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June 19, 2023 | 22 comments


When I got up from bed one morning recently, I bent over to pick something up off the floor, and I couldn’t do it. It hurt to bend over. “Ouch!” Mortal mind complained.

“Where did that come from?” I asked. I hadn’t done anything unusual to justify pain in my back.

As I prayed for a quick solution, I decided there was no reason for pain, and I wasn’t going to look for one. God made me strong and perfect, and I was the same spiritual man of God’s creating now as ever. Nothing had changed overnight.

There was no reason for the pain. None!! It could disappear quickly, I decided.

As I prayed to accept the truth of my being, I forgot about my back, and proceeded with getting dressed and ready for the day. I remember a twinge in my back later in the day, but promptly reminded myself of the truth I had already prayed and dismissed it as illegitimate. I wasn’t going to suffer I knew with resolution. That was the last time I felt anything in my back. I’ve been 100% free ever since.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “When we wake to the truth of being, all disease, pain, weakness, weariness, sorrow, sin, death, will be unknown, and the mortal dream will forever cease” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p 218). After the healing, I realized that when I got out of bed that morning and felt pain, I was still mentally asleep. I was in a dreamy state that believed pain was possible. Once I woke to the truth of my being, the pain went away.

Stay awake to Truth! It’s the happiest way to live.

22 thoughts on “Wake to Truth”

  1. This is wonderful. I had just arranged to visit a client, who told me she and her husband are not in good health. I was just wondering what I could take with me that might introduce her to the idea of Christian Science and this wonderful way to live.
    And up pops this post – thank you Evan, not only is is the Truth about all of us, but it is written to plainly and matter-of-factly that it can be understood by all.
    I am very grateful.

  2. Thank you, Evan, once again. It’s so important to remind ourselves about the Truth of Being, that matter has no legitimacy and certainly doesn’t deserve our delving into reasons for anything it would present. Nothing + nothing will always equal nothing.

  3. Thank you, really needed this quote from Mary Baker Eddy! What an excellent reminder to wake to the truth of being and continue with this all through the day.

    1. Wonderful truth talk,
      Please assist us with Some Bibles in our native language.
      Pastor, Holace.

  4. This is a great demonstration of the Truth, Evan. Thank you
    so much for sharing! Sometimes what IS the Truth, tends
    to be marred by thoughts that restrict us from understanding
    what is “mortally” seeming to be taking place. But as you and
    Bob Minnocci pointed out, (Thank you, Bob), “Nothing +
    nothing will always equal nothing”.
    In younger years, there was a temptation to believe in issues
    that throughout my life, I have very thankfully been able to see
    them for what they are … lies and have not let so-called “experts'”
    opinions keep me from doing what I have loved to do all of these
    years,(even through employment) and continue to do without any
    repercussions whatsoever.
    I am so grateful for Christian Science for being the light in the
    darkness and for the ever present help in waking to the Truth.

    1. What a pleasant surprise J, to receive the article “Waking up from self-deception”. Breaks the spell of being asleep, then hearing an intrusion, the sound of snoring, even being wakened by the sound, so close by, but the “spell” isn’t broken, as I become aware the sound is coming from the one I love, sleeping next to me. . .then I relax and return to sleep to get a good rest.

  5. Thank you Evan. I love it when you show us how you work out problems. When things come up with me I often think “what would Evan do” and this turns my thought around. Like Rayne I also love the quote by Mary Baker Eddy showing that these things are nothing more than a mortal dream. Am so grateful for SpiritView. X

  6. Evan thank you so much for sharing this seeming small but very meaningful healing with us. And grateful, as others have mentioned, that you describe your thought process and how you prayerfully reasoned to see through the false claim of pain.

    I notice that I get surprised when I read that someone as spiritually advanced as you still has to contend with these mortal presentations, and that you still get the thought to wonder where did the pain come from, what did I do that might have caused it.

    Perhaps it is naive of me to think that error will ever stop trying to speak to us, until the world thought fully wakes up to a true understanding of the nature of God and our relationship to Him.. I guess that as we advance in our spiritual understanding we just happily see through these falsehoods much faster and move through the challenges with less difficulty. Very grateful for that and for this forum of right thinkers, growing together. Each time we wake up to Truth in an individual challenge it contributes to everyone else waking up too.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Rose, where you wrote, “I notice that I get surprised
      when I read that someone as spiritually advanced as [you] (Evan) still has to contend
      with these mortal presentations … “. I sometimes think the same thing, but then I
      realize that even such powerful healers as Mrs. Eddy and even Jesus and many from
      the Bible have had challenges to overcome, also. They are all proofs of God’s Love for
      us and actually by sharing this proof today, Evan has inspired us and helped us learn
      how he had overcome the lie of (mortal) mind’s temptation. Every instance of God’s
      example of Being the Truth is another step that we take in understanding these
      Principles of Spirit. Spirit that is always with us, no matter what “matter” attempts
      to Try to pull on us into believing. : )
      Thank you, J , another wonderful article that you so kindly shared.

  7. Thank you Evan and all contributors. Your healing reminds me of the ever present Mind. Nothing fosters movement but the divine Mind which cannot be retarded.

  8. When I read Evan’s really wonderful testimony I was so enthusiastic to express great Gratitude and how very helpful it is for me. But after I read all the comments I can only say that I feel and agree fully with all your thankful thoughts, dear SpiritView friends.

    And thanks very much to “J” for the excellent article. I enjoyed it and it’s really helpful!♡

    1. Of course I am utmost thankful for your testimony. The truththoughts are very helpful indeed!♡

      Such a refreshing Foto! Thanks for it!♡

  9. Wonderful teachings
    Hopefully you’re all doing well in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Please assist us with Some Bibles in our native language.
    Pastor Holace.

  10. On the comment about being surprised that someone “spiritually advanced” would still need to continually challenge error, I have often thought of Elisha, warning the king of Israel where the Syrians were planning to come down, “not once nor twice”. Do you wonder if he ever got impatient and said to God – enough now, I’ve already demonstrated this!!! 🙂 And I guess that’s the point – it’s our job to do our job faithfully and not to get distracted by human temptations or measuring of any kind…

  11. I am so grateful for SV always. And especially this one that I came back to for renewed inspiration today, several days after Evan posted it. I love that quote and revelation by Mrs. Eddy about the mortal dream’s forever ceasing. Evan’s sharing of how he faced the erroneous presentation and demonstrated Truth has been very helpful to me.

  12. As for temptations continuing to appear to advance workers, I’ve wondered about that too. But in pondering about the helpful insights shared on this, the thought came that temptations are part of “being IN the world” while overcoming them is part of “being NOT OF the world” (and of obeying the apostolic command to come out and “be separate”… mentally separate from the paths of mortal “reasoning.”)

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