The body’s best friend

February 13, 2024 | 18 comments

Mortal mind is the worst foe of the body, while divine Mind is its best friend.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 176

Mortal mind is the material mind, a supposed mind filled with fears, ignorant beliefs, detrimental opinions, sins, and unsurety.

Divine Mind is the Mind of God, a Mind of Truth, Love, Spirit, purity, holiness, intelligence, wisdom, and goodness.

Mortal mind’s effect on the body is harmful. Divine Mind’s effect on the body is good.

For the best effect, stay aligned with divine Mind, the Mind of Christ.

Divine Mind is the body’s best friend.

18 thoughts on “The body’s best friend”

  1. And, who of us as not cherished a best friend? Someone who is always there when needed without criticism or judgement.. that is what Truth is…always there …always supporting and caring..
    Can we also flip the coin around and say we ( God’s creation ) are God’s best friend.. He rejoices in His creation.. He rejoices in our loyalty, devotion, and admiration..

  2. Instantly the image of my best friend, walking with me, talking with me, laughing with me, as well as sharing happiness, success, warmth, caring, loving me, and lifting me up to new heights, believing in me.. . . . . .THANKING GOD with me!!!

  3. Love the ideas shared here of a best friend! Divine Mind shares all of those qualities
    with us and so comforting is that and thus, we share through our love. Beautiful!
    From hymn # 175..

    “Lo, He sent His Word and healed them, Still that Word of God is here.
    Still its tender healing message Speaks to every listening ear.
    Truth divine, that overcometh All the ills that seem to be,
    In our hearts Thy Word abiding, We may know Thee and be free.

    Love divine, that faileth never, Still Thy presence and Thy power
    Mighty are to save and heal us, Guard and guide us every hour.
    Life divine, Thy Word proclaimeth All true being one with Thee.
    Sinless, fearless, whole, rejoicing, Now and through eternity.”

  4. We hear so much these days about artificial intelligence. Isn’t that what mortal mind is, artificial, claiming to be real? There is only one Mind, the genuine, real deal. Thank goodness!

    1. Oh, very good! I like that. Thank you, and thank you, Evan for your blog today and everyday, for your spiritual insights, bringing us together, sharing with one another, uplifting one another.

  5. Thank you! Today’s message made me think of this quote from p. 399 in S&H:
    “The one Mind, God, contains no mortal opinions.”
    I love that, short and to the point. That page and the following one are excellent (from the chapter Christian Science Practice).

  6. God-like thoughts … together in Mind
    Seen through the heart, not mortal eyes
    True strength in Oneness Divine
    Love that never dies

    Hands clasped in Eternity’s hold
    Mortal mind is frail and weak
    But spiritual Truth is forever Bold
    Is always Heavenly .. at its peak.

  7. Thank you all , thank you Evanfir «  God my body’ best friend. «

    This singer feels so much the « stuff »

        1. I enjoyed the previews, also, dear Uta. I had looked up the lyrics of
          the Goodness of God and it is lovely. Thank you, Pp for sharing with
          us. Lovely!

  8. Thank you very much dear Evan for today’s loving admonition! Yes, let’s stay aligned with divine Mind, the Mind of Christ. As it’s the Mind of Christ, it’s also our Mind, our Father-Mother God. As the Bible says, we are co- heirs of Christ.

    Thanks dear Carol for hymn 175. While I read the comforting hymn, my heart sang the beautiful melody!

    I am always grateful for your links to great articles, dear “J”. IT’s again a very clear and helpful article today! That does so good!♡

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