How I healed my injured wrist

August 7, 2019 | 36 comments

During a recent tennis practice, I injured my wrist while trying to return a hard-hit ball that caught me off guard. The forceful impact of the ball on my racket jerked something in my wrist and left it in considerable pain.

In the heat of play, I ignored the injury, thinking it was no big deal, and played on, expecting it to go away. But it did not. It got worse. The next day, when I tried to hit a ball during a warm-up, the pain was almost incapacitating. I had an important tournament to play in a few days, and it appeared I wouldn’t be able to play.

As I warmed-up on court, doing my best to hit the ball and refusing to concede defeat to this injury, I prayed for quick healing.

In my prayer, I did not try to heal an injured physical wrist. I prayed to see myself as wholly spiritual.

I thought about what it meant to be a Spirit-image.

God made man in His image, the Bible teaches (Gen. 1:26), and God is Spirit (John 4:24). So, man’s being, which is my being, is wholly spiritual, I reasoned.

A Spirit-image never gets injured. An image is indestructible. It can’t get hurt, for it is incorporeal. I was not a body of fragile and injury prone nerves, muscles and bones, I knew, but a Spirit-image abounding on the tennis court of divine Mind where there is no experience or record of injury.

As I thought about what it meant to be a Spirit-image, reflecting the insight and responsiveness of Mind, the vigor of Life and the energy of Spirit, the aching physical sense of body disappeared to my consciousness. In a couple of minutes, I was fully absorbed in my game, and had no sense of pain. I played for two hours without any trouble. My wrist had been instantly healed in those first few minutes of warmup when I saw myself as pure Spirit-image. I had a quick genuine Christian Science healing and was very grateful.

Christian Science healing is awesome.

36 thoughts on “How I healed my injured wrist”

  1. What a wonderful healing Evan. I would say your thought is so much in tune with God and His perfect spiritual creation, that your healing was so quick and smooth. Great demonstration. So very beautiful

    Secondly when you daily bless the world with your wonderful insights, through your “Spirit View”, you must be blessed too.

    Your healing is a shining example for all of us, that it’s only the right understanding of our spiritual being, made in the image and likeness of God, that quiets fear, destroys error and brings instantaneous healing. I so appreciate your perfect understanding of God and your true sonship with Him.
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. I cherish the thought of being pure Spirit image incorporeal! Thank you for sharing this beautiful Christian Science healing.

  3. Thank you very much, dear Evan, for this wonderful and quick healing. It is so very helpful! I am very impressed by that awsome healing!!!
    I love and thought specially about what you said in the forelast passage. And one utterance gave me the following interpretation, because one can pray it for the world peace, as well, i.e. “… I know, that a Spirit-image, abounding on the tennis court of divine Mind (World court of divine Mind – the whole universe of divine Mind) where there is no experience or record of injury (also mentally).”
    Hope it is understandable what I mean. Thank you for your inspired comments!

    1. Thank you Uta for your comment, I like your imagery that brought to me how harmony expands – and reminded me of this expression “from the infinitesimal to infinity”. Much gratitude to you, Evan, and all who post!

  4. Thank you so very much, Evan, for sharing this healing! And thank you, Nergish, for saying, what I think we all are feeling….such gratitude for this healing and for Evan’s
    sharing it! Much love to all! Sarah

  5. The pain of a wrist, a knee, a frightened child crying or a car that won’t start.. .One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 1:18- my inner being or Christ-self calling “Come now let us reason together..” Can’t count the number of times I have to remind myself of this every day – that I create my own environment by what I choose to believe in every moment!

    1. I love this Patty….my inner being or Christ-self calling “Come now let us reason together..” What a great way to put it!

    2. This statement from your post Evan reinforces some insight gained from my own practice. You realized, you said, Just prior to healing: “…I thought about what it meant to be a Spirit-image, reflecting the insight and responsiveness of Mind, the vigor of Life and the energy of Spirit,…”

      To me this is what Jesus meant when he said not to pray “amiss” for the loaves and fishes but for The Kingdom of God. I am directing my prayer nowadays to understand more clearly the truth of any Truth that comes to me and to know this understanding is INHERENT in the fact of reflection.

  6. That was a wonderful healing, Evan and thank you for sharing it with us. I had, years ago, been pulling a tall vine from a tree when it snapped and I fell and mortal belief would say I broke my wrist. I Knew with great conviction the Truths we are taught in CS about not believing in what the material evidence Appears to be, although it seemed quite alarming at the time. The er gentleman said ” Ooo, that has got to hurt!” and wanted to prescribe pain killers and said if it didn’t hurt then, it would, which I totally did not need, then or ever. He feared nerve damage being it didn’t hurt, which I knew also to be untrue in God’s perfection. It healed perfectly without any intervention except being in a cast. Only once, shortly after, did it go limp when I went to put a bakery muffin in a bag and I dropped it, but saw how preposterous that seemed and had to laugh at error’s trying to be relevant. That was the very last evidence of this seeming accident and I am so grateful that years later, everything was and is fine.

  7. I would like to join in and echo all that has been said. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome healing, Evan. It is a wonderful inspiration for me.
    And thanks to everyone for your comments, and especially Carol for sharing her own healing.

  8. Thank you Evan for another fantastic treatment. I am going to work all day with
    your idea of “Spirit- image”. After my morning devotions and lesson sermon, I turned to your wonderful SpiritView and WOW. Had to go back to Jesus’ Gadarene healing and Paul’s references in
    Ephesians and llCorinthians. You have set us for the day! Thanks to all for your comments. GOD BLESS.

  9. Is it possible that God gave you the wrist injury as a “course-correction?” God wants you to be the best tennis player you can be, and that might sometimes mean having to suffer pain for making mistakes. Maybe God wants you to experience the pain so you can figure out why it happened and make different, better choices in the future. In this case, spiritual healing might be a way of ignoring God’s message instead of listening to God.

