Good results cannot be ignored

February 14, 2024 | 13 comments

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

~ Steve Martin

The good work we do speaks for itself.

13 thoughts on “Good results cannot be ignored”

  1. God who is infinite Love, will always know of the good works of His children. Therefore we all; will be compensated.

  2. Oh, Evan, this is delightful!
    Steve Martin is one of my family’s personal favorite, as several of us have followed him from the very beginning of his career, having seen him in concert. He’s a representative of joy, sometimes expressed in pure goofiness. a wonderful childlike quality.
    We all know people who really only express joy – – they aren’t sometimes down, and so we recognize that they have some inherent strength which sustains that joy.
    We have been given the great gift of Christian Science & can depend on that as our core, sustaining us, & enabling us to express joy.
    Thank you Evan, for this simple lesson.
    I really cannot tell you how important SpiritView is to me. Each day provides a new lesson, finding assurance that comes from being in this beautiful spiritual community

    1. Annie thank you for your lovely comments on Joy. It includes fun, laughter exuberance etc. At times it may seem to come and go but it is really only a momentary forgetting because it is a quality of God, always expressing as us, through us, to us. I also echo your appreciation for Evan and this loving SpiritView community. It means a lot to

      Today it is Valentine’s Day in the US. We are encouraged to focus on love, romance etc. It is highly commercialized and of dubious origins, but we can take it as an opportunity to acknowledge that God quality of true, pure Love that is our essential nature as His reflection. Nothing can interfere with its continuous expression. Lots of Joy and Love to all!

      1. Lots of Joy and Love to you, too, dear Rose and to all !! And yes, my appreciation
        for dear Evan for so lovingly providing this venue for us to learn and share is so
        very meaningful for me as well. I love all of the messages, graphics and comments
        that are the good works of God/Love.

  3. In a world that seems so egocentric – it is so very refreshing to have mentors who
    are spiritually minded .. wanting to do for God, for others, for their country, for the
    world, rather than for themself.
    Their spirit shines through, so gently, in so many ways, but yet their humbleness is
    overpowering and effective in bringing out their God-given talents and Love for life.
    Love, True Love/God speaks through them in ways that are felt and appreciated and
    it is really a joy to behold such reverence and peace as their wonderful qualities of
    expression help to heal a world that needs it so much.
    The good they do – their “good results can not be ignored”. What a blessing. Trying
    to emulate these good works is a very worthy goal. Of course, dear Jesus and precious
    Mrs. Eddy, our leader in CS, were perfect examples of such love for the world.

  4. Sacramento Sandra says_
    Oh if the world only understood this need to be childlike and goofy. The world needs to lighten up. God is taking care of all of us in addition to healing all of our cares.
    I have lost people who I thought were my good friends because they
    did not understand my need to be silly. One so-called friend said I can’t be friends with you any more (in an e-mail). I felt I was stabbed in the heart! It has been two years since that time. Maybe my Humor is the
    culprit. Like Steve Martin, it goes outside the lines at times but is never meant to hurt. Come on people, The arrow that goes through Steve’s
    head isn’t REAL you know. Take the arrow out of your head!
    To all of us who work with or worked with children in their careers those taught us well how to play and are still teaching us

    1. I completely agree, SS! Lightening the load often lightens the whole atmosphere. A strain of silliness is the rejection of the somber claims of mortal sense. It shifts perspective, changes angles, opens thought to a different way of seeing. Creative Mind is God reflected, expressed and manifested. “The arrow that would wound the dove” (MBE, “Love”) can and should be turned into a sight gag, if that releases thought. Smiles and giggles heal, gentle humor lifts us all.

      1. Reviewed the article, Overcoming fear of the flesh. . .and feel it is the answer to the physical issue presenting itself today, for me to SEE the TRUTH, and LOVE, Love, love, GOD more…LOVING GOD WITH ALL THE HEART. That is the answer, love GOD more spiritually, and ignore any false evidence presented. Thank YOU for including Susan Mack’s article, so I too, can and will apply the TRUTH, and leave out the error.

        1. Such great helpful declarations of Truth. Thank you! Have been
          going through not-needed stuff to recycle (happily) and was
          feeling in need of a pick-me-up in thought, so very grateful for
          these refreshing appreciative, good inspirations. Also, just heard
          from my neighbor who said she left a sweet gift by my gate. So
          cold and windy here tonight but the stars and moon are also so
          inspiring and God is Good.

  5. Jesus was so good at healing the sick, raising the dead and reforming sinners that the world could not ignore him. In Science and Health we learn to follow him. The world cannot ignore the good results.

  6. I ask myself what is good work? From my recent experience with lots of work I would now say, good work is when it’s done with love , joy and with God. Every job we do can be done with the knowing that we are doing it as God’s expression to His glory. That’s good work!!

    Thank you dear Evan that you make us to think deeper about the topics in your wonderful SpiritView Blog.

    Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy did the best works which ever can be done. Thank God for them and thank God for the Holy Bible!

    Thank you dear friends for your loving and inspiring comments and articles, so comforting and healing! ♡

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