Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015 | 38 comments


A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart a garden is,
Where there is always room For every lovely,
Godlike grace
To come to perfect bloom.

A grateful heart a fortress is,
A staunch and rugged tower,
Where God’s omnipotence, revealed,
Girds man with mighty power.

A grateful heart a temple is,
A shrine so pure and white,
Where angels of His presence keep
Calm watch by day or night.

Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God,
Whatever else befall,
This largess of a grateful heart
That loves and blesses all.

Christian Science Hymnal, #3

My heart overflows with gratitude for your support of this blog over the last year, all the comments and inspired ideas you share with each other, and the healing that results.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

38 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. In counting my blessings this day, I count you and your spirit view among them. Thank you for giving. Sincerely, judith in Bend Oregon.

  2. Thank you, Evan, for this blog and for all you do. Your dedication and the inspiration you share with us everyday is truly appreciated. And, yes, brings healing! God is so good to us! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  3. Our blessings are indeed overflowing! SpiritView is such a blessing to receive and ponder each day. Thank you for being here!

  4. Much gratitude to you, Evan, and to all who come here to share thoughts … so much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving every day everyone!

  5. Wishing a very Happy and joyous Thanksgiving to all. Evan, thank you for your Spiritview blog and for the online lectures you share. They initiate a lot of ideas for a daily spiritual feast.

  6. This blog IS A BLESSING to all who partake of it!! Thank you for sharing these Angel messages with us! I am sincerely grateful! Much love and gratitude to you and your family! 🙂


    For flowers that bloom about our feet
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For tender grass so fresh, so sweet,
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For the song of the bird and hum of bee
    For all things fair we hear or see
    Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

    For blue of stream and blue of sky
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For pleasant shade of branches high
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For fragrant air and cooling breeze
    For beauty of the blooming trees
    Father in heaven, we thank Thee.

    For this morning with its light
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For rest and shelter of the night
    Father, we thank Thee.
    For health and food, for love and friends
    For everything Thy goodness sends
    Father in heaven, we thank Thee.


    Thanksgiving Day greetings to dear Evan, Kathy and the extended SpiritView family… Love and blessings !

  8. Thank you Evan for your daily Spirit View and for all who share their thoughts and comments.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to God, Good, the One Mind!! So Grateful for Good! And Happy Thanksgiving to You, Evan, and to SpiritView, which serves to lift us up each day into Higher Views of God’s Goodness! Thank you to all of the Commenters who have helped me each day to see a little more clearly All of God’s Goodness. Much Love!

  10. Thanksgiving S/B a part of every day and not a day of sympolism expressed in dinner with family. Sympolism does nothing, expresses nothing and accomplishes nothing. Only daily thanksgiving to God and the doing of it does.

  11. Thank you Evan for your everyday blessing of these post. And thank you all for your comments these are so helpful to me in my daily walk through life.

  12. Thank you , Evan , for your steadfast love for the world and for all of us and your gift of simple truths and love of our Father expressed in Christian Science….and healing us all… Much Love and gratitude, Merri

  13. Gratitude today for God’s amazing grace to His children everywhere. Thank you, Evan, for teaching us of this amazing grace and leading us always to God and His goodness.

  14. Thank you Evan for your gentle guidance and spiritual insight you so generously give to the world each day-Through Spirtitview.. I don’t start my day without it. Blessings to you and your family!

  15. Thank you Evan for sharing Spirit View. Each day I grow a bit in the Christ way, the way Jesus admonished us to follow him, by preaching, teaching, and healing. Bless you and your family, as far asi it extends. Erv

  16. Your truthful blogs tend to start my day and many have allowed me to refocus my Spiritual Needs to overcome my thoughts in researching and seeing healing. I could provide a list at Wednesday night services on the continues healings I have experienced weekly.

    Your spiritual healing blogs begin with the start of each day for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  17. I’m so grateful to you all! Thank you Evan for providing this avenue for rejoicing in the worship of the one God of Love and peace…a rich Thanksgiving indeed!

  18. Thanks, Evan and commenters, for such a useful, inspiring, and healing blog. I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving! “This is the day the Lord hath made. Be glad, give thanks, rejoice.”

  19. Thank you, Evan, for such inspiration and joy in this blog. We, north of the border, are sharing with all in the Thanksgiving spirit. This day and everyday is full of gratitude.

  20. Thanks, Evan so much for your inspiring blogs. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours – and to all of your faithful followers.

  21. Your wonderful Spiritview blogs have helped me reach out to a family member who seems disinterested in any connection. I made up my mind not to make contact, but your daily blogs softened and enlightened my thought. Today I sent an e-mail AND rec’d a pleasant response. There is light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank you, dear Evan for ALL you give to your Spiritview family. My gratitude cup runneth over! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  22. Dear Evan: Thank you Evan for your precious blogs. They help me and others I know immensely.
    I have a whole binder full of them and copy them and share them with church members
    who do not have a computer and they love them.
    I feel privileged to know you and to have met you at our Paradise, CA lecture! Keep
    on keeping on…..

  23. I am grateful to God for bringing so much good into my life – including Spiritview!
    Thank you Evan, Kathy, and all the Spiritview family for this heart-satisfying daily bread.
    A blessed Thanksgiving to all!

  24. Thank you for the Christ Love you so beautifully demonstrate to all of God’s children.
    A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, dear Evan.

  25. About 15 hours ago we were celebrating Thanksgiving here in Napier, New Zealand.Since then I’ve sat back basking in the joy the service brings and thinking of the many church services taking place as the glorious, uplifting thanks of many people are being expressed and lived internationally.
    Thank you,Evan, for your many blogs which come to our homes to bless and enrich our experience .
    Happy Thanksgiving to all who experience enrichment with SPIRITVIEW.

  26. It’s Time Evan to Thank you for all the spiritual food I receive through your beautiful and so inspiring articles. I live in the far West of France , in Brittany, far from other scientists and far from à Church but thanks to you and all the périodicals I feel just part of the spiritual family praying for humanity so close to God.

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