Give all power to God

August 6, 2019 | 21 comments

“Our proportionate admission of the claims of good or of evil determines the harmony of our existence, — our health, our longevity, and our Christianity.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 167

“Our proportionate admission…”

Hmmmm…is 100% of your thought admitting the power of God alone at work in your life? Or are you at the 90% level, the 50% level, or maybe the 10% level?

Go for the 100% level!!!

Put full faith in God, the source and sustainer of all good. Don’t cede even .1 per cent of your thought to evil, disease or error. It’s not worth it. There is no benefit there, no good to gain.

All good is from God, and the more thought is open to God and closed to evil, the faster God’s good is experienced.

Be a 100% believer in God!

21 thoughts on “Give all power to God”

  1. Absolute gorgeous, thks a lot Evan.
    Am just starting to do that; to give all honor and power to God, infinite Love!
    God only can be in control of my every doings – tks God.

  2. Error tries to mesmerise us and show its power. It’s a warfare with the flesh. Prayers, persistence, moral strength and faith in God’s power and control, breaks the mesmerism of error. In reality error has no base, no foundation, no reality. It’s nothing acting to be something. Error is no person, place or thing. Error has only that much power which we give. It’s a coward before Truth. ” Truth swallows up error. Under the microscope of Truth error disappears. Truth is affirmative and confers harmony. ” GOD OR TRUTH alone is ALL GOOD, ALL POWERFUL, ALL PERVADING. SO OBVIOUSLY WE MUST GIVE ALL POWER A 100% TO GOD ALONE and never giving in to evil, disease or error.
    Thanks so much for the enlightenment Evan.

  3. So 100% of my thought admitting the power of God alone at work in my life.

    100% of everyone’s thought admitting the power of God alone at work in their life. Equals peace on Earth.

  4. This is fun!! From a slightly different scientific perspective, I love seeing the truth revealed in the manifestation around me. For example, Ohms law we learned in childhood – that C=E/R – we come to understand that electrical current is a manifestation of spiritual force (ie if E is the Eternal Spirit, the Current flowing through me is a function of the localizing quality of my thought (R resistance), or when considering watering the lawn, the flow is a function of the bore (R) of the hose. Or faith is perfect Confidence (C) in the power of the all-originating Spirit (E) in response to our reliance (R) on the Word. For the Sheldon Coopers of the world the words ‘”According to your faith be it unto you” are a statement of a mathematical law. For the Pennys it may sound like – You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” With thanks to Thomas Troward!

  5. Thanks, Evan and commenters. What a Perfect goal to strive for! Whenever we are tempted to believe in anything other than 100%, and do those other percents try to sneak in there…this focus is very easy to remember and get our thought in the right direction.
    So simple, but yet so profound. Happy 100% day to everyone. : )

  6. This is the most exact thing i needed to hear today…obligations need to be met in two days that need the assurance that can be met. God knows what we need before we do plus the solution, thank you as always for your prayerful work and words. Peace, love, and abundance are what I will know today.

  7. This would all be sunshiny fluff if it weren’t for one profoundly serious fact that MBE saw Jesus proving in every word and act: Truth destroys error. Truth is the omnipotent God, good which destroys evil. Truth is the omni-presence of Love that annihilates the error of hate, The light of Truth, Spirit destroys the shadows of matter-images. If we want evil to end, only good will do it. If we want hate to end, only Love will do it. If we want pollution and corruption to end, only pure Spirit can do it, for Spirit destroys all beliefs and believers in material existence.

    That last one struck me hard recently. The ‘believer’ is me, or at least what suggests to be me, holding onto myriad evil images, fears, itches, dislikes, opinions– its beliefs.

    Father-Mother God, good, never made these beliefs OR THIS BELIEVER, so I can categorize them all as shadows that the ever-present light of Truth dispels. As I pray fervently to honor God in this way, both witness and evidence of the shadows flee in the light from our only Mind which art in heaven, and Thy kingdom COME. The human scene improves. It’s worth doing! It must be done!

  8. This would be good advice if my mortal mind could do it! 🙂 But if I am using my mortal mind and self-will to determine whether Spirit can flow through me, then it will never work. Sometimes, Christian Science is presented as if I’m the one with the power to make things happen, that I just need to close my eyes and grit my teeth and I can fill myself with Spirit. I have to remember that no effort on my part can make God do what I want Him to do. I have to trust His grace and Truth to lift me to the place where I can see what He is already doing–and even that ability to trust comes from Him and not from me.

  9. Truth needs to be demonstrated, not just believed. Thanks to all for sharing your inspirations and to Evan for this blog – a daily source of guidance and inspiration!

  10. Thanks to Evan for this challenge — specilly timely since the mass shootings in the USA last week. To really watch our thinking to bring it 100% in line with God, giving God all the power over all His creation, including us all. All. Hymn 207 poem by Mary Baker Eddy says “His arm encircles me , and mine, and all.”
    And Dan is so right — Holding 100% to God = Peace on Earth!
    And today’s Daily Lift is an alert to this end –,
    to watch our thoughts, so no evil, no hate, in any proportion at all, can have a place or power.
    Here’s the link

  11. Wow! Evan and everyone, this is so “right on”! It’s a wonderful challenge to truly strive to live the 100%, even a little each day, a little more the next day, and eventually ALL THE TIME. Very much worth striving for (and we will attain it!).


  12. A lecture by George Millar CS included an incident where – if I remember all the details correctly – he and a friend were driving through a town discussing this statement by Mrs. Eddy, when a child ran out in front of the car and was thrown over it into the road. Mr. Millar said this was the moment to put that into practice and not admit for a second that anything untoward had taken place. He got out of the car, the boy stood up, apologised profusely and ran off, though having given his name and address. Mr. Millar noticed everything around seemed at a standstill until he got into the car again and drove off.
    That evening he contacted the boy’s mother and she confirmed he was perfectly all right though very contrite about being so careless.
    The next day he went back to the place and asked the owner of the garage across the road from where the incident took place what he remembered. The man said it was very strange, as though everything had stood still for a few moments and then gone on as if nothing had happened. – which of course in Mind was the case.

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