God is visible

April 5, 2023 | 12 comments


Do you ever wish you could see more evidence of God at work in your life?

In this video, I talk about how to find God’s presence. It’s more apparent than you may realize!

This vlog was filmed on the Animas Mountain trail in Durango, Colorado, when my wife and I visited in September 2022.

12 thoughts on “God is visible”

  1. What loving clarity here Evan. I so need this’ gee up’ right now. And of course whilst looking for all this good around us there is no room for animal magnetism…( excellent S V yesterday everyone.)
    Gods provision is all around…awaiting my perception, contemplation and acceptance of it. This has made my day…Gods day❣️

  2. Thank you Evan. This is very helpful. As I listened to the spiritual message, this hymn came to mind. Hymn 76. Let me present the first stanza to us.

    God is known in loving kindness,
    God, the true, eternal good;
    Zion, ne’er will He forsake thee,
    Trust His Father-Mofherhood.
    Can a mother leave her children?
    Can unchanging Love forget?
    Though all earthly friends betray thee,
    Lo, His arm enfolds thee yet.
    Yes there is God.Thanks to all participants. Love you all.

  3. Evan you hit on a good point that many people believe they don’t have spiritual sense, or don’t understand it, know how to use it or think it sounds airy or unrealistic. Reassuring us that it is built in, not an add-on option that some have and some don’t have, is very helpful. It gives us confidence to look in a new way, in the opposite direction from the material view to recognize the present spiritual reality, It feels so good because it is our natural and true state…and we don’t have to force it because God guides this gently as we turn to Him wholeheartedly.

  4. Very important perspective that we all have it and that it is available to everyone. We only need to accept it and allow it, spiritual sense, into our lives. thank you, Evan.

  5. This vlog is so helpful in bringing out the True expression of God’s qualities that
    we all are given by our Creator and are infinite and ever increasingly beautiful
    as the hourglass turns. It is interesting how with a camouflage shirt, the more
    material, blends into the surrounding nature, with spiritual expressions being
    the focus. Lovely! The yellow flowers in the corner also stand out like our
    unique expressions of Soul like highlighting each of our specialness . The
    twinkles of light on the bird brings to mind how a cardinal at the feeder right
    now stands out with such beautiful, (as in Spiritual) qualities. The details of
    God’s Love for us is really all around. Sometimes we have to be more
    creative or focused in realizing it.

  6. Thank you, Evan for a beautiful message in beautiful surroundings. And thank you J for a
    really inspiring article by John Biggs. .When we really get to trust that our Father is always
    present with us all, and can do anything that needs to be done to protect us, save us, and
    guide us in all our thoughts and actions, we can do so much to help our fellow man.
    What wonderful examples in that article. That really is listening with our spiritual
    faculties and letting God do his work, not outlining, but trusting that He really is
    in control of His beautiful Creation.

  7. Often I receive inspiration from looking again at such wonderful
    (video) messages as in the one above, or reread such helpful articles or
    thoughts as the ones so lovingly shared here.
    From the article, “Sometimes it might seem as if feeling God’s presence
    and His care is dependent on the circumstances around us … It is Love,
    the divine Mind of all, that illumines human consciousness with the
    understanding of God’s supremacy and ever-presence.”
    God’s Love and creations are truly all around us, be they on a sunny day, in
    the moon above, the stars, birds flying into the height of the heavens and
    the aquatic wonders of the depths of the sea and everything good in between.
    God’s Love is available to we all if we open our thoughts to this ever present
    caring that includes each and every one of us.
    It is a foggy morning here today, but that doesn’t mean the mountains have
    disappeared, even though they are not visible. God’s Love is felt even though
    it is not seen.

  8. Another very helpful message. A keeper for me – a daily wake up reminder to tune in my spiritual sense…….,,.now!

  9. I’ll try posting this again…sorry if it shows up as a repeat.

    Lovely and insightful comments Carol, thank you.

    Another article on God’s presence:
    “Easter and the real deal behind Christian Science healing” by Susan Booth Mack Snipes:
    (this was posted on Cedars Camps website:

  10. Thank you, Evan. I’ll tell a short story here about last week and one of my goats, Cinnamon. Cinnamon isn’t a big goat, but anyone who’s wrestled with a goat of any size knows they are powerful! Cinnamon has a horn that sometimes grows into his head/eye area, so I need to cut it off now and then. This had to be done last week. I put him in the goat stand, which holds him in place a little, and got out my special little saw. After an hour, we were making very little progress. He was upset and I was battered and frustrated. I stopped. I told Cinnamon all was well, and then I told God, I need help here to do what I can for this little God-idea. Cinnamon stopped moving. He stood quiet and still as if he were frozen in place. Within fifteen minutes we were done (with one short break for him to shake his head a bit). We were both very grateful to be able to open the stand and go back to the goat pen. We both had a deep sense of spiritual presence. What a joyful experience!

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