Healing pain

May 27, 2020 | 34 comments

One of the healing benefits of Christian Science is learning how to dissolve pain and prevent it from happening.

In this video, I tell about a time when I decided to apply the teachings of Christian Science to prevent predicted pain from an operation, and the good results that followed. You might find some helpful ideas to apply yourself.

This is the last of the videos I filmed while traveling the Alaska highway last September with my wife.

“Finding painless being”

34 thoughts on “Healing pain”

  1. Wow….thanks Evan for sharing an amazing demonstration of spiritual understanding and trust. Truly inspiring….

  2. Oh wow! Your step-by-step explanation of the process of be-ing in Mind is awesome. Thank you Evan for leading the Way.

  3. Thanks Evan what a wonderful example to us all. I have shared this with a good friend who is in the same boat. I know they will find it a massive help. God is so good to his children.

  4. Thank you Evan! I used these thoughts years ago when giving birth to my children. Also, whenever my brother and I went to the dentist we would pray to know the painlessness of being. Our dentist remained respectful of our mother’s request until when in high school, we moved to a new town. This wonderful understanding helped me through the time a boulder rolled over my foot and broke it. Periods with severe poison ivy outbreaks were healed quickly without the normal itchiness too.
    I am so grateful for this understanding that keeps us painless.

  5. Dear Evan, thank you for that most helpful and inspiring video. Your demonstration over pain is particularly helpful.
    You remind me of when I was first married I suddenly had an attack of pain in a large wisdom tooth that had a large gold filling in it.
    I was Friday evening an I had to wait until Monday before I could get treatment, so I settled down with my concordance and Mrs Eddy’s writings and read citations mostly on matter into the night.
    Eventually the pain became subdued and I was able to get some sleep.
    By Monday the tooth gave me no trouble so left it alone. Some weeks later the tooth came away painlessly of its own accord and settled on its side so that I couldn’t close my mouth. The dentist was so amazed he took a photo of my mouth before extracting the rest of the tooth. This was without any pain.
    Your video is very inspiring. Thank you for all that you are giving to the world. With gratitude. Ted

    1. Wow! I am filled with gratitude for the inspiration from you, Evan, and others.
      I had a similar amazing experience. When I was nearing the end of a pregnancy,
      a massive migraine headache brought me to the hospital. Doctors could not give
      me morphine as it could injure my fetus. I was not studying Christian Science at this
      time, but I prayed. I asked our Holy Father to stop this excruciating pain from harming
      my unborn child. In an instant, my soul and that of my unborn were up at a very high ceiling
      looking down on a pregnant woman in a dark hospital room. We had transcended the pain!
      In what seemed like 10 minutes,
      my soul returned to my body, pain free. When I asked the nurse how long I was in that dark, silent hospital room, she told me, “One week.” Amazing! My baby was born in “Bliss Consciousness.” He never cried. He was the happiest baby anyone had ever
      seen. I am so happy and grateful for this unusual experience of God’s Love in action.
      Now I am studying how Jesus healed instantaneously so that I might always heal instantly when praying for self, others, and our planet. He always began with gratitude. I so love Christian Science!!!

  6. Thank you very much Evan for sharing your experience with us. I look forward to receiving SpiritView each morning.

  7. Thank you, Evan, to explain us the Truth and how you worked it out in such a calm and uplifting manner. What a wonderful and inspiring demonstration. Am very grateful for it! ♡

    1. Just noticed while studying our CS weekly lesson sermon, that the whole passage #4 is very fitting to Evan’s awesome Vlog of today!
      So enriching is SpiritView our every day, am so grateful!

  8. Evan, this is inspiring. Healing teeth and mouth beliefs of decay and pain are seemingly endless, and I love it that your thought was so
    arrested with the Truth that you did not feel pain but Mind’s manifestation. Bravo for your demonstration of painless spiritual being and sharing the truths with us as well! With gratitude and praise of Mind, Nan

  9. Dearest Evan thank you for sharing this demonstration with us, including all the detail of how you applied Gods laws to the situation. ❣️

  10. Evan this was perfect for me this morning, I was struggling with some knee pain and this is exactly what I needed

    1. Inspiring testimony, Evan. Spiritview is a constant gift to all of us who are searchers of Truth. Thank you and much gratitude to those who persevere…

      1. Hi Uta – Try this link;

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  11. What a wonderful demonstration Evan! Susan thank you for sharing your friend’s testimony. I agree that God has a sense of humor. :). Love the play on words!

