No greater power

June 20, 2023 | 18 comments

No power can withstand divine Love.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 224

Jesus Christ proved the power of divine Love to supersede all other powers on earth when he walked out of the tomb alive after being crucified.

The God of Love Jesus knew conquered all the hatred, malice, envy, jealousy, and evil the world could heap upon him. That Love kept him moving down a path of progress, conquering all evil along the way, and proving the supremacy of God.

The same Love that prospered Jesus, prospers you! There is no greater power.

18 thoughts on “No greater power”

  1. Thanks for this idea that the same Love that prospers Jesus,,prospers us. This truth would also apply to protection, guidance, direction and more, wouldn’t it?

  2. Thank you Evan. Jesus showed us the way of love. It was full of challenges which he overcame and made it possible for us to do same. With gratitude to Jesus who showed us how to use the Christ, we continue to be examples of this Christ power.

  3. Thank you Evan for providing these daily nuggets of Love to all to share.. I so appreciate everyone’s contribution too as they kickstart my day in the right direction of Truth. Today the much loved hymn 10 comes to thought:
    Hymn. 10:1
    All power is given unto our Lord, / On Him we place reliance; / With truth from out His sacred word / We bid our foes defiance. / With Him we shall prevail, / Whatever may assail; / He is our shield and tower, / Almighty is His power; / His kingdom is forever.
    Animal magnetism may try to ensnare us but we can know that God always has the power to guide and govern us away from all error. I am so grateful for having Christian Science in my life every moment.

    1. Thank you dear Ellen for the hymn 10. It’s one of my favorites. It’s the hymn of the German Martin Luther, who was the first translater of the Bible from Latin into German in the middleage.

  4. When you think you have an impossible situation that you don’t know how to solve , God has the answer. There is always a right answer. “Divine Love always has met and always will meet even human need since to all mankind and in every hour , Divine Love supplies all needs.” God has always met all my needs, all my trials and tribulations my entire life .
    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct thy ways.”

  5. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. God isn’t relying on me to creat the Christ message of Love, but just reflect it to-day. A favorite hymn of mine is from Jill Gooding’s in the new hymnal 519,
    “so lean, and let, and love; this is the balanced way.”

    1. Yes, S. this is a lovely hymn, and I like to add 3 more “ls” to
      “lean, let and love” – listen, learn and live.

  6. This beautiful light of Love beams on us with such fervor this morning
    and every day, like in the inspiring photo from above. The sunlight,
    the trees, the pathway to heavenly places. It all reminds me of
    Hymn # 427:
    “I walk with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God’s presence with me here;
    The joy that none can take away is mine;
    I walk with Love today …
    Who walks with Love along the way
    Shall talk with Love and Love obey
    God’s healing truth is free to all
    Our Father answers every call;
    Tis He dispels the clouds of gray
    That all may walk with Love today …
    Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today;
    Uplift your thought,
    With courage go,
    Give of your heart’s rich overflow,
    And peace shall crown
    Your joy-filled day,
    Come, walk with Love along the way”.
    Perfect! Have a Lovely day everyone!

    1. PS. Actually Hymn #426 lit up when thinking
      about how Love divine is and depicts also the
      wonderful theme of today’s sharing (but across
      the page #427 made it difficult to choose, so
      wanted to share them both):
      “In Love divine
      All earthborn fear and sorrow
      Fade as the dark
      When dawn pours forth her light …
      Held by God’s love above the shadows dim …
      Then in this radiant light of adoration,
      We know that man beloved
      Is in God’s care,
      Not wrapt in fear
      Nor bowed with tired labor,
      But satisfied, complete, divinely fair.”

  7. Thanks Carol for sharing two wonderful hymn to expand on today’s theme, the power of divine Love. The hymns, because they are poetry, and even more so when combined with the music, reach us on another level than straight prose.

    I was reading further on page 224-226 in S&H, the section where we find today’s quote “No power can withstand divine Love” (thank you Evan). It’s fascinating to read her words referencing the Emancipation Proclamation and the ending of slavery in the US (especially since we celebrated Juneteenth yesterday in the US), and how it was not accomplished by the shedding of blood or the firing of cannons,— she said, “Love is the the liberator.”

    She then makes the analogy to the mental slavery in which mortal mind tries to bind us. She says, “Men and women of all climes and races are still in bondage to material sense, ignorant how to obtain their freedom.” She explains how the action of divine Mind is the solution, “Truth makes man free.” Definitely worth re-reading these pages.

    1. Thank you very kindly J for sharing two articles today to help us all move forward in our spiritual understanding.

  8. Two great articles, thank you J! Such a wonderful supply of spiritual ideas from all. I love the concept of empathy–putting oneself in another’s shoes, seeing from their eyes and heart, and loving and lifting them from where they are. This lifts our human sense of love nearer to God’s love for all. Special thanks to Evan for his great daily SpiritViews, and his article.

  9. Thank you very much dear Evan for the beautiful foto with the Christ light shining through! I love the powerful truth sentence by MBE from SH “No power can withstand divine Love” so as nothing can prevent the bright sun shining through the trees to the earth!
    However Mrs. Eddy’s sentence expressed the omnipotence of our God who is Love!

    Thank you Evan for your today’s spiritual views about Christ Jesus.
    Christ Jesus was absolutely wonderful, and I thank God eternally that he sent Jesus to us to heal and teach us all!! Likewise I thank God for sending us MBE to wake us up to Christian Science which heals us today again through the Christ!♡

    Thanks dear “J” for the two articles. Will enjoy it later. Its nearly midnight here meanwhile.♡

  10. Sometimes the challenges of this seemingly mortal life can appear so
    overwhelming (especially with prior experiences) … and the Spirit of
    Love is not so understandable when seen through a limited mortal lens
    that is so easy to get caught up in.
    Lack of words, too, often is like being a stranger in a strange land with
    trying to understand and wondering how one fits in on a “human” level,
    if at all. Of course spiritually speaking, there is no “human” level, I know,
    but it certainly seems like it a lot of times.
    At these times, it is not to be selfish or moody or mean or uncaring.
    Not at all. As the recent June 26th CS Sentinel article, “Heavenly
    mindedness and earthly good”, mentions … the “earthly good” part and
    this wanting to do what is right and not get swept up in things that might
    become hurtful, as when being influenced by material “feelings”. This is
    so easy to do, I know. None of us have ascended yet and feelings sure do
    try to get in the way..
    To know that we are all individuals, complete … not needing others to fill
    any seeming void or lack, but spiritually and lovingly we share and reflect
    divine, universal Love always, for which I am very grateful for and
    especially during these very trying times of sometimes letting little things
    bother me so much.

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