God will show the way

July 26, 2023 | 28 comments


Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.

~ Psalm 25:4

God always knows the best way to go.

You have spiritual sense to hear God’s direction.

Shut down all fears, worries and selfish doubts, tune into spiritual sense, and hear what God has to say.

What you hear from above will take you down a progressive path.

28 thoughts on “God will show the way”

  1. The following hymn comes to kind on this topic:

    Happy the man who knows / His Master to obey; / Whose life of love and labor flows, / Where God points out the way.

    Rising to every task, / Soon as the word is given, / He doth not wait nor question ask / When orders come from heaven.

    God’s will he makes his own, / And nothing can him stay; / His feet are shod for God alone, / And God alone obey.

    Give us, O God, this mind, / Which waits but Thy command, / And doth its highest pleasure find / In Thy great work to stand.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 92:1–4)

    1. Thank you dearly for the hymn 92, Maggie! I love that hymn, too, very much !
      I really searched for a suitable one in our hymnal and found Mrs. Eddy`s Shepherd Poem so nice for today! Much love 🙂

  2. Thank you very very much, Evan! God`s safe and loving guidance is always very very needed!

    Mrs. Eddy’s hymn 304-309 is very comforting and somehow uplifting and I love it:

    Shepherd show me how to go O’er the hillside steep,
    How to gather, how to sow, – How to feed Thy sheep;
    I will listen to Thy voice, Lest my footstep stray;
    I will follow and rejoice All the rugged way.

    Thou wilt bind the stubborn will, Wound the callous breast,
    Make self-righteousness be still, Break earth’s stupid rest.
    Strangers on a barren shore, Lab’ring long and lone,
    We would enter by the door, and Thou know’st Thine own;

    So, when day grows dark and cold, Tear or triumph harms,
    Lead Thy Lambkins to the fold, Take them in Thine arms;
    Feed the hungry, heal the heart, Till the morning’s beam;
    White as wool, ere they depart, Shepherd, wash them clean!

    And your SpiritView blog is always so uplifting and healing, and in combination with all the wonderful comments it’s so lively and interesting and joyous!
    Thank you endlessly dear Evan and dearest commenters!

  3. Thank you, Uta for adding Mrs. Eddy’s hymn, which is very appropriate. it is
    one I work with most day, and a good one to stay with when we are not sure
    what to do or where to go next. Her hymns are all very powerful healing hymns, and
    I think they were written from her own experiences in her life.

  4. Thank you Evan and all. A good one, God will show the way thus walk with God without fear.
    Hymn 190
    My God, my Father make me strong,
    When tasks of life seam hard and long.,
    To greet them with this triumph song,
    Thy will be done,

    With confident and humble mind,
    My joy in service I would find,
    My prayer through every task assigned,
    Thy will be done.

    Things deemed impossible I dare.
    Thine is the call, and Thine the care.
    Thy wisdom shall the way prepare;
    Thy will be done.

    Heaven’s music chimes the glad days in,
    Hope soars beyond death, pain and sin.
    Faith sings in triumph, Love doth win;
    Thy will is done.

  5. When I read “God always knows the best way to go,” the meaning I got was Yes God knows the best way for my THOUGHT to go, only one way, divine Mind’s way, if I am humble and let Him lead.

    Thanks for the lovely hymns today, very healing.

  6. Oh, I just Love this message today and the photo! So Beautiful!!
    There is something about lighthouses that are so comforting with
    their guiding light from above. Beams of light, heavenly direction
    is there to guide us when we turn to God’s loving protection and
    purpose, with harmony … angel thoughts that lead us closer to
    All of the hymns shared here this morning are so lovely to read
    and absorb into thought. It is a wonderful way to start the day.
    Thank you all!

  7. Stunning! First I thought about how helpful this is since I feel a human life shift coming on. Then the thought came how God is showing “the way” onward and upward to the greater understanding of our oneness with God, in infinite Divine Presence, reality. Lately I’ve been thinking about how it’s fairly easy to attain a surface level love of Chrisitan Science and its understanding and practice, but it takes a much deeper commitment to push onward to really grasp its fuller Truth in spiritual reality. I used to think maybe it was really hard to achieve and not very inviting because it requires “self-sacrifice.” But wow, it’s like opening the door to “a world more bright.” A world Infinitely brighter!

