Have no fear of pushiness

June 16, 2023 | 34 comments

If you ever feel pushed around by other people, it’s an opportunity to exercise your God-given dominion to seek out God’s will and follow where God is taking you.

Pushiness is a symptom of human will at work. It’s a belief of a mind apart from God directing and controlling man’s actions.

Be wiser! God is not a pushy God. God is a God of Love that inspires right action through wisdom, understanding, intelligence, compassion, and grace.

The apostle Paul said, “By the grace of God I am what I am” (I Cor 15:10, RSV). It’s a joy to have one’s life actions formed and shaped by the grace of God. The grace of God has a beautiful effect on us. A peaceful effect. It is not pushy and aggressive. It’s calming and inspiring.

Don’t be intimidated by pushiness. Shut out human will. Let God’s grace speak to you and direct your path. The outcome will be good for one and all.

34 thoughts on “Have no fear of pushiness”

  1. I felt pushed around yesterday, not so much by other people as by “my own” thoughts related to work issues and our labor union contract, which we were “strongly encouraged” to vote yes on. So there was a bit of pushiness there, but it was mainly a lot of mortal mind suggestions and human outlining about scarcity, seeming lack of fairness, equity, justice etc that tried hard to push me around and interfere with my Peace. But I’m “exercising God-given dominion” as Evan advised, and sticking with Truth, with God’s laws, knowing He is a God of justice, fairness and is taking care of all my needs and the needs of everyone involved. I can only see God’s child in all of the players in this situation, all honest and divinely directed. God is no respecter of persons and gives abundantly and fairly to all His children, regardless of what the material scene appears to be on the surface.

  2. I used to feel very pushed around and intimidated at work, often feeling I was at risk of losing my job if I didn’t please my employer all the time – and as a result I didn’t feel free to just relax and be myself.
    This statement from Science and Health helped me 100%: ‘Man is not made to till the soil. His birthright is dominion, not subjection…. himself subordinate alone to his Maker’ (S&H p.571:31-518:1). The word ‘Man’ here includes Women too. It was this bit: ‘subordinate alone to his (my) Maker’ that really helped. Since reading this, I’ve almost always felt free from intimidation, and able to relax at work.

  3. I love ‘ it’s a joy to have one’s life actions formed and shaped by the grace of God ‘
    This is , for me , the ultimate reason to study Christian Science ..so thank you MBE and thank you so much Evan for your continually inspiring, thought provoking , and supportive Spirit View. The one Mind reaching out to us all..
    Love to all here today and everyday ❣️

  4. This is such an important topic. So grateful for these scientific thoughts. Mega thanks to one and All.

  5. I often felt there was another world that had to be dealt with in a work place. But the only freedom was to know that God is omnipresent and the only Mind and only one life whether my co workers knew it or not. It does take fortitude to stand straight on where you truly live while the seeming gale winds roar about you. But it did get easier. Stand porter to your thoughts

    1. Thanks Nadine for this important statement,”weather
      My coworkers know it or not, Mind , Life Is the only real power “. Yes aware or not , this gentle presence ( MBA hymnal CS)
      Can change difficult and uncomfortable situations.
      Thanks Evan for the bright statement and all for your gracious feedback.

    2. Thanks Nadine for this important statement,”weather
      My coworkers know it or not, Mind , Life Is the only real power “. Yes aware or not , this gentle presence ( MBA hymnal CS)
      Can change difficult and uncomfortable situations.
      Thanks Evan for the bright statement and all for your gracious feedback.

  6. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. This tells me that one is free from suppresion. Let me briely share an experience I had to this effect.
    Many years ago I was being pushed around as I was expected to abide by some material laws. These were accepted by my culture as normal. I prayed with ” When we realize that Life is Spirit, never in not of matter, this understanding will expand into
    self- completeness, finding all in God, good and needing no other consciousness. 264:15-19
    Finally I was summoned to a customary court by those who thought I was not respecting the said law, which claimed the law was right. but I took an appeal. The Appeal Court denounced that kind of culture and warranted them to stop such laws and uphold modern and fairer laws. Spirit View has said it rightly that “By the grace of God, I am what I am” 1Corinthians 15:10.

    1. Awesome! Your testimony made me think of Daniel and the Lion’s Den or the three Hebrew captives that were thrown into the fiery furnace. Good for you for sticking with what you know is truth and demonstrating that!

      1. “Spiritual dominion springs from the recognition of the actual
        presence, right here and now, of divine Love, Truth” … (from
        the excellent article J shared ~ Thank you)
        The harmony in angels’ whispering smiles reflect the Spirit of
        which we are created. Lovely!

  7. Thanks Nadine for this important statement,”weather
    My coworkers know it or not, Mind , Life Is the only real power “. Yes aware or not , this gentle presence ( MBA hymnal CS)
    Can change difficult and uncomfortable situations.
    Thanks Evan for the bright statement and all for your gracious feedback.

  8. This all ties in so much with the Daily Thought today, “Man knows that with God
    all things are possible” (S&H 180:25-27) and I love what you shared, Friend in
    Texas, “Mortal mind pushes; divine Mind leads”. That also ties in with the CS Daily
    Lift today where the gentleman, was Gently Leading, (like God/Love/Mind leads),
    the horse in the water to cool it off.
    For years I was pushed around, so to speak, by someone who always wanted to
    be in control. I would go along to “keep the peace”, but there seemed to be a
    feeling of resentment many times, because I was seldom given the choice as
    to what *I* wanted to do that particular day or whatever. When I no longer had
    this individual telling me what to do, it was very freeing, but also a bit
    intimidating because I actually had to make up my own (mind) and that was
    challenging at first. With God’s help and guidance and divine Love’s gentle
    nudges, I have been led through spiritual persuasions, all these years, to make
    choices on my own and the One Mind has brought me to places I never would
    have dreamed of before, for which I am very grateful.

