God made you beautiful

March 24, 2023 | 40 comments

If you ever look in a mirror and are tempted to think you are less than beautiful, it’s likely time to seek a better view. It’s an opportunity to see what God sees!

In spiritual truth, you are God’s image. Whatever God embodies, you reflect. Whatever starts with God, shows up in you as a child of God.

God is flawless. God is pure, clean, holy. God is Love and Truth. God is free of defects. God is Spirit, and Spirit is beautiful.

Spirit is not skin, hair and bones. Spirit is incorporeal, immortal, heavenly.

You can’t see God’s image in a mirror of glass. But you can find it in Mind.

To see yourself correctly, turn away from material sense, and look at God’s image through spiritual sense. See what God sees.

God sees love, wisdom, health, ability, intelligence, kindness, integrity, trustworthiness. God sees beauty. God sees the real you, the spiritual you!

Don’t be tricked into believing you are something less than God’s ideal image.

Identify with your truth. See God’s image. See you!

God made you beautiful.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” (Eccl 3:11, RSV).

40 thoughts on “God made you beautiful”

  1. Thank you Evan, I always enjoy your Spiritual insights and how you
    give us understanding in practical ways that we can understand.
    Your topics are always at the right time.

  2. Oh yes it is tempting to notice a new wrinkle or spot or other seeming imperfections and feel that pull to identify myself with these so-called signs of “aging” which society claims is less beautiful than youth. But in truth I can’t be tricked into seeing a false picture of God’s expression.. It is my divine right to see the true, beautiful, ageless, picture of God’s creation — me and everyone.

    I have to ask myself, am I the image of matter or the image of Spirit. I can’t be a little of both. We learn in Genesis that we are the image and likeness of God and Evan reminds us that God is Spirit and Spirit is beautiful. I loved the statement, “whatever starts with God, shows up in you as the child of God.” Case closed.

  3. Thank you Evan, Rose for your insightful statement. I truly feel the warmth in those statement, and need to stay tuned to Truth throughout my day.
    You must Act on what you Know not what you see!

  4. Thank you Evan & Rose for your insightful statement. I truly feel the warmth in those statement, and need to stay tuned to Truth throughout my day. I also love the practicality of your insights and how we can apply to our day.
    You must Act on what you Know not what you see!

  5. I so enjoy the practicality of your insights and how I can apply to my day. This quote ” You must act on what you know not what you see” has been a thought that comes to me when I so need reminding of what I am seeing.

  6. Dear Evan, for me your statement of being made spiritually beautiful by Truth and Love is very comforting. Thank you

  7. Dear Evan, your statement today of being made beautiful by God who is Truth and Love is to me very comforting. Thank you

  8. When I was quit young, a young lady joined the staff where
    I worked, and I was struck by a rather prominent feature
    on her face, which from a material standpoint did not appear
    to make her beautiful at all. I knew nothing about
    Christian Science at that time.

    After a while working with her, I found her quite beautiful because
    she had a beautiful manner with her – she was
    very friendly and radiant at all times. I wasn’t drawn to her
    physical appearance ever again. That memory
    has always stuck with me, and I realise now that
    I was seeing her spiritual identity which is always

    As the saying goes, we should never judge a book by its cover –
    we should never judge anyone by their physical appearance. We
    should not accept any ugliness in ourselves either, but make sure we
    are reflecting the wonderful beautiful qualities of God, and that shows
    forth on our faces and on our bodies and in our actions. A beautiful
    material view of body does not present the true appearance of anyone
    if the Spirit is missing in the way we live. Our perfect beautiful God
    expresses in man His own perfection and beauty. How wonderful is that!

  9. Wow…thank you Evan…

    Put your back to the mirror…(mortal perception) and look out to God..( perfection).
    This reflection will never let you down❣️

  10. Thank you Evan. Thank you Rose from New York. Man made in the image and likeness of God is always beautiful. God gave man dominion over all creeping things that creepeth upon the earth. Wringles are creeping things. Man has dominion over them and can reject mortal minds lies and this “dominion ” will be seen and felt. Let us praise God for making this Truth known to us.