  12. What a wonderful experience of overcoming the sense of pain, Evan. I had broken my wrist years ago and had it set in place without any pain meds or anything else but the perfect Love of God. When I went to the er, the dr said, “Oooo, that must be very painful”. I had been holding to the thought of being God’s Perfect child the whole time and told him, “No, actually it isn’t”. He said, “Well, it will be” and prescribed a prescription which I never needed. It healed beautifully without any other intervention, for which I was so grateful.

    GOD is my Life
    GOD is Spirit
    Therefore; I Am a Spiritual being,, indestructible, and able to overcome threats to the human experience.
    Thank you, Evan

  14. What a clear, powerful demonstration and proof of God’s pure, painless spiritual being, thank you! The spiritual truths shared and understood can be applied to each one and our world in countless ways, and they forward the blessing of Christian Science to all. Please know my sincerest gratitude for the blessing of SpiritView and for all your generous prayer and work for Church, the world, and beyond,

  15. On my 1st visit to the neighborhood Dentist to have my teeth cleaned I made clear to him that I was a Christian scientist. He went along with me never using Pain medicine on me when drilling and I never had pain. Now with this great Spiritview I know I should have known “Whole not hole”!!

  16. Thank you Evan for extending the healing of the suggestion of pain. When in the dentist’s chair you began to know that your spiritual self couldn’t experience any pain. Instead of anticipating the usual associated with those procedures.. You put it beautifully with the background of the magi-sty of that forest.
    The experience of a wisdom tooth mostly removing it’s self is a wonderful demonstration.
    “A spiritual idea can contain no element of error, and this truth properly removes whatever is offensive.” Intended for obstetrics, but applicable to all sorts of extractions.
    A friend of mine had been feeding his horses on a sandy ground within the confines of a stable.
    The horses became bound up and were to be put to sleep. This truth was s applied and the horses became unobstructed and lived!
    “Felt ye the power of the word?” Power in the understanding of the word. Words alone stand out and reveal to the reader and listener the omnipresence of God and His infinite power.
    To this we give eternal thanks. And continue to listen for His voice.
    The owner didn’t know what happened to reverse the sense testimony but never the less it was between God and His horses.

  17. Very helpful message today.pain has given me much trouble and
    The way you handled this h as been most helpful. Will not forget
    How you emphasized All IS infinite Mind and ITS infinite manifestation.
    Really appreciated this help today!

  18. Thank you for this wonderfully articulated approach to demonstrating painless matter. Many years ago, I was required to have some cavities filled in preparation for leaving for Peace Corps training. I made a similar declaration and found a dentist who was willing to work with me as a Christian Scientist. He agreed to perform the operations without any antiseptics. My preparation wasn’t as sophisticated as Evan’s as I was young in my demonstration at that point. I simply knew there was no pain in Mind and I kept knowing this throughout the operations. This simple treatment was effective. I could feel the operation being performed but there was no pain.

  19. My dear mother was able to demonstrate this same experience. I am looking forward to THAT day as well. I’m almost there, not quite. Thanks Evan

  20. I loved this demonstration, Evan. I have always gently refused to have any kind of anaesthetic for dental treatment and have rarely suffered even the slightest twinge of pain, praying my way through each occasion. Having lived in many different countries and locations, a whole host of dentists have taken care of me and been amazed to witness my painless state!
    The most recent occasion was very similar to yours.
    Following it, was a pronouncement that a bone graft was needed. I prayed with a practitioner about this and told the dentist I would trust my tried and true method for dealing with health issues. Six months later, at my regular cleaning, he took x-rays and told me my teeth were perfect, and whatever I was doing, I should keep it up!
    I’m soooo grateful for Christian Science, which clearly brings out how our Father-Mother God so dearly lives and cares for each one of His/Her children. The healing Christ is present here and now, to guide us to victory over every aggressive mental suggestion of any possible exception to God’s laws of health and harmony.

  21. Wow! Thank you, Evan! Such demonstrations give me the courage to continue my quest for understanding and healing!

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