    1. Carol thanks for sharing your experience of divine Mind’s guidance. And I too appreciated what Friend from Texas said, that mortal mind pushes [which is an unpleasant feeling] but divine Mind leads [a much happier and comforting feeling].

      Also I was wondering what you were referring to when you mentioned the Daily Thought. I know the Daily Lift but not familiar with Daily Thought.. Thanks.

        1. Hi Rose, I love where you wrote, “divine Mind leads a much happier
          and comforting feeling”. How True! Had I put that into “reality” years
          ago, I would have avoided a lot of angst, but we learn by experiences.
          My Mom had “warned” and had a sense that things were not like they
          seemed from the start. Actually it was when I started to resist the
          “pushiness/human will” that Evan mentions, and do things really more
          of God’s way, that the bickering started and the opportunity then
          arose to get out of (and with) that lesson learned. It was definitely not
          easy, very challenging, but with God’s guidance along the way, it had all worked out, as things always do when we accept God/Spirit’s direction,
          care and Love for us.
          I realize now I had mistakenly left out part of the Daily Thought. It
          actually reads, “When man is governed by God, the ever-present Mind
          who understands all things, man knows that with God all things are
          To clarify, it is the JSH-Online, Daily Thought that I was referring to.

          1. PS. I would never do anything against my moral values
            and was never thankfully tempted or persuaded to
            go against CS teachings in any way, (altho with no
            resistance to CS), there was no support, either. Being
            free to live without the influence of mortal (little) mind’s
            interpretation of what is “real” was more of a challenge
            with the trivial, generic things in life and these later years
            have proven to be so much more God-centered than
            Trying to make a mortal (mind) person happy, who had
            no understanding, nor wanted to, of CS principles and
            ideas. I have enjoyed more deeper, spiritual Love-filled
            expressions of God’s goodness here, than ever before and
            love this new awakening of Truth I am learning day by day
            and … Thank you all, such spiritual thinkers for this very
            loving support I have never felt like this before. It truly is
            peaceful, calming and inspiring (in Evan’s words above)
            and my heart is filled with gratitude.

  9. From Isaiah 32:22
    The Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our lawgiver ,
    The Lord is our King, he will save us.

  10. Dear Rose, we get the daily lift each day online. Just type in
    Daily Lift And I hope it comes up for you.

  11. It’s The Daily Lift which you find in Christianscience.Com
    You can subscribe for free. It always gives something inspiring.

    1. Thanks Sue and Betsy. I do get the Daily Lift and really appreciate those short gems of Truth.. It was the Daily Thought, which Carol mentioned, that I was unfamiliar with.

  12. Hi all you can also subscribe to the Daily Thought it gives you an inspirational thought from the Bible Lesson.

    1. Thanks Renis and thanks Carol for clarification about the Daily Thought, which is a quote of the day from the current week’s Bible Lesson and is different from the Daily Lift. I signed up to receive this. Here’s the link for anyone interested.


      Between Daily Thought, Daily Lift, SpiritView and so many other resources I am grateful that I can stay “all prayed up.”

    1. That’s a good article “J”, thank you very much! It’s interesting, to react angrily is a kind of sin that there is something disturbing apart from God’s loving and harmonious government and control. God, truth alone governs his idea, man! Am praying to understand that more and more. ♡

  13. Thank you very much Evan for the 4th paragraph of your SV! “The Grace of God has a beautiful effect on us. A peaceful effect. It`s not pushy and aggressive. It’s calming and inspiring.” How much do I need this divine truth. Today during a talk with a church friend I was partly quite aggressive as I did not quite conform with her saying. I am very very unhappy when I react like that.

    Evan I am really very thankful for your comforting and healing and calming SpiritView Blog!

    And thank you all, dear SpiritView friends for your inspiring and helpful and interesting comments!:)

  14. I was just reflecting on nature’s wonders … beautiful blooms at
    the garden center today, with bees buzzing happily amongst
    the vibrant colors, a doe off in the field, teaching it’s tiny fawn
    to frolic and play, birds feeding their chirping, fluffy birdlings
    with fluttering wings, pleading. Such harmony as God intended,
    peaceful, sweet, lovely.
    I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy’s Mis. Writings, pg. 390, entitled,
    “June”. I love her words, “Thy breezes scent the rose’s breath” (as
    I had taken in such divine fragrances at the rose section today.) …
    “The eve-birds’s forest flute, …”The fairy-peopled world of flowers”,
    “When sunshine beautifies the shower, As smiles through teardrops
    seen” … So lovely and beautiful in Soul and feeling. Pure loveliness!

    1. Thanks Carol, it’s very beautiful you comment! This evening before I went to bed I watched the many tit mice on the feeding ball. I heard the nestlings beging for food and listened to the chatting of the sweet birdies In the oak standing at the end of my garden.. But now it’s sleepingtime in Germany and all the birds have their sleeping place.
      I thank God for all the Good he bestowes on us all!

      1. Thank you, Uta. They are such sweet birds as are the chickadees. Like
        all of the birds’ chirps and needs are met, so God/Love supplies us with
        all that we need whenever we ask/tune in and reflect God’s goodness
        that is always there for us.

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