  11. I so appreciate this daily vlog and comments. I offer here my poem published in the CS Sentinel.

    God’s celestial song

    I am the child of harmony,
    God-ordained and God-maintained—
    a lovely melody, pure and true, lilting and light,
    forever beauteous, changeless, strong, and bright.
    In Soul, where I was conceived and composed,
    no error of performance can interpose,
    mar, or erase a single note or alter a phrase.
    No mistake can find a place or space within
    this divinely authorized composition.
    Years, decades, or centuries may pass,
    as time moves swiftly along,
    but I remain forever the same:
    a beloved, delightful, heavenly strain
    of God’s celestial song.

    Janet Pantoja
    May 24, 2021 CSS

    1. What a lovely poem, Janet! Thank you so much for sharing it here. Funny, how I just
      posted the below post almost at the same time. One Mind. We all express
      God’s celestial song.

    2. Your poem just radiates the love that God gives each of His children and that it’s timeless for eternity.

    3. Thank you for the lovely poem, Janet. It is something I find very inspiring at this present time
      and I can relate to it.

  12. In Spirit, our identity expresses Love, Soul, Mind, Life, Truth and Principle … everything
    God gives us in Perfection. Although sometimes it is not always easy to see ourselves
    in this way, it is the way God sees us.
    I remember taking a course in college where the professor asked us to tell our favorite
    color, a few other things and to give the meaning of our name. I had never really
    thought about it, thinking my name was sort of mediocre. In realizing it means
    Song of JOY, (as in Christmas Carol), I literally had a whole new perspective on life
    in general, trying to express this joy. Amazing how a simple revelation like that can
    change a whole outlook of what our True identity Really is.

    1. Carol you got me curious so just for fun I did a little reading about my name. It’s associated with beauty and love (also fame as it said that the rose is the most famous flower). Also found this for my name on a cute site called myfirstname.rocks:
      “Your heart’s desire is to settle conflicts and create harmony. Natural born peacemaker and a spiritual idealist are some of the words that describe you. You specialize in religion, philosophy, and less traditional forms of healing. The quest for enlightenment is one of your life-long pursuits. You are aware of the thoughts and feelings of others and makes you selective in choosing your friends.”
      Fun and interesting.

        1. “Beloved Child” … Yes, Rose, I love that. And a beautiful expression
          of beauty and love a rose is, so it is Perfect for you! A sweet
          inheritance from God, like in a garden of Love’s creation. : )

  13. A beautiful topic for spring !
    I met a lady named Melody . Her grandmother chose her name.
    She was organist in a church so beauty was certainly one of
    Her characteristics. ……within as well as manifest,
    Thanks Evan ad all for this blog.

  14. Although I read this vlog almost every day, I seldom comment. It is time to comment and give thanks to Evan and to each one who gives so unselfishly. Thank you, everyone.

    1. Katherine, thank you for your comment. Whether you leave a comment or not, it’s good to know you’re here with us.

  15. Thank you, Evan, for starting this conversation about truly beauty, and thank you, Janet, for this lovely poem. As a children of God we are His poem, His song , that never end. God bless you all in your holy beauty!

  16. When I was in high school a new family joined my church and the mother was my Sunday school teacher.
    I remember the first time I looked at her I thought she had the biggest nose I had ever seen. She turned out to be the best teacher I ever had and spiritual beauty outshines everything else and I wondered how I could have ever thought she had a big nose. A good lesson learned.

  17. we’re young child we were going to my husband’s grandparents for birthday or Thanksgiving or Christmas I don’t remember what but my son started to cry and saying I don’t want to go there and I said well Mark why don’t you want to go there and he said their noses are too big and always has such a good laugh about that being a little 2 to 3-year-old his nose wasn’t very big at all so that’s all he wanted to see was a little nose but we left all these years about that what children don’t come up with when they don’t want to go somewhere I thought you might all find it interestingly funny Thank you all all of you for everything you post and give us to read articles that help us You’re so appreciated Don’t stop

  18. What’s in a name? Sometimes a little levity, When I arrived the plan was to name me Jean after a favorite aunt, However, it was Christmas Day and my parents told all the neighbors they would find a more significant nane for me,,,and I became Holly Jean, Sending out announcements in her flourishing handwriting my Mother apparently overdid it as the neighbors came running over, mistaking my name ~
    saying “We know you thought she was special, but did you have to name her Holy Jesus? This namesake story has followed me through decades, always producing smiles and hinting at the true nature of every child, woman and man.

