Good mental health

December 26, 2022 | 29 comments

There’s much talk about mental health these days, and for good reason. Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, and despair. What to do about it, many wonder.

One solution to the problem is to take up the practice of good mental health, which is spiritual mindedness.

Spiritual mindedness is an ideal state of thought that is dominated by peace, calm, poise, inspiration, dominion, joy, and sound reasoning. It comes from God, the one divine Mind, and is freely available to each of us to reflect in abundance.

The human mind may argue that spiritual mindedness is hard to find, but this is an error of statement that can be reversed.

Every child of God reflects the Mind of God, and thus has an innate ability to be spiritually minded. It’s a gift from God that belongs to each of us. Life is our opportunity to claim this ability and put it into practice.

When we consciously turn to God in prayer and seek spiritual truth, heavenly inspiration will come our way. We can expect new ideas to brighten our thought, uplift our perspective, and rekindle hope. We can expect our spiritual mindedness to kick in and work for us!

Thought dominated by spiritual truth and heavenly inspiration are the ingredients of good mental health.

As the Bible states, “To be spiritually minded is life and peace” (Romans 8:6).

If seeking better mental health, feel free to practice spiritual mindedness and find the peace and love that come along with it. It will help.

29 thoughts on “Good mental health”

  1. Your post, is certainly needed today.
    The business news is constantly filled with mental illness concerns of people. A major change onto a higher understanding is needed now.

  2. Your Good Mental Health advice is certainly needed today.
    The business news is constantly filled with mental illness concerns of people. A major change onto a higher understanding is needed now.

  3. Dear Evan, Thanks So much for addressing this seemingly popular issue or topic of thought and conversation. It reminds me of where Mrs Eddy talked about people rushing out to get the latest Parisienne fashion, or something along that line. We each need to be alert to what we accept for others, as well as diligent in what we allow into our consciousness through the media, or just world thought or belief. Making sure I spend time or conversation with my Father Mother God each day, and more today than yesterday, looking for
    ideas to bless loved ones, neighbors, community and strangers are some examples that we can all share In improving on daily. May we all strive to do better every hour to help our.sisters and brothers in Love and generosity to help heal our world and fill it full of Love and peace for all mankind!
    Blessings to all here today and every day!

  4. Mental health is a state of mind.

    Which mind do we think with, mortal mind or immortal Mind?

    The one divine Mind is the thinker and doer, so we are already safe and sound and on the only spiritual road to excellent good mental health.

    Thank you Evan for the clarity which heals.

  5. Thank you Still Learning❣️

    Excellent comment that I will take into my thoughts this morning as ai continue on o learn as well.

  6. Thank you. I’m a recent lesson we read “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” 1st Corinthians 14:23. That’s for all of us no matter where we are. So grateful.

    1. Dear CRL: The massage you listed appears not to compliment your statement. I like what you said and would like to know where I can find it. Bless you. Mike

  7. Thank you, Evan for this healing guidance. It is the power of Spiritual mindedness that heals understanding that God is the author and we His expression.

  8. I have found more so lately, that One Mind, in one accord, ties
    things together which may have before seemed to be more of a
    Seeing things through the lens of Spirit heightens Mind into One
    thought of God’s togetherness with unique, individual expressions,
    in the same direction, rather than differing little ‘minds’ pulling in
    opposing and oft times negative directions, like the world seems to
    be confronting us with.
    It is a constant challenge, if coming from a mortal perspective,
    to focus on the One Mind, but so rewarding when we do.

  9. 2 Timothy 1:7
    Amplified Bible
    For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control].

  10. Special thanks to Still Learning. So all inclusive. As I prayed for family today I expanded to church family,, country,world, and universe!

  11. Mental depression is one of the prevailing oppressive, aggressive and dark claims of animal magnetism that is so important for Christian Scientists to address in their prayers for ourselves, our loved ones, and world thought in general. This state of consciousness is the antipode of the perfect, blissful, and all loving divine Mind. As knowers of the Truth we have the responsibility to handle this enslaving world belief. We can reject this claim in our prayers, and know that depression has no law behind it, no mental or physiological basis, no hereditary causes,- and that anxiety, confusion, and loss of control have no reality in the kingdom of God. Man lives in unity with his divine Source,- outside and above the miasma of myths that constitute mortal mind’s domain.

    Thank you Evan for posting this vital topic.

    1. Linda I agree that the claim of depression, in ourselves, others and in collective world thought needs to be confronted and then rejected based on solid spiritual truths about the real nature of God’s children, as in the quote Edie gave us from the book of Timothy. Also the word ‘miasma’ you mentioned caught my eye. It’s not a word we use much in modern times but one definition I found is, “a harmful influence or noxious atmosphere.” It could refer to a noxious mental atmosphere — a perfect description of the mass beliefs of life centered in mortal thought.

      Mrs. Eddy used this word miasma, “Science shows that material, conflicting mortal opinions and beliefs emit the effects of error at all times, but this atmosphere of mortal mind cannot be destructive to morals and health when it is opposed promptly and persistently by Christian Science. Truth and love antidotes this mental miasma, and thus invigorate and sustain existence.” (S&H p. 273-274)

      My daughter was visiting us for the holidays and at one point we were discussing the mental illness crisis. I said I thought it was more of a collective spiritual illness. Of course Spirit is not ill, but I think I was trying to say that the seeming lack of understanding of spiritual reality gives humans only one avenue to go down to explain what seems to be happening individually and in society. But thankfully, as Evan remind us, “Every child of God reflects the Mind of God, and thus has an innate ability to be spiritually minded. It’s a gift from God that belongs to each of us. Life is our opportunity to claim this ability and put it into practice.”

