Stay awake to Truth

July 13, 2018 | 14 comments

“Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”

~ Ephesians 5:14, NLT

If you want to grow spiritually, and stay healthy and strong, stay awake to spiritual reality, to the truth about God.

When we are awake, we are most aware of our surroundings and what is happening.

When asleep, we are oblivious to what is happening around us.

God’s good is happening all the time, and we have spiritual sense to see it and participate in it. But we need to be awake, engaged with spiritual sense, to participate in God’s goodness and experience its blessings.

To have the best experience, guard against any type of mental lethargy, apathy or sleepiness that would dull your senses and make you feel separated from God’s presence.

Stay alert, attentive, engaged with spiritual truth. God’s presence will be real and tangible to you, and it will keep you healthy and well.

“Awake, O sleeper!” There is no time to idle. Let your thought fill with Christ light and keep you in a peaceful productive place.

14 thoughts on “Stay awake to Truth”

  1. Perfect for the UK today, so much negative “press” surrounding President Trump’s visit.

    Be ALERT TO Truth

    Britain (the world) needs “lerts”

    Thank you Evan _/|\_

  2. Hi, Evan! I enbosomed myself to day in this week’s lesson and your blog today echos that.
    I want to share something that I loved from my recent association. “To forgive heals the wound,to forget heals the scar!” Isn’t that wonderful? I am searching now the cobwebs of my consciousness to make sure that each healing is complete.
    This is from an article in The CS Journal, 2000.
    Of the much inspiration I have received from your blogs, I just had to add this one thought.
    Much love, Anne

  3. I think you stay awake by maybe pinching yourself, taking deep conscious breaths, singing, dancing, smiling and laughing, reaching out to others, sending Love to All and talking to God constantly and asking for answers and ideas. “With every Breath I Am Awakening, with every Day I Feel More Free”! (A Wonderful Sufi Song and Dance!)

  4. Dear Diana- Mrs. Eddy encourages us that we “stand porter at the door of thought, admitting only those thoughts that YOU “ (not mm) wish to see expressed..

    When a negative thought comes to my thought I am learning to deny it, refuse to dwell on it, reverse it AND to “cling steadfastly to God and His idea.” And NOT allow the error a place in my thought. In the beginning one has to be vigilant but soon it like spell check/ it just happens!! Embrace the journey!!

  5. Thank you Evan and all. Anne, thank you for quote from CS Journal, 2000. Will put that on my refrig. “To forgive heals the wound,to forget heals the scar!” Isn’t that wonderful? I , too, am searching the cobwebs of my consciousness to make sure that each healing is complete.

  6. Thanks again, Evan—to stay awake and be alert is essential. Anne, thanks for that quote about forgiving and forgetting—love it!

  7. Thank You so much Evan for your reminder to stay awake!!!
    A thought for you DIANA… When thoughts which I don,t want get obsessive, I start SINGING LOUDLY every hymn that comes to my mind and I concentrate on the words! I hope this will help you. It works like magic for me!

  8. oh wow, Evan what a wonderful and highly desirable aim. Thereby we cannot at all run out of work.

    Yes to be engaged with spiritual sense to participate in God’s goodness. I thought about ”spiritual sense” – it could simply understood as knowing God as Spirit etc and man as His spiritual very much loved and perfect creation . But of course there is much more to it.

    And yes we must wake up to spiritual Truth and not just only from human sleep .

    dear Evan thank you very much for today’s SpiritView. – it’s very needed and helpful!

    Thank you all for your inspiring comments!

  9. This is wonderful Evan and so doable. We have such an amazing Parent-Mind who “knows” us and loves … we are so blessed to have this divine Identity as our Blueprint for demonstration. Who would want to stay asleep to this beautiful Presence and all the adventures we’ve had and have in store for us. Thank you! <3

  10. Thanks so much Evan for the inspiration to keep alert to the Truth and rejoice the whole day feeling God’s presence with you. By doing so, each deed becomes devotion.
    Thanks Ann for the lovely comment “Forgiveness heals the would and forgetting heals the scar.”
    Thanks Chatura for the lovely idea you shared of singing hymns to ward off evil suggestions or thoughts. Music and songs truly touch the soul and bring purity and joy in our life.

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