  19. As someone who reads this blog every day, sometimes several times to catch all the comments that come in from around the different time zones…I’d like to. Say how wonderful it is to read how beautiful I am and consequently how beautiful we all are , many times over this weekend!
    Super, super reminder of our many gifts from our Father/Mother God. I’m most grateful for your constant loving sharing of Truth here Evan and all❣️

  20. (I wanted to reply to Rose, above and say “Thank You”, but there were no more
    Reply buttons, so will do so here. You have a lovely way with words, too) : )
    I was thinking of the Beloved Child and how we All are a Beautiful child of God.
    An angel thought whispered how the heavens adorn/adore Him, Christ … but
    also All of us with such beautiful qualities we all reflect … Heavenly. And just
    as then, so now, Christ is always here. Time has no limits.

  21. Beautifully said Carol.

    It came to thought that I don’t have a physical picture of Spirit View’s family of readers & commenters. Physicality doesn’t define us. Our true essence is expressed in the intangible, indestructible qualities of love, kindness, intelligence, caring, sharing, support, etc. – which also constitutes this blog.
    Janet Pantoja also speaks of spiritual family, in another wonderful poem “Destiny”:

  22. Evan, and all, one of the most heartwarming days on this blog.
    Janet, when I read your poem in the Sentinel I copied it by hand into my journal.
    J, When I read the line from Janet’s other poem you posted, “God knows no tragedy” I suddenly saw
    two places in this country I had been praying about as triumphant.
    Holly Jean–Holy Jesus–thanks for the joyful laughter!!

    Now a quick story. I was going to church and knew it would be the last service my friend would attend before moving away. She had a health challenge and I got up early and prayed just to be sure that I saw her the way God did. I felt God’s love just wrapping her up. She talked to me later and said she wanted to tell me how beautiful I looked at church that day. My first thought was, gosh, what was I wearing? Did I do a better job with my hair that day? I actually had a pretty drab grey outfit on and then it hit me. She was seeing my vision of God’s love for her. That is the beauty of holiness. God’s beauty parlor does wonders!

  23. That is lovely, Kay, about seeing your friend and she seeing you in such a wonderful way.

    Thank you and so true, J, what you had written about physicality not defining us.
    It is like when a loved one passes on or is out of our sight … their endearing qualities
    live in our hearts forever and are always with us, even tho the physical aspects
    seem not to be seen.
    One time a friend I had “met” when spirituality. com had a chat room, came to stop by
    when she was visiting a friend of hers nearby. When they both got out of the car and I
    went to welcome them and give her/them a hug, I had No Idea which was the friend
    I “knew”. lol It never mattered, really, because the spiritual qualities you mentioned, J,
    were all that was ever shared before that.

    We may ask … the only one who truly sees our True identity/”physical” picture is within
    Spirit’s realm through Perfection’s eyes?

    “Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us” ? Malachi/ 2:10

  24. as MORRIS THE CAT (9 Lives catfood commercials circa 19//) ?? – USED TO SAY – DONT BE FINICKY !!! ABOUT YOUR LOOKS OR BLESSINGS. THANK YOU.


  26. Thank you very much dear Evan for this SpiritView about our true Beauty as God’s loved child. It is so very lovely and presently I need it badly as I have to pray that my church relationship harmonizes soonest. I know that harmony and beauty are the real and disharmony is the absolute unreal, what Mrs. Eddy says. She also says as spiritual Interpretation to the following line in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father which art in heaven” – “Our Father-Mother God allharmonious.” The real Beauty is spiritual and is given us into our hearts and minds by our Father-Mother God who is Love!.
    Am I very very grateful for your healing and comforting SpiritView Blog, Evan!♡
    And thank you very dearly, all SpiritView friends for your so helpful and inspiring comments. It is often life- and day saving. Thank you dear God for your grace and steady blessing!♡

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