    2. Your detailing what is so important for Christian Scientists to address in their prayers gave me a thread of knowing how to proceed while addressing a family member’s trip down a depressing lane. The only dark claim seen there was a window with the shade lowered, but the light shining pure and visible past the lowered shade. Your clear statement about the antipode “of the perfect blissful, and all loving divine Mind” real and present beyond that lowered shade” helped me to understand, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for raising the shade, but I am able to handle what’s hidden behind the shade, in my own thinking, thereby maintaining the “unity with ……his/her divine Source. Thank you for a great uplift on how to proceed.

  12. “Every child of God reflects the Mind of God, and thus has an innate ability to be spiritually minded.” This sentence stood out to me Evan and I really enjoyed it! So powerful and SO true!
    I was also reminded of Katie’s definition of stress (on 5/16/22) here on SpiritView:
    Thanks again for sharing this Katie.

  13. Quote from Bicknell Young, early Christian Science worker:

    “Rely on Mind to do everything. God is our Mind, the only Mind there is.
    We must hold in thought the fact that we reflect all intelligence. Mind is calm, serene, secure, supreme, always mindful of its own. You have the best mind on earth as effect, because you have the only Mind in heaven as Cause.
    Mind is the infinite intelligence of man, and everything that He knows is instantly available. Mind is never uncertain. One with Mind is absolute guidance. Truth is insistent and quick to appear in the consciousness that is alert and receptive. MIND IS THE INFINITE CAPACITY TO THINK, and that is my mind. The greater our understanding of the one Mind, the greater our individual intelligence.”

  14. Good, All!

    Thank You, Spirit, for being All!

    Acknowledging: there is no space between the Sun and its Rays,
    there can be no space, no division, between Mind and Its ideas.

    ONE ONE ONE!! God-and-man…. without any space between!

  15. In Genesis 2 the error is spotted immediately..
    Adam tells God that he was hiding because he was naked! God, divine Mind, says, “Who told you that you were naked.?” Isn’t that the falsity of so-called mental illness? Who or what are we listening to anyway? Have we identified the speaker? Are we actively and persistently asking the question…who’s telling me that? Who do you think you are anyway? And again in Exodus when Moses tells God that he is slow of speech and can’t lead a nation of Gods people to their promised land, he is asked by God, “Who made man’s mouth.” Could anything be clearer than that? Perfection cannot produce imperfection…..utterly impossible! So it is so important to question “Who is talking.?” And “Who am I listening to?”“ God alone represents and speaks to our consciousness as TRUTH!

    1. THE HAVEN OF SOUL (CSJ 2/12/45)

      “There is no mystery about Christian Science. In it mysticism, superstition, and misguided emotion have no place. Instead, to the earnest seeker of understanding, there is God, Truth, eternally revealing Himself in His manifest creation, dispelling the unreal shadows of mortality with their fictions of discord and death.

      “Mrs. Eddy sums up the cause of all human woe in one terse sentence in the
      Christian Science textbook (p.390) and concurrently indicates the remedy: “It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and
      the right understanding of Him restores harmony.”

      “The words “apparent discord” should be particularly noted, for it is quite obvious that she intended to convey the unreal nature of discord, including disease, and it is from this basis that Christian Science operates.

      “Soul is God, perfect, changeless, free, infinite good, the All-in-all of existence. Perceiving this, sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually, one awakens to the realization that evil has no presence or power at any point in the infinitude of God’s manifest creation. Man is identified as the conscious reflection of Soul, possessing all Its qualities, and this identification remains throughout eternity. Thus, through the endowment of infinite Soul, God, man expresses and experiences beauty and joy which can never fade nor fail; he is conscious of the infinite resources which belong to him by reflection, but above all he is clearly aware of his intactness in God.

      “Man living in the exalted atmosphere of infinite Soul is within a haven that knows no storm and is remote from stress of every type. This is the truth about God’s own divine ideas, and in talking about God’s ideas we are referring to ourselves as we actually are, and not to some idealistic persons we should like to be.

      “In this haven of Soul there is no going and coming, no fluctuation, no incompleteness, no frustration or depression. All these fall into the category of “apparent discord.” They have no place in man’s one true consciousness which always reflects only the divine.”

  16. T Thanks to all all who contributed it was needed timely and just what all mankind needs to know about God and his good thank you Evan for this opportunity to talk with the world what cannot God do

  17. Carolyne – I was reading one of Mr Young’s addresses last night! Which led me to rewatching one of Fujiko Sign CSB lectures and doing a deep soul search.

    Long story short – in my heart of hearts, I’ll have to admit that I had a flawed concept of reflection based on the human mirror. All this time. Essentially, I’ve had the source and reflection backwards, but didn’t want to admit it.

    So now I’m starting all over with what I think is the correct outlook and a clean slate. Same territory, but a different view. Of course, thanks to Evan too!

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