What is the spiritual lesson being learned?

July 16, 2018 | 16 comments

When faced with trials, it’s often helpful to ask, “What is the spiritual lesson this challenge is teaching me?”

If faced with no money to pay the bills, is the lack challenging one to see supply, not as money, but as boundless wisdom, insight, creativity, resourcefulness and profitable ideas coming from divine Mind?

If faced with disease, is the ailment challenging one to find health in Spirit, rather than looking for it in matter where it will never be found?

If faced with conflict, is the strife challenging one to release ego, pride, self-righteousness, and learn the blessings of humility, Christliness and forgiveness?

Life is spiritual. Man is spiritual. The universe is spiritual. If we try to find life, individuality, happiness or health anywhere in matter, society or other people, eventually we will be left feeling stranded, even betrayed. That’s when it feels like we’re facing a trial. But right where mortality fails to deliver, God succeeds.

Have no fear of trials. They serve a healthy purpose, to move our affections from matter to Spirit, to learn that everything we need to be happy and healthy is coming to us from God, and that no mortal circumstance can deprive us of it.

Trials are opportunities to grow morally and spiritually. Learn the spiritual lesson they offer quickly, leave the ailment behind, and move forward with Truth.

16 thoughts on “What is the spiritual lesson being learned?”

  1. Thank you Evan. This has certainly been my experience. Challenges become blessings and spurs to growth when seen in this spiritual light.

  2. Great post, Evan! This reminds me that using the 7 synonyms for God and the list of qualities each synonym expresses is a wonderful way to refocus on the spiritual concept of man, rather than the mortal error. This really helps me.

    This list is a document from the CS publishing society but I can’t locate the link or I would post it here. I do have a downloaded copy I can share if anyone wants a version. I have one in English and in French. Email me at [email protected]. 🙂

      1. Jane and Jean,

        Jane, I don’t have your email address so if you would send me an email I can reply with the file.

        Jean, I got your email but the reply address did not work and my email to you came back as a permanent error. Could you try another email address?

        Thank you all for your lovely emails today! It was fun to share! Janet

        [email protected]

  3. Yes! Thanks, Evan, Good Point! Sometimes I’ve noticed that in C.S. we think that since “Only Good is Real” this means we shouldn’t have any problems. Yet, how would we grow if we didn’t have challenges to meet? I’m learning, in the midst of something I’m judging to be Bad or Wrong, to ask: “I wonder what God wants me to learn here?”

  4. Some may think that the kingdom of Heaven will descend out of the sky bringing a new matter to earth where all of us who love God supremely will live eternally. That is you can get there like you might travel to your favorite store in the downtown city where one lives, when all along Heaven is within us as Spirit and its Kingdom is the Principle of Life and Love as an eternal Truth.

  5. This is SO good, Evan. What do I need to learn about you, God! And about me too! And my fellow man? “Trials are proofs of God’s care.” (Mary Baker Eddy).

    Thank you, this is clear as a bell!

  6. Evan, a much appreciated post. Bevi, I too ask “I wonder what God wants me to learn here?” I am learning I have a lot to learn!!! I thank God for Mary Baker Eddy.

  7. Thanks, Evan. Yes, the spiritual lesson we learn is the healing. I have something to add about “Trials are proofs of God’s care.” The Olympic trials are where one can demonstrate his proficiency—prove what he has learned. So our trials are the times for us to demonstrate what we’ve learned of God’s care, to see it in action. Just a thought. I’m asking myself, “What spiritual lessons do I need to learn?” (A lot, I know!)

  8. Thank you all. God truly meets all needs. The inspiration here today is such a blessing. Rich blessings to everyone.

  9. oh, how very grateful I am for this highly comforting angels message, dear Evan!

    ”right were mortality fails to delivery, God succeeds.”


    thanks to Mary B Eddy – Trias are proofs of God’s care.

    thanks again, Evan for this loved and blessing SpiritView!

    And thank you all for your inspiring comments, so helpful!

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