10 thoughts on “God loves you more than you know”

  1. It occurs to me that this is so true because there IS only ONE man — the full manifestation of the one God’s being — expressed individually, and including all goodness and perfection as God’s image and likeness. It is Love’s love that embraces man in light and reveals this reality to all. We can revel in that love for us and know that ALL and EVERYONE (EVERYTHING) must be touched and transformed by it. Thank yo, Evan, for your expression of love— a reflection of Love.

    1. thank you Kathy for such an inspiring and loving comment! Love to you and Helga.

      thank you so very much Evan for today’s SpiritView – so full of Love and comfort!

  2. thank you. It is hard for mortal mind to understand this deep love. Since I must always ask myself who is listening, who is reading, and by habit, I often begin from mortal mind. Gratefully I slide easier toward beginning with the truth of being, there by the grace.

  3. How can I, We, know MORE of God’s Love for Us? How come a lot of us don’t really know or feel or trust that Love very much? Is it because of our childhood experiences, where we didn’t receive that unconditional Love from our Parents…?? Or is it just a progressive Lifetime Journey of growing to feel God’s Love – a choice each has to make as one journeys through a mortal lifetime….?? Maybe a deep commitment one has to make to focus on this lifetime as being a Journey to Get to Know God Better…..?? A willingness to sacrifice just living another ole material life, satisfying the senses, and making the decision to make this lifetime the One We Wake Up In…..??

  4. Thanks Evan – this threw me back almost 30 years to when I consciously began “digging for true wisdom and understanding” and answers to some key questions, and Marianne Williamson’s book “The Return to Love” brought me up short with the message “there is only one of us here”.Thinking about that really turned on a light for me!

  5. Thank you for this quote Evan and for all the comments. I keep a journal just for the posts that inspire me and for some comments that do the same; Kathy, your comment is being written in my journal and I thank you.

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