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  1. This week’s Lesson Sermon is encouraging us to have complete faith in God, and gives
    wonderful examples of how the patriarchs and the disciples of Jesus learned to have that
    complete faith in God, even when they couldn’t see beyond the limited
    material senses, which only presented false material laws. These false laws made the promises
    of God seem impossible to achieve.(i.e. Sarah bearing a child at 90 years) However, their absolute faith proved the Word of God, and His promises to bear fruit. They followed through via their faith, and then they got a greater understanding of God and the real substance of Life as entirely spiritual, and learned that with God, all things are possible.

    We are assured that we also have that same God-bestowed ability to prove our faith
    by our works – even if only in small ways at present. Once we have proved a small
    problem through out faith in God, we will feel greatly encouraged, lose any fear that
    tries to ensnare us, and be on our way in following the footsteps of Truth and Love, and we will know that God, divine Love, and His Christ, is with us every moment in every way.
    all the way.

  2. Thanks Evan for your spiritual àwakening each day,
    it does strengthen us in beleiving more in faith.

  3. Expect to see and then intentionally seek and be examples of God keeping promises to us written in the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, and our personal communications from God. All of nature teaches God‘s love for man, to each of us in the form we can best understand and act on to be/feel those promises fulfilled.

    Since infinite Good created us we are the expression and the reflection of all that good so that infinite supply of good has its promise for us, and with that promise and those rights comes the responsibility and ability to express and demonstrate that good specifically where we are in each situation and relationship. To the degree we trust and fulfill those promises we get the demonstration/healings that build our faith and abilities, which in turn, further grow our faith and others’ trust in those abilities. So they arevgiving us the opportunities and the demands for further growth and bigger blessings for more people, other living beings, and climate.

    When we trust God and are trustworthy obeying God, we lose the belief in scary stories and we let go of that fear that reacts with ego human will, so we fulfill those Christliness demand on us and enjoy the fulfillment of their promises. We don’t give up our power and individuality and unique purpose and meaning of our life and our specific assigned contributions to the world. Each and everyone of us is individually and specifically needed to do our part for the greater hole more so than each jigsaw puzzle piece needed to complete the puzzle.

    We don’t betray God’s trust in us and the talents and opportunities entrusted to us by instead depending on matter, personality, time, etc. We don’t fear or covet or depend on or get fooled by false promises and we don’t blame others for us being unhappy, Because we are so happy and so focused and fulfilled in celebrating and thanking God for all the promises and all the fulfillment of those promises and our own work fulfilling the promises. We are so in the flow here now of experiencing God promise us good and give us the good to fulfill our assignment and the promised blessings to us and to others, that we cannot be distracted by whether or not someone else keeps promises or our own fantasies of what we wanted them to do and foolishly projected onto them. Faithful obedience that is prompt and detailed and specific with a whole heart and complete willingness and courageous Joy, brings the fulfillment of the promise in the thinking about it, the doing it, and celebrating what was done. The promise is fulfilled in the process and the end product. When we are focused on being in that cycle of God giving us the gift and grace and demand and promise and us trusting and receiving and acting on and showing/sharing those gifts, demands, promises, healings, that strengthen and nurture us for the ever-expanding cycle of grace gift — gratitude and thank you gift of greater works/faith — promise— action fulfilling the promise…. More and more enabling us to know and show, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme. Here, now, us all. Promise and fulfillment, grace gift and grateful response sharing the gifts, supply and demand, Principle and practice, healing.

    1. Thank you, Evan and Edith – “All of nature teaches God‘s love for man. . .” The extreme weather prediction was 115 degrees F. in Sacramento on Tuesday, Sept 6, 2022, but prayerful thoughts lowered that awful prediction to just over 100 degrees. The severe prediction lowered to 106 degrees on Wed, Sept 7. However, the temperature in Sacramento is a lovely 73 degrees
      today!!! Praise God!!!

  4. Thanks Evan to let us think about the above thought. Yes, the rain is needed since weeks. And here in Hamburg is the first day it is raining steadily and softly, so as it is needed for the farmers.

    Just These days i got an email from the Mary Baker Eddy Library about “what did Eddy say about the weather”. There is written: “Eddy often asked people to pray about violent weather conditions. For example, in May 19, 1906, she wrote to the Christian Science Board of Directors, outlining the approach she wanted them to take: …consider this my proposition – That you require some of the best C. Scientists in Boston and vicinity to pray once each day that no thought of eartquake tornado or destructive lightening enter thought to harm it but that He who reigns in the heavens and watches over the earth saves from all harm.”

    That whole mail from the MBE Library contains also “what did Eddy say absolut death” which was relevant to yesterday’s SpiritView, as I remember.

    So we can and should also pray for right weather conditions, as nothing is beyond God’s control and harmonious government.

    Thanks Maggie for your comment!♡
    But i must admit that I am not sure whether Evan meant that what I wrote about .

    1. I often think, once I’ve read other comments, that maybe I’ve looked at Evan’s blog from a different perspective than most, if not all! But, if we are being lead to look at perceived ‘sense ‘ and turn it on its head to ‘Soul ‘ …it is a triumph for God, good anyway.
      Spirit View is a wonderful resource. Thank you Evan and everyone❣️

  5. “A promise is a cloud” is likened to our diligent studying and praying, studying and praying, actual rain falling is likened to our being, living, demonstrating what we are studying and praying. We need both. Thank you for the reminder that we take the studying and praying all the way through to the action of being, living and demonstrating our studying and praying.
    Some mornings after reading the lesson and doing other daily prayers the thought comes to me: “Okay, are you actually going to go about your day using these ideas and truths you’ve just studied and contemplated, or are you just going to move on into the material sense of things?” Whoa! “Follow through with action!”

  6. Thanks very much Trista for your comment, and thanks a lot Linda, Barbara, and Arline for your loving and nice reply, very helpful!:)

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