your statement, Evan, is just stunning. Think of it: we don’t have to participate in evil thinking or mindlessly Join in the chorus of thinking or communicating evil. We have a choice to uphold good in our homes and in the workplace.

  3. Very helpful Evan.
    I recall, that whhen I was teaching Kindergarten, if I came to school in a bad mood, my class never went well and in the opposite way, when I expressed happiness and fun, the whole day went so well. It behoves us all to try to keep aemjay “happy face” all the time.

  4. “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”
    The law of opposites while power belongs to good, negates the claims of error.
    Family harmony is always present because there is always love.
    Love the hell out of them when there’s discord. Forgiveness, understanding,
    gentleness, kindness, and all the spiritual attributes cancel error and we live in Gods precious love eternally.

    1. Hi David, I must chuckle about your wonderful utterance, namely “Love the hell out of them, when there is discord.”
      To love so much until discord vanishes; that is so utmost good. Thanks David!

  5. Thank you for this message. I love the thoughts shared by Annie & Emjay— Keeping one’s thought aligned with God‘s goodness and grace and love certainly improves the atmosphere and experience of those around us. As a teacher I can totally identify with keeping a happy and joyful attitude in my thought certainly improved the attitude & Joy of my students. Your comments Evan make me think of walking in the ideas of Psalm 23… Walking in green pastures and being by the still waters… Walking with divine love throughout the day and in all our different experiences makes such a difference. So grateful for the power of divine Love.

  6. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. This is where I have truly been blessed having grown up in a loving family environment and church community. It is the strength of this loving that supports us to venture out to share that experience with others.

  7. Wonderfully helpful! While my home is full of Love and kindness, I have been working as a caregiver in a home that seems to be quite inharmonious. I can apply all the concepts from this blog post to my time spent in their home. I can express Love, kindness, forgiveness, joy, patience, and shine my bright light in the darkness there. I am not responsible for “fixing or healing them,” but I do have a duty to have my thinking clear about the Truth as we are asked in the Christian Science Manual. “It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged, and justified or condemned.”

  8. Thank you Trista – I don’t know how I have never applied that wonderful Church Manual rule this way: I shall not be made to “neglect [my] duty to [Love}!!!! That’s so powerful and helpful. Your sharing that quote in conjunction with Evan’s blog brought that to light for me today. Thank you too Evan for another inspiring blog!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is exactly what I need help with right now. Please pray for me. Thank you for all you do, Evan. ♡♡♡♡♡

  10. When I was a young mother I saw an article about a woman in England who wrote a piece for those entering her home that was posted in the vestibule.
    I rewrote it a bit to be for my family and posted it in a frame on the table near the front door,
    It basically said things about order, love, mutual respect but the end was the best when it
    said, if none of this seems possible, you are welcomed with love. It is in my office upstairs.
    No one stopped to read it all the time but the sight of it reminded them.
    I probably need to bring it back.

  11. Thank you very much, Evan for these wonderful spiritual views of true Home!
    You can also apply this view, if you are living alone and without a pet but with much Love for your family members, for your world family and for your great church family. A dear practitioner, she once said that God is our Home. Oh, I do love this Truth very much and am grateful for it!
    Thank you all, dear SpiritView family for your interesting and inspiring comments!

    1. Just ad a truth from Psalms 23 to my utterance, that God is my Home.
      The last quote from Psalms 23 says: “and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.”
      And Mrs Eddy puts for “house” the consciousness of Love in Science and Health. So our dwelling is in “the consciousness of LOVE, GOD”. Isn’t that wonderfully clear explanation of “God is my Home! ” Love to all

  12. Thanks Evan, I love Psalm 23 that reveals we live in the consciousness of Love, God and this House is already filled with Love’s ever presence and care over all. In this House of Love, we enjoy infinite harmony perpetuating our moments with joy filled activities and Love manifesting love for each other in every manner known to each member of the family, God makes all and governs them. We grow in immortal wisdom reflecting the Allness of Divine Mind as it’s own perfect cherished idea as sons and daughters of God. Love fulfills every Law in Christian Science and we enjoy everlasting love in our relationship with each other, not from our finite sense but radiate from Love’s perfect sense, bathe in the sunshine of Truth and feel our being in our innate oneness with Spirit, Soul, Principle and enjoy active inspired vitality in Life. Each indeed expresses the mansions of dynamic spiritual individuality of God. How wonderfully and awesomely made is our identity as Child of Love.

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