    I don’t want Christian Science to be a way for me to shut myself off to God. Mrs. Eddy frequently discusses suffering as the path to God. If we don’t experience suffering for our sins, we won’t want to repent. If we don’t suffer wrist injuries, we won’t want to improve our stance and swing! 🙂

      1. Mrs. Eddy talk about “practical repentance” on pg. 19 of S&H: “Every pang of repentance and suffering, every effort for reform, every good thought and deed, will help us to understand Jesus’ atonement for sin and aid its efficacy; but if the sinner continues to pray and repent, sin and be sorry, he has little part in the atonement,—in the at-one-ment with God,—for he lacks the practical repentance, which reforms the heart and enables man to do the will of wisdom.”

        If our wrist suffers from acting in the wrong way, then that suffering can lead to our practical repentance. Rather than ignore or try to heal the suffering, I think God wants us to repent and start using our wrist the right way! 🙂

          1. Hi!
            Thought I could respond here since I felt the importance of “learning lessons” was a huge “program” in my sporting life (although tennis wasn’t one of my preferred!). I can’t tell you what happened for Evan but a clue might be in his note that he was caught off guard, and I do know when I’m caught off guard I tend to stiffen in fear (not so much panic as “Yikes – where did THAT come from??!!**”). Physics explains when a rapidly moving object hits a stationary one there is a transfer of energy, and psychology tells us that sudden unexpected shock is translated as pain. I surmise that Evan chose to view the entire affair from the highest level of possible learning – “what was I thinking to be caught off guard?? but more importantly, who and what am I right now?” My guess is he might have said to himself “Sure glad I am Spirit!”. Mrs. Eddy writes from her own perspective, experience and cultural upbringing as we all tend to and sometimes it’s hard to relate. Jesus said the Comforter – the Holy Spirit – will lead us into truth and wisdom. We are to look within – not without – for meaning.
            Hope this helps as we all journey forward together!

    1. Start with God & stay with God
      There is no cause nor effect, but of Mind.
      Again, Evan, much gratitude for sharing.
      A terrific healing; Love is omnipresent for all.

    2. Hi Ashpenaz,

      No, it is not possible that God would ever allow me to experience an injury. God is Love. Love would never cause suffering to a loved one. And God doesn’t have to cause me to suffer to be a better tennis player. God teaches me how to be a better tennis player by inspiring me with more talent and skill that makes me a better tennis player. God works solely through Love, Love, Love. And God would never want me to experience pain, or anyone.

      When Mrs. Eddy says suffering is a pathway to God, she means that suffering causes us to seek outside of where we are for something better. God is the help that gets us out of suffering. Suffering comes from false belief, fear, or sin. It’s sin, or wrong-thinking, that causes suffering, never God. And God saves us from suffering by giving us right thoughts, Truth-thoughts, that deliver us from the false belief, fear or sin.

      Hope that helps! Love to you.

      1. I read this in S&H:

        Divine Love corrects and governs man. Men may pardon, but this divine Principle alone reforms the sinner. God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows. The talents He gives we must improve. Calling on Him to forgive our work badly done or left undone, implies the vain supposition that we have nothing to do but to ask pardon, and that afterwards we shall be free to repeat the offence.

        To cause suffering as the result of sin, is the means of destroying sin.
        (SH 6:3-12)

        Divine Science reveals the necessity of sufficient suffering, either before or after death, to quench the love of sin.
        (SH 36:4-6)

        Remember that mankind must sooner or later, either by suffering or by Science, be convinced of the error that is to be overcome.
        (SH 240:24)

        I guess I disagree with your interpretation. Although I do agree that God does not cause suffering, I think Mrs. Eddy clearly teaches that suffering is necessary to our finally letting go of sin and matter.

        1. “Remember that mankind must sooner or later, either by suffering or by Science, be convinced of the error that is to be overcome.”
          (SH 240:24) I guess Evan chose the “OR by Science” part! He knew the Truth about his real being as the Spirit-image of God and so was “convinced of the error…to be overcome.” possibly believing momentarily that he was a matter-image susceptible to being injured. But he quickly saw the error and overcame it! This is how I see it. (=

          My understanding of suffering as Mrs. Eddy uses it, is mental suffering such as guilt or shame, depression or unhappiness, not physical suffering.

          Loved Evan’s healing blog and all the comments.

  10. Thank you, Evan, for detailing your thoughts on how you prayed to see this healing. I love how you raised everything up to Spirit’s Allness, even the tennis court! That is very helpful. Kathy

    1. Thank you, Kathy, for expressing my thoughts after reading this healing. Thank you, Evan! Those healing messages were exactly what I needed for today! I am also grateful for everyone’s comments.

  11. Evan, as someone else stated so well, your healing experience shows how in tune you are with Spirit. My goal would to be as “in tune” as you are…so that healing is virtually instantaneous. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  12. One more comment from me. I would love to see this printed in one of our periodicals
    so that I can keep it in my JSH Bookmarks for future reference. Thank you again, Evan, ever-so-much!

  13. Thanks so much for your comments about being a Spirit-image. A Spirit-image is not affected by any erroneousl situation,-any pain, discomfort, material circumstance. All is Spirit and all is good. That’s where we must stand and where our thinking needs to be. Thanks again!

  14. What a fulfilling experience you had Evan! You were and are God fulfilled, I.e. God, Spirit fills all space. The space we call a tennis court, a tennis ball, a tennis racket…..a tennis wrist, a tennis game, even a tendon, is an image of the one all filling Spirit. No suffering sense dwells or plays in that all filled Spirit place. All suffering be gone! Gratitude to all of you who shared your inSPIRITation.

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