God’s ever-present support

January 7, 2019 | 27 comments

God always supports you whether you realize it or not!

For instance, when you get out of bed in the morning and put your feet on the ground, do you worry about floating off into space because gravity fails to keep your feet grounded to the earth? Probably not. If you are like most people, you have confidence that you can walk around your house without your body elevating toward the ceiling.

God’s support is much the same. People take it for granted, or they don’t realize it exists, yet they still benefit from its presence.

Like gravity keeps your feet grounded whether you think about it or not, God is always present giving you everything you need to demonstrate love, supply and health. You can trust God’s presence and prosper by it.

As the sun shines every day, God showers you with love—all day and night.

As a circle is always round, God is always present.

As four plus four equals eight under all circumstances, you plus God equals perfection without fail.

God is always here. God is ever-active. God knows everything and provides for everything. God is our Here and Now.

Lean on God and stand strong. Rely upon God and succeed. Reflect God and stay well. Understand God and live.

God’s support is ever-present. It’s more reliable than gravity.

27 thoughts on “God’s ever-present support”

  1. Thanks so much Evan for this lovely post. It’s so very comforting to be reassured of Gods support, care and love at all times and under all circumstances. It’s as certain as the sun rises daily, as certain as four plus four equals eight.
    At times though, just like dark clouds hide the light from reaching us, our fear and personal sense, comes in the way of our understanding Gods powerful support, His tender, constant care, His unfailing unchanging love for us. But as soon as we align our thoughts with reality and our unbreakable unity with God, dark shadows are dispelled, light dawns upon our consciousness and heaven and harmony reign supreme. We carry on with renewed energies, vigor and good cheer because we know God’s support, strength and love will see us through all difficuties.

  2. What a strong, simple and lovely way to begin the day. Thank you, Evan, for all the wondrous thoughts you share with us. Such a blessing!

  3. Dear Evan, thank you so much for embedding us and connecting us with our divine source Love, our Father-Mother God! It is such a lovely post, to ensure us of our complete and sure closeness to God! It`s so needed to start a wonderful God`s day with, knowing for sure He is caring for us and guiding us all the way! Yes, let`s lean on God, understand Him, rely on Him and reflect Him.
    Am very grateful for this blessing blog!

  4. YES, Thank you Evan, for these words/prayers of encouragement, providing
    so much inspiration for our day! Good to hear from our SV family also!!
    Thank you!!

  5. I wish every one would read this! Just imagine what this day would be like!? Fortunately,, with help from these reminders = we won’t take God’s Love and Care for us for granted… . it’s going to be a wondrous day and week ahead! Thank you ever so much!

    1. P.S. I love the photo! I love trying to figure out how vines growing far apart from esch other can “reach” out and find each other like they do! It’s uncanny! Proof of endless (and perhaps unexpected) support!

  6. Thank you Evan for sharing your inspiration everyday! I love the truth you wrote: “As four plus four equals eight under all circumstances, you plus God equals perfection without fail.” It’s so simple and clear.

  7. Thank you Evan! In college I took a lot of physics related courses. I learned a lot about the forces and laws that govern the physical universe. And while these forces and laws were also at work before I learned about them, gaining an understanding of these forces/laws has made it so much easier to function in what appears to be a physical universe. Similarly, as you point out so well in your message today, gaining an understanding of God and God’s ever present laws make it so much easier to experience harmony in all aspects of our lives. An understanding of God makes us aware that wherever we are or whatever discordant situation we may seem to be facing, there is an ever present law of God that is available, at hand, to help us realize God’s harmonious control. So your sentence “Understand God and live.” is so true. We should all strive each day to gain a better understanding of God and then live that understanding in every aspect of our lives. Thanks again!

  8. Love This! Thanks, Evan, and Commenters! One way I’ve found that helps “ground me” in feeling the Presence is to practice an old tried and true form of Christian Payer called “Centering Prayer.” I sit quietly for 20-25 minutes in the Morning and in the Evening and by quietly repeating a sacred word such as “Peace” in my consciousness, I keep bringing my wandering thoughts back to inviting God to uphold my thought and to lift me above all the “chatter” of mortal mind. It works! And keeps me conscious of God’s ever-present support throughout my Day!

  9. Mary Baker Eddy said, “Reason is the most
    active human faculty.”

    I think this is why analogies and illustrations are
    so helpful. And of course Christ Jesus taught with parables!

    So, thank you, Evan!


  10. As DB says: Every SV is a treatment. Thank you, Evan, for this one and all! And Brian, I always look forward to your comments. Today’s comments were so meaningful. Thank you.

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