    1. Thank you for this insight, Trista. it encourages me to persist in digging deeper.
      Hymn 247 is another wonderful one I have bookmarked in my hymnal. Perhaps someone can add the words for us.

  8. Evan, the message again today is so pertinent. I love all the comments, especially all the hymns, They remind me of the lesson on Love this week. “Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love — be it song, sermon, or Science — blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty.”
    (SH 234:4)

    I truly feel blest. I had an experience of God’s guidance this week. As I marked the Bible Lesson I discovered that part of the lesson was in the lesson I had prepared on Accident for tonight—the entire Luke 10:25-37 story of “who is my neighbor” and the man being wounded and left half-dead. I had checked earlier and thought there were no duplications, but apparently I missed that big one.

    Time for a change, but what? The Shepherd Hymn came to mind, Uta. In a very short time of the song’s prayer and asking God for guidance, the story in Acts of Paul and the shipwreck and the added protection from the viper came to mind. It fit the lesson even better. I am so grateful for such proofs of God’s ever-present guidance.

    May God continue to lead the way for us all today.

  9. Thank you Evan, I repeat what F said “such a comfort to read Just what I need. Big moves ahead” Thanks Uta, yes Mrs Eddy’s hymn Shepherd show me how to go (a favorite of mine) goes so well with Evans message today.

  10. Here ya go. Thank you, Evan and everyone else here too! I love starting my day tuning into this spiritual thinking community.
    O walk with God along the road,
    Your strength He will renew;
    Wait on the everlasting God,
    And He will walk with you.

    Ye shall not to your daily task
    Without your God repair,
    But on your work His blessing ask
    And prove His glory there.

    Ye shall not faint, ye shall not fail;
    In Spirit ye are strong;
    Each task divine ye still shall hail,
    And blend it with a song.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 247:1–3)

    1. Our comments crossed in cyberspace, Diane. I didn’t realize you had
      shared the hymn when I posted mine.

      1. Carol that is an example of the One Mind at work. You and Diane both thought of the same hymn and lovingly posted at the same time. I love that! Thanks to both of you.

    2. Thanks for sharing this hymn Diane Rose. I wasn’t familiar with it, but it is really helpful to me today. And thanks Evan all the other commenters and sharing of hymns

  11. Hymn 247 Is a great hymn and relevant to this topic, Margi. Thank you!
    I will type the 3 verses below:

    O walk with God along the road
    Your strength He will renew;
    Wait on the ever lasting God,
    And He will walk with you.

    Ye shall not to your daily task
    Without your God repair,
    But on your work
    His blessing ask And prove His glory there.

    Ye shall not faint, ye shall not fail;
    In Spirit ye are strong;
    Each task divine ye still shall hail
    And blend it with a song.

    1. Thanks very much “J”! There is a wonderful thought of the practitioner of the writer of this article, which lead to the healing of a so-called error of the author, i.e. “Man is as good as God”. That is a remarkable truth, I will keep in my heart.

    1. Wow, thanks again “J”. Although it is midnight here I was keen to read also Tony`s article about “My will versus God`s will.” It is also very worth reading. But it is very simple: My will is limited – God`s will is unlimited – what shall it be? haha, we know the answer!

    1. Thank you, dear Love. I`m sure it is a wonderful and uplifting article. But I`ll read it tomorrow.
      Looking forward to reading it!:)

  12. Once in a while, life seems like a pile of puzzle pieces without a prompt
    to go by. At somewhat confusing times like this, we have no
    choice but to turn to God even more to try to understand the direction
    of which to choose.
    Recently there was a decision that had to be made … wanting to help
    others in need, but not knowing to what extent it was actually needed.
    It turned out that Both loving activities could be done, as the one could
    be done at another time, thus eliminating the need to choose between
    the one or the other.

  13. Thank you very very much, dear Evan! you said it so very lovingly!
    “What you hear from above will take you down a progressive path”
    And the divine photo underpins the topic of your today`s SpiritView!
    It is all so helpful and healing, am grateful for it! 🙂

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