God is the Doer

May 3, 2023 | 13 comments

God is the Doer. You are the doing.

Let God act first. What comes next will be ideal for you.

13 thoughts on “God is the Doer”

  1. Thanks Martine, printed it out and will read later the day!
    Wow dear Evan, I love that Truth very much! It is very very comforting!
    Yes let`s listen for God`s guidance and then get on.
    “We rest in God, and God rests in doing” so in that sense Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health.
    So let`s do God and we following Him, reflecting Him in every dead!

  2. One of my aunts was a stalwart practitioner of Christian Science. She was fond of saying “God is the ‘I AM,’ and we are the ‘I AM-ing!'” Meaning, of course, that we are continually expressing His/Her qualities. As I have experienced it, the key to spiritual progress is to constantly recognize the “I AM-ing” in our daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute experience! This is a very simple concept, but its ripple effect in one’s life is huge!

  3. What a sweet photo and represents perfectly God being the Doer! An idea stood
    out to me, Martine from your article (Thank you for sharing it), that sums up the
    joy expressed in the above message …
    “All that is real is God’s revealing, radiating, motivating, impelling beauty, perfection,
    loveliness when we have lifted our thought in this instance above matter to the
    spiritual idea, we have attained a healing [altitude].” When I first read this, I read
    “attitude” which also fits perfectly. Our attitude determines our altitude in thinking.
    It is lovely that good thoughts we have shared with others can be turned to
    whenever needed, as time is timeless and God’s Doing is always with us and can
    never be taken away.

  4. What an excellent article by Carl Welz It really broadens our conception of what living truly is and means. Thank you for giving this to us this morning and thank you Evan for your thought provoking topic as usual.

  5. It’s wonderful to be reminded we are not the doer, but we are the ones who bear witness to the doing of God. We bear witness to His power and presence moving through us and everyone and every situation. Humbling and freeing to know this.

  6. Thank you Evan and all. What a great thought. Hymn 461 , stanza one, expresses this idea.too..
    The first two lines read.
    Come unto me, you weary .
    And I will give you rest.

    This is also a bible verse where Jesus is calling for us all to come and have rest. We all need this rest.

  7. So grateful Evan, for each and every posting on your blog and for all the responses with helpful articles. They so help us see how to “peck open” our shells and ” look outward and upward”

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