You can’t love too much

May 4, 2023 | 23 comments

Many people worry about eating too much, spending too much, or talking too much.

There’s one activity you can never over do. To love!

Love makes you feel good and makes others feel good.

Love keeps us healthy and happy. It brings out goodness in ourselves and from people around us.

There are no negative side effects to expressing genuine unselfed love. We always end up in a better place for it.

It’s a joy to love without limit. Everything turns out better.

You can’t love too much.

23 thoughts on “You can’t love too much”

  1. Love one another,—word of revelation; / Love frees from error’s thrall,—Love is liberation. / Love’s way the Master trod; / He that loves shall walk with God. / Love is the royal way.

    Love knows no evil, neither shade of sadness; / Love casts out every fear, lifts the heart to gladness. / Love heals our every ill, / All the law does love fulfill. / Love is our answered prayer.

    Love now is dawning over every nation; / Showing true brotherhood, publishing salvation, / Love bids all discord cease. / Conquering hate, enthroning peace, / Love, Love alone is power.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 179:1–3)

  2. Beautiful message today. Thank you. And to Maggie for reminding me of the message of hymn 179.
    Lovely way to start the day!

  3. Mary Baker Eddy so succinctly states” Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.”
    (Science & Health p.454:18-19)
    Evan, this is SO true! And, as you say, it needs to be that genuine, unselfed love we’re giving. We really do want to live this way. The Love which is God’s can be the Love we live, show, give, and it is this Love that heals EVERYTHING. I’m striving to BE that Love, and each time, the tangles untangle, the dark turns light, the fear or anger or confusion evaporates. Thank you, dear Evan for tida’s sweet reminder. Love to each one, and to all our thought rests upon.

  4. Dear Evan,

    What a wonderful message to begin the day with! One can never love to much. Mortal mind would have us parse out love and hold it back from those it deems undeserving. Yet no one is undeserving of love in the eyes of God. There are times mortal mind will try to trick us to gossip about each other and diminish in our eyes — not God’s — our brothers and sisters. I have found when I allow such actions, I’m actually diminishing my ability to enjoy God’s unending inspiration. If I see others as unworthy, I’m allowing the same false thought for myself. The need to stay alert is unending.

  5. Yes! Love certainly Is what the world needs. It is the answer to almost everything and
    heals in such a wonderful way. Books have been written, songs have been sung, poems
    have been written, greeting cards have been created, but divine Love is Unlimited.
    “Love one another, ~ word of revelation: Love frees from error’s thrall,
    Love is liberation. Love’s way the Master trod: He that loves shall walk with God.
    Love is the royal way… Love, Love alone is power. ” From Hymn # 179.
    I had to smile when I read above, Evan’s comment about, “Many people
    worry about talking too much”. I was actually going to not chime in with
    today’s comments, thinking I overdo, but when I opened today’s delightful
    topic, I just couldn’t resist sharing. : )
    Have a lovely day Everyone!

    1. I always love reading your comments Carol. I learn so much from Evan’s posts and appreciate all who add thoughts on this “spiritual journey.” 🙂

    2. Thank you Carol for your lovely comment, and I love the Hamn no. 179 very much! Thanks Maggie, for it!! Thank you “J” for the really wonderful article by Barbara Cook!

      1. Awww … Thank you so much J and Uta. Sometimes I feel like a Kindergartener in
        my knowledge in CS, but coming here always helps to learn more and more. The
        articles you so kindly take the time to share, J , are always so complimentary to
        Evan’s topic and so helpful. The one you shared today was very touching and
        powerful in it’s message. I can often empathize with the writer’s thoughts and
        these added bonuses to Evan’s original posts are so wonderfully appreciated.

  6. Thank you Evan and all. Love is the pivotal force. No one can resist love but will always embrace it .

  7. Years ago I read a popular “self-help” book about relationships called, Women Who Love Too Much. It was written to help women who were in relationships with difficult men and were constantly trying to change these men into what they needed. They would put up with intolerable situations in the vain hope that through their love, these men would somehow transform and give these women what they longed for and never got from parents or in other relationships. The author called this dysfunctional behavior “loving too much.”

    But that kind of love comes out of fear and scarcity. It is not healthy, spiritual Love, or as Evan describes it, “expressing genuine, unselfed love,” the kind of love that heals, the kind of love that God has for us all.

    Abundant love to all today.

    1. Yes, Rose, I read that book back in the day. That was a toxic form of Love, that tears a person down, instead of lifting them up. I learned a lot from that book as to what love is and what it isnt.

    1. Thank you J for this powerful article. And thank you Evan for sharing such an important and inspiring message. Love to all!.

  8. I have been waiting, praying for healing. “God is working his purpose out.”
    Meanwhile while while out of work and semi retired I have been making bird houses out of cedar. (Birds & Cedar mentioned together in the Bible)
    I am giving them away about one a week. So far since fall about twenty four or so.
    I have received a few thank you cards which I really love and save. I also write true stories and forward them to friends. Sometimes they are received with joy!
    I have never felt better than when I’m giving something away that is helpful. Bird habitat is a helpful thing to supply. Bee keeping is another worthwhile thing to do. Ahh, nature! So much kinder than mortal mind.
    When working I gave my services away frequently. Now I am watching, waiting for the promise. While trying to purify my thoughts and lift the banner of Truth for all those suffering from sinful sense. (Always loved applause, a human fault). Glory be unto God for His gifts which expresses Him in our lovingkindness toward one another! And on earth, peace to the struggling hearts! “Divine Love hath rolled the stone away from the tomb of human hope.”

    1. We don’t always know how much our generosity has touched someone. I was helped by reading a post of yours a couple of years ago, David, and often refer back to it…so pleased to be reminded and to thank you…Mary (England)

      1. Thank Youi for your Christian words of encouragement. Your offerings are also very mind raising and inspiring. love, David

    2. David I am always so happy to read your comments here on SV. As Mary mentions, I too have been very inspired and helped by things you have said. Healing thoughts going your way. Loved hearing about the bird houses, such a nice project.

      1. Thank You Rose. I am so very grateful to be reminded of any inspiration imparted by Divine Loving Kindness. I always dwell on what you offer as it does express only good.

        David (From Michigan)

  9. Mrs. Eddy says in SH on p. 475 that man is idea, the image of Love; For me that means that man cannot else but love, love, love!
    Our treasure on Love is the only treasure which never deminishes although giving it most abundently. Rather it enriches us a lot!♡
    Thank you, dear Evan for the great Truth you give us today and always! I love our so spiritually enriching SpiritView family!♡

  10. Wow dear Carol, thank you , and I tune in to you regarding the article “J” is giving us so lovingly!
    However, I wouldn’t say you are like in Kindergarten regarding CS. We know and understand much more than we think. God is our full understanding, and we express it perfectly now, as we are God’s perfect child now!!